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Keep the Faith Margate

Keep the Faith Margate

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Published by Mary Stamm-Clarke

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Published by: Mary Stamm-Clarke on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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keepthe faithMargate
Te ‘Dreamland welcomes you’ sign is one o the rst things you see whenpulling into Margate train station. Te site was once home to various ormso amusements and entertainment since 1880, including a cinema,Victorian roller coaster, gardens, caes and arcades. However, aernumerous owners and much deterioration, Dreamland nally ceasedoperation in 2003 and has since remained derelict.
By Mary Stamm
With thanks to
 Miles Crof 
and everyone we met along the way.
 Margate in its heyday was the ultimate pleasure resort. Withbeautiul sandy beaches, grand guesthouses, lively nightlie,endless orms o amily entertainment and arcade gaming;it was truly a hub o activity. But like many other seasidetowns, when the public started to take advantage o cheaper,more aordable ights, it suered as holidaymakers beganto vacation abroad, bringing things to a quiet close. Te 80ssaw Margate take a change or the worse and the signs o itsdecline are still visible today. A orgotton gem, little real attention has been given to this area, which is bursting withenthusiasm and ull o possibility.Despite its harships, the town is still very much alive in its people and it is them that really make it. Tough things arenot what they were in the past, there is an attitude o aith inthe town and one that is catching. A revival is possible and in waiting.
Valerie Manning 
. Manning Seaood stall is a local amily business that hasbeen running or 50 years. Pitched on the Margate Harbour Arm, it servessome o the most boasted about seaood snacks in town. Valerie, who haslived in Margate all her lie, says she would never leave. ‘What more could Iwant? Everyday I get to work beside this beautiul sea.’A amily walk along Margate’s sandy beach.
keepthe faithMargate
Keith Marsh
. Keith owned and ran Supergi, Margate’s largest beach shop onthe Arligton site, or a total o 32 years. Te store was iconic and wellsituated or attracting visitors. Last summer, the council ordered Keith tomove so a new esco could be put in place. With no say in thematter, he was orced to relocate and open a smaller sweet shop, much againsthis will. He loves Margate and thinks it’s sad the council could so ippantly remove an integral part o history rom the town, ‘I loved my shop and it’s acrying shame they’ve made us all move.’Te proposed plans or development on the
site are highly controversial. A number o shops have already closed and tenants in theArlington tower, who ace eviction, are ghting to save their homes.
keepthe faithMargate

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