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Published by jtpatel

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Published by: jtpatel on Apr 20, 2012
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Web Site: www.youngisraelwh.org
  Y   O  U  N   G  I   S  R   A  E  L   O  F
   W  E   S   T
  H   A  R   T  F   O  R  D
Rabbi Brahm Weinberg 860-233-3084 orrabbi@youngisraelwh.orgJudith Hessing, Coordinator 860-233-6042 or judith.hessing@gmail.com
בוט לזמ
בוט לזמ
o Natan Glahn on his Bar Mitzvah!
בוט לזמ
to proud parents Esther & David, & brothersJoshua & Asaf; and proud grandparents Harold & JudyLeibowitz, and Beverly Scarborough & Dan Yahiel!
בוט לזמ
to Rachel & Raffi Berkovic on the birth of theirdaughter, on April 4th.
בוט לזמ
to proud grandparents,Sarah & Zvi Elbaum; to siblings Zev, Chaim Yehuda &Avi; and Aunts & Uncles, Rivkie & Joshua Schickman,Estie and Pinney Elbaum!
בוט לזמ
o Arie & Carole Rothschild on the engagementof their daughter, Lorène to Jason Becker!
בוט לזמ
to siblings Victoria, Géraldine, & Amschel;Howard & Sharon Becker; and extended families!
בוט לזמ
o Helen Weisel on the birth of her great-
granddaughter Na’ama Esther Eichler, born to Hemdat
Eichler wife of her grandson Maor Eichler of Kiryat Ono,Granddaughter of Aviva & David Eichler of Beer Sheva!
Sunday, April 22nd at 7:00 PMAt Beth El TempleGuest Speaker:Judith Altmann, Vice President,Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut.There will be an Orthodox
@ Beth El @ 6:30 PM
Tuesday, April 24th at 7:30 PMAt the Mandell JCCSpecial Screening for
of the movieISRAEL INSIDE:
How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference
 Sunday, April 29th at 7:00 PMAt the Home of Ofer & Elana Doron6 Oakland Terrace in SimsburyRefreshments from Yosi Catering will be served!
Please RSVP to: Beth David Synagogue 860-236-1241RSVP is necessary for this event by April 26th
Rabbi’s Corner 
 I hope everyone enjoyed their Pesach holiday.The time goes by so quickly. It was nice to see somany guests who came through our shul over the en-tire week of Pesach. We missed many of you whowent away but trust that you enjoyed your time withfriends and family. Now that Pesach is over we are returning to amore normal schedule of classes that will take place ona weekly basis. Please refer to the bulletin for detailsand try to attend if you can. Most of the classes givenare not connected to one another week to week so evenif you have not been coming up until now or even if 
you don’t think you can make it every week it is still
worthwhile to try and attend. If you have other sug-gestions of classes you would enjoy please let meknow and I would be happy to try to accommodate
 people’s interests.
 This past Thursday was the actual date of YomHashoah. Something strange happened to me that Iwould like to share with you. After Torah reading onThursday morning in shul I said a few words aboutYom Hashoah and then recited the K-el MalehRachamim prayer in memory of the 6 million belovedJews who perished at the hands of the Nazis and their sympathizers. As I began the recitation the area of theroom where I was standing got darker. When I wasdone with the recitation I looked up and noticed thatthe center light on the candelabra at the front of theshul had gone out. I got chills up my spine. I gener-
ally don’t go about my day looking for signs from G
-d but there are times when the things that happen aroundus can give expression and insight to the feelings wehave inside. If I was unsure of how I was feeling dur-ing the K-el Maleh, the burnt light bulb helped me getthere. It reinforced to me just how significant the lossof any one individual can be. Even that loss of a smallamount of light affected the brightness of the room.Furthermore, when that light burnt out it was so final.It really made me realize in a very graphic way howfinal death can be, how final the death of 6 millionreally was, and how we can never go back and change
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April 21st, 2012
Nisan 5772Kiddush is Sponsoredby Esther & David Glahn
Editor: Judie PatelE-mail: bulletin @youngisraelwh.orgEditors Emeritus: Sam Leichtberg & Moish Trencher Affiliate of the National Council of Young Israel Synagogues, Member of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,Sponsor of West Hartford NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford,Mikveh Bess Israel of Greater Hartford, Eruv of West Hartford
Page 2
Rabbi Weinberg’s classes are now resuming
Afternoon Class starts this week.
They will begin each week 45 minutes before
will be aboutThe Use of Grape Juice for
;The following weeks will be about the Parsha
Sunday Morning
begins this Sunday
resumes May 1st,Stay tuned for few more specialPre-
classes to come
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAcknowledgment donations should be sent to
Debbie Luger at 37 Miamis Road, West Hartford, CT 06117
Tsion & Anita CohenIn appreciation of Yitz MossSid & Phyllis UlreichIn honor of Sophie Claire
In memory of Patti Kornreich’s mother
 Bumi & Sally GelbIn memory of Dina WizenfeldLauren & Judy DamanCondolences to Patti Kornreich on the death of hermotherMazal Tov to Aviva & Matt Braunshweiger on the birthof a daughterMazal Tov to Sandy & Mark Trencher on Leora's BatMitzvahJason Wolfe & Vera SchwarczMazal Tov to the Sarah & Tzvi Elbaum on the birth of anew granddaughterJudie & Lal PatelIn honor of the birth of a granddaughter to Sarah & TzviElbaumIn honor of the birth of Sophie Claire to Aviva & MattBraunshweigerIn honor of Rena Luger & Eli Aroesty Cohen
To Eliza Katz in honor of Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah
Every dollar counts!Let's support our
by buying scrip!When you shop at any of these supermarkets, you
can use their scrip to buy many other stores’ scrip!
 For Pick-up or delivery!Contact: Judith Hessing at 860-233-6042;18 Grenhart Street;Or Fran Wittenberg at 860-983-4837
Eliza Katz is collecting bottles, cans, and glass
to raise money for the Rabbi’s Fund.
Please bring empties to: 24 Miamis Road;
םולשל םכתאצ
םולשל םכתאצ
to Rabbi Mordechai Weiss and allthe 8th Graders going on their Trip to Israel!!
MEETINGAt the home of Dvorah Weiss, 40 Miamis RoadMonday, April 23rd at 7:30 PMNext Meeting:Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:30 PMAt the home of Judie Patel, 100 Lawler RoadBOOK CLUBJERUSALEM MAIDENNext meeting on
In honor of Judy Levy & Mikveh Bess IsraelMonday, May 21st at 7:30 PMAt Agudas Achim SynagogueFor further information contact Vera Schwarcz
Summer Program for ages 2,3 & 4At the Bess & Paul Sigel Hebrew AcademyThe unique program provides exciting hands-onexperience and develops a sense of pride in JudaismFor information contact Preschool DirectorMiriam Ostrozynski ~ Miriamo@sigelacademy.org
Or Katy Owens at (860)243-8333 x104
MANY THANKS TO...Batsheva Goldfischer for the Cheese Sale!Steve Luger & Jason Dulberg for the
Sale!Lenny Margulis & the Pava Family for theWine Tasting & Sale!To all who
:Pinney Elbaum, Yonatan Greenberg, Sam Leichtberg,Rabbi Daniel Loew, Jeremy Pava, and Elie Wolfe!And to all who
and enhanced our davening!
EVENING PROGRAMWednesday, April 25th8:00 PM Short Program8:15 PM
Tefilla Chagigit 
 (festive special
for the holiday)At
 Agudas Achim
Page 3
On behalf of the Board of the Young Israel of West Hartford we’d like to briefly clarify the intended use of 
 listserv.APPROPRIATE for posting to
 :· Local Community Events
These include happenings at the Young Israel of West Hartford as well as else-where in the local community, of either Jewish or general interest.· Lifecycle announcements
Births to deaths and everything in between. / Relocation to or from WestHartford. / General news about members of our community. (All responses should be directed to the one whomade the announcement and
to the listserv in its entirety.)· Job Postings
If you are aware of a job opening please consider positing it to the
 listserv.· Emergencies
Such as hazardous weather warnings, or police matters, e.g. an All-Points Bulletin.· Services/items offered/wanted
Posts pertaining to the offering/seeking of local goods and services areappropriate. Examples included asking for a recommendation for a plumber, seeking a ride to New York, oroffering items (ideally in exchange for a donation to our shul).INAPPROPRIATE for posting to
 :· Political Content
Nothing political at all please. It
does not matter 
what the subject is, be it Jewish, Is-raeli, or American politics, satire or serious, such post are not suitable for the
 listserv.· Opinion
listserv is not a forum for personal opinion or editorial commentary. The ex-ception would be speech about local issues, pertaining specifically to our particular community here.· National/International Information
We all react to significant news with an instinct to share and dis-seminate. Nonetheless please keep in mind that the
listserv is reserved for local matters only; thismay seem counterintuitive at times, such as upon learning of a tragedy in Israel, G-d forbid. While passing onsuch critical information of vital interest is commendable
an important and laudable task
 isnonetheless not the appropriate forum. (National or international events that indicate a need for local height-
ened alert would fall into the “Emergencies” category.)
 · Chain Letters
Regardless of content, including financial opportunities, health concerns, or religious mat-ters. Even if the matter is indeed of general interest,
 is still not the place to share it.· Divrei Torah
All Torah learning is a beautiful thing, and more strength to you for engaging in the studythat binds us as a people, but the
listserv is designed for exclusively local content.As a general rule of thumb consider if the content is particularly locally relevant: A matter of general interestto the larger American/Jewish communities should be reserved for less specialized discussion forums, such astheJDWH Yahoo Group.Note also that the Young Israel of West Hartford will soon transition to a private email system for all official announcements, allowing those who wish to unsubscribe to
to do so withoutcontraindication.
Rabbi’s Corner, continued from Page 1.
 what happened. We are, instead, simply charged to remember it with reverence and pray and work so that it shallnever happen again.It is critically important that each of us attend the Yom Hashoah communal commemoration this Sunday atBeth El. It is important that we remember and it is important that we give a voice to survivors and give honor totheir lives. Lastly, it is important to be together as a community to feel the pain and devastation of the Holocaust.May our world be a better one devoid of such horrors and pain.Shabbat ShalomRabbi Weinberg

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