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Utah Boating Code, April 2012

Utah Boating Code, April 2012

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Published by State of Utah
Utah State Parks Boating Laws and Rules as of April 2012.
Utah State Parks Boating Laws and Rules as of April 2012.

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Published by: State of Utah on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Utah State Parks
 (Updated as of April 2012)IndexDescription Statute/Rule Page(s)Accidents (Boat) 73-18-13.5 37Administration, Supervision & Enforcement 73-18-1 & 3 4-6Advisory Council 73-18-3.5 & R651-202 6Allowing a Person to Violate this Chapter or DUI 73-18-15.5 40Boating Under the Influence 41-6a-502 54Capacity/Certification Label 73-18-8.1 31Carrying Passengers for Hire R651-206 8Additional Equipment Requirement R651-206-6 17-18Captains/Guides License/Permits R651-206-3 11-16Definitions R651-206-1 8-9Outfitting Company Responsibilities R651-206-2 9-11Definitions 73-18-2 4-5Direct Supervision 73-18-15.2(6) 40Enforcement Authority/Procedures 73-18-20 41Red/Blue Flashing Light Displayed R651-219-6 31Siren Law Enforcement Vessels Only R651-219-6 31Hull Identification Number 73-18-20.1 & 3 41-42Litter and Pollution (Water) 73-18a 44Livery (Rental) Requirements 73-18-10 & R651-221.1 32-33Marine Events, Races or Regattas 73-18-16 & R651-226-1 40Navigation & Steering Rules 73-18-15.1 38-39Bow Riding 73-18-15.1(13) 39Seating, Operator and Passenger 73-18-15.1(12) 39Speed and Proximity 73-18-15.1(10) 39Wake Damage 73-18-15.1(11) 39Numbering (also see Registration) 73-18-6 to 7.4 20-25Backing Plate R651-208-1 21Dealer Numbers R651-213-1 24Documented Vessel (Exempt) 73-18-6(2) 20Nonresident Reciprocity 73-18-6(1)(c) 20Proper Display of Assigned Number 73-18-7(4) & R651-211-1 21&23Racing Boats R651-220-1 32Sailboards (Exempt) R651-220-2 32Operation by a Minor (Liability) 73-18-18 41Operator Age 73-18-15.2 40Operator Education 73-18-15.2(2)(b) 40Personal WatercraftAge and education 73-18-15.2 40Operation after sunset 73-18-15.3 40PFD Wearing Required R651-215-9(2) 27Reckless Boating - Non-Motorized 73-18-12 34
Description Statute/Rule Page(s)Registration (also see Numbering) 73-18-7 21Altered/Forged 73-18-7.2 25Backing Plate R651-208-1 21Dealer Numbers/Registration R651-213 24Display of Registration Decals R651-212 24Exemptions 73-18-9 & R651-220 32Nonresident Reciprocity 73-18-9(1) 32Registration Card on Board 73-18-7(3)(b) 21Temporary Registration R651-214-1 24Safety EquipmentAirboat Equipment R651-219-4 31Condition R651-219-5 31Backfire Flame Control 73-18-8(5) 30Bailing Device R651-219-2 31Exemptions R651-219-7 31Fire Extinguisher 73-18-8(4) 29Muffling Requirements 73-18-11 & R651-222 33Navigation Lights 73-18-8(2) & R651-216 27-28Operate Without Permission 73-18-8(7) 31Sound Producing Device R651-219-1 30Spare Propulsion R651-219-3 31Ventilation 73-18-8(3) 29Personal Floatation Devices 73-18-8(1) 26Accessibility R651-215-5 26Appropriate Size 73-18-8(1)(b)(iii) 26Carrying Passengers for Hire R651-206-4 16Required
(One per person on Board)
73-18-8(1)(a) 26Rivers (Whitewater) R651-215-7 27Throwable (Type IV)
27 & 26Water Skiing R651-224-4 38Wearing Required
27 & 26Age R651-215-9(3) 27Rivers R651-215-7 27River Exemptions R651-215-9(4) 27Scuba Diving 73-18b-1 46Diver’s Flag R651-203-4 6Seaworthiness 73-18-20(2) 41Swimming in Restricted areas 73-18b-1 46Theft/Joyriding 73-18-20.3 - .7 42-43Water Skiing Rules R651-224 38Observer Age 73-18-15.1(14)(1)(a) 39Waterway Marker System R651-203 6Destruction of Markers R651-204-3 7Hazards to Navigation R651-204-2 7Marker Placement 73-18-4(1)(b) 6Zoned Waters 73-18-4(1)(c) 7

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