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Simply Extreme Volume 1 Issue 1

Simply Extreme Volume 1 Issue 1

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9 Secrets of Having the Life You Really Want
9 Secrets of Having the Life You Really Want

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Published by: Sacred Earth Partners - Lori Lynn Smith on Dec 17, 2008
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There are many things that you canchange about your life: jobs, ca-reers, husbands/significant other,cities, countries, houses, cars... Butdoes changing any or all of thesethings accomplish the feeling youare looking for? And if you makechanges and do NOT change howyou are taking care of yourself,does it really impact your life?Things might change for awhile, butthey return you right back to thesame space unless you decide tochange yourself. Changing how youtreat the most important person in
your life … YOU! Then and only
then will things flow together andbegin to feel like what you arelooking for.Most people don't make suchchanges until they must movethrough a traumatic experience, anillness or death of a loved one ormaybe you have had a close callyourself. Some people need thekick in the pants, that a huge lifechanging circumstances create.Other people are afraid and takesolace within their personal comfortzones. Change is a scary process.The next question you may beasking is "What is extreme self care?" The meaning that resonates
to me… is "the practice of fully
committing to a nurturing lifestyle."Extreme Self Care requires con-necting with yourself on a dailybasis, deciding what you need andthen following through to make ithappen.People are resistant, they arescared, they trapped in their com-fort zone. Even when they can seethat following a certain path willlead to ripe rewards; they are fro-zen in their tracks.Are you worth it? Are you worth
Welcome to the first edition of Simply Extreme
9 Secrets of Having the Life You Really Want 
You will accomplish much more and mucheasier if you take the time to firststrengthen your personal foundation.1. Come to see how perfect yourlife is today2. Choose the type of energythat you want to use duringyour day3. Your Passion is your Life,What is your passion?4. Stop trying to change, in-
stead…. Evolve!
5. Stop waiting for life to cometo you, go get it!6. Develop a sense of greatnessin yourself and in the uni-verse.7. Let your vision set your goalsand guide your life.8. Change is your friend, em-brace it9. Get a coach to hold yourhand through the changes.
Foundation Coaching Group Inc.
Sunday, June 24, 2007Volume 1, Issue 1
Simply Extreme
Inside this issue:
Daily Intentions.
The Things I loveabout me...
How to Discover yourPassion?
How To Find YourPurpose?
Trust your instincts!
What is your Passion?
Definition of Extreme
Self Care…
Add 30 minutes to your dayGet up earlier: Sounds soeasy right? Of course it is andonce your body is used to it,it can turn into the best 30minutes of the day.If the early sunrise is wakingyou up, take advantage of it.Go to bed earlier the nightbefore so you can rise earlyand go for a walk, sit outsidein the sun, read the paper,write in your journal,meditate - whatever you likewithout anyone botheringyou.
making the decision to changethose things in your life? Are youready to have more fun, createmore artistry and creativity in yourlife, are you ready to be successfuland satisfied that you have doneeverything you could today to loveyourself and give yourself thestrength to create a lifestyle of Extreme Self Care?Yes, you are worth it! You do de-serve it! and yes every last experi-ence that you have while takingextreme care of yourself will feelbetter then the last one.
During my Nurishing MorningRitual the main goal is to setmy intention for the day.Since I have started thispractice, my days go SOmuch better. It just changesthe whole Vibrations for theday. Just allows you feellighter and happier, allowsthe day to move by wonder-fully.Here is an example of what Iwrite every morning.My Intention is to allow thatday to move by in a wonder-ful manner, allow tasks to becompleted in a easy & re-laxed manner.My Intention is to stay inhigh energy through the dayand radiate that engery toeveryone around me.There are so many differentways you can create youIntention, depending on whatyou are planning on doingthat day or how you are feel-ing. You may do what I didtoday, I knew that my daywas going to be one, where Ineeded to remain calm anddo a lot of research. So myintention for that day wasthat I would remain calm andmake easy decision. It wasthe perfect match for thetasks that were required.I highly recommend that youtake the 5-10 minutes eachmorning to set your inten-tions for the day. Now you have a list of somepossible passions, now whatdo you do?1) Visit your local library2) Ask your co-workers andfriends to join you testing outsome activities3) Write your passion on1) Make a list of your favoritethings2) Think about the things youenjoy doing the most3) Close your eyes, thinkabout what you like doingthe most when you were achildyour To Do list4) Research the Internet5) Take some classes andtest some activities out 
Daily IntentionsHow to Discover your Passion?The Things I love about me...
It really takes looking past allthat past your eyes and intoyour soul. When we are refer-ring to a partner, we often say"the eyes are the window tothe soul" so why aren't welooking there to find our soul'sdelight.I have a very hard task for youto complete today...Download and print this "10things I love about myself Sheet" and find a quiet spotto really think about it andrecord it.http://www.extreme-self-care.com/ebooks/10things.pdf  
One of the hardest thingsthat people need to changewhen they really commit tocreating a atmosphere of Extreme Self Care is that of loving or appreciating onesself.When we look at our selvesin the mirror we see the ex-tra 5 lbs, the crooked nose,the wrinkles around the eyes.
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Simply Extreme
 Adopting the right attitude canconvert a negative stress into a positive one.
Hans Selye
The state of your life isnothing more than areflection of your stateof mind.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
To find your purpose, followthese easy steps:1) Find a large mountain2) Climb it.3) Locate the guru in thelong flowing white robe
4) Ask him “Master what ismy purpose?” 
 5) Wait for answer6) Leave mountain immedi-ately and apply!I wish it were that easy.When I read this it brought asmile to my face... I totallyagree, I wish that it was thateasy as well. There are manysteps in finding your purposeand it requires study, workand some very hard soulsearching to determine whatyou want your life to standfor and be about. Some peo-ple are lucky and this hap-pens to them by accident.Most people, however haveto work to find it. Here aresome ideas and techniquesfor finding your purposeIt is not a impossible task, it just takes some dedicationand focus. If you are lookingfor your purpose you are half way there, many people gothrough life not even thinkingthat there is something notworking. They walk throughtheir daily life, content thattomorrow will be the samefeeling of ambivalence asyesterday was.Now the problem usuallyarises is HOW do you moveforward, HOW do you figureout what is your real pur-pose. 
It can be a hobbythat turns into alivelihood.
It can also be some-thing that mightsurprise you, that
doesn’t fit any ex-
pected mode.Passion has its own energy --an energy that's observableand transferable.Passion can come in manyforms.
It can be your liveli-hood.
It can be a hobby.For example, passion canmanifest itself in a love of family or friends.Your passioncould be your children.Yourpassion could be your car.What is Your Passion?
How To Find Your Purpose?What is your Passion?Trust your instincts!
make good decision.Let your instincts guide youas a parent.Trust your instincts when itcomes to safety. If someonemakes you feel uncomfort-able or unsafe, pay attentionto that feelings and takesteps to protect yourself andthe people you care about"When we call upoon Devinefor Guidence and Support wewill receive a response, Spiri-tual Sign posts will be put inour path to Guide us to ourHighest Good"
Instinct is that inner voicethat affects how you think,feel and act. It's part of whatexperts refer to as"emotional intelligence."Trusting your instinct oftenleads to positive outcomes.Trust your instincts whenanalyzing information. If something doesn't seem rightreview it until you have theinformation you need to
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Volume 1, Issue 1
Happiness is as a butterfly,which, when pursued, is al-ways beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down qui-etly, may alight upon you.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Develop an attitude of gratitude, and givethanks for everythingthat happens to you,knowing that every stepforward is a steptoward achievingsomething bigger and better than your current situation.
Brian Tracy

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