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The Brothers Quay Essay Notes

The Brothers Quay Essay Notes

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Published by Nat Urwin

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Published by: Nat Urwin on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Essay - The Brothers QuayNOTESKey Words·Fastidious - Very Critical, hard to please. Excessively particular about details.·Surreal·Avant-garde - Unorthodox or daring, radical·Bizarre·Sinister·Dream narratives·Claustrophobic·Death, Decay, Nothingness·Cognoscenti - Persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular
field, especially in the fine arts, literature, and world of fashion,·HermeticKey Points·The Puppets - Typically look like old dolls abused by many generations of children·Twentieth-century European visual and literary culture - Surrealist and Expressionisttraditions represented by:
·Bruno Schulz
·Max Ernst
·Jan Svankmajer
·Franz Kafka (claustrophobic imagination)·Street of crocodiles - homage to Bruno Schulz. - Mythical land, pre-second world warprovincial Poland, city like a living organism. Population of which consists of people half-dead or half-alive, empty heads, move in a circular mechanical way oblivious to anyoneelse
s movementsIntroductionThis essay critically investigates the work of The Brothers Quay.Published Sources1) BFI Screenonline - Brothers QuayMazierska, Ewa (2010) Quay, Brothers (1947-) Biography. In: BFI Screenonline.org 2010[Online] http://www.screenonline.org.uk/people/id/498256/ Accessed on: 10.03.20122)Bruno SchulzAppropriations of Bruno Schulz : Jewish Quarterly. 2012. Appropriations of Bruno Schulz :Jewish Quarterly. [ONLINE] Available at: http://jewishquarterly.org/2011/06/appropriations-of-bruno-schulz/. [Accessed 19 April 2012].
3)Max ErnstMax Ernst (German artist) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia. 2012. Max Ernst (Germanartist) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia. [ONLINE] Available at:http://www.britannica.com/ EBchecked/topic/191745/Max-Ernst. [Accessed 19 April 2012]4) Jan SvankmajerJanSvankmajer.com. 2012. JanSvankmajer.com. [ONLINE] Available at:http:// www.jansvankmajer.com/bio.htm. [Accessed 19 April 2012]5)Franz KafkaFranz Kafka Biography. 2012. Franz Kafka Biography. [ONLINE] Available at:http:// www.kafka-franz.com/kafka-Biography.htm. [Accessed 19 April 2012].Who
s Who1)Brothers QuayIdentical twin Brothers, Born 1947 near Philadelphia, Graduated Philadelphia College ofArt - illustration and graphics- 1969. Scholarship to Royal College of Art London.Norristown, where they grew up had an important European immigrant influx, sparkingtheir initial interest into European culture, especially Eastern European.
2012. . [ONLINE] Available at:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d5/ Bruno_Schulz_%281892_–_1942%29.jpg. [Accessed 19 April 2012].2) Bruno SchulzGraphic Artist, literary career began in 1934 but was abruptly cut short by the second worldwar. His short story collection, Cinnamon Shops was discovered by the psychological-realist prose writer Zofia Nalkowska, which led to their publication. Following the war, allexperimental writing was suppressed by the Communists, who enforced a rigid culturalagenda of Socialst Realism, it was not until 1956 that Schulz
s works were publishedagain.

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