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Russia Speaker of the House Threatens to Destroy the World With Secret Tsunami WMD

Russia Speaker of the House Threatens to Destroy the World With Secret Tsunami WMD

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Published by Freeman_ffe

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Published by: Freeman_ffe on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Russia:Speaker of the House of Russian PARLIMENT Threatens to Destroy the Worldwith Secret "Tsunami-WMD"- page down.
two times witness at US Congrees , S. Lunev
 CIA Files
Stanislav Lunev – Defector reveals Russia’s secret war plans
Interview with Barry Farber,
New kinds of weapons seem to be coming out of Russia, here is a new one on me, maybe a lot of other people, what is a
seismic weapon
and was is the Russian government doing to produce them? 
This is actually
artificial earthquake
, which could be
generated by special devices, which increase natural seismic waves
,which are under our (Earth’s) surface and
explode like
natural earthquake
with all following circumstances. Its actually, thisweapon development was in place for about more than 20 years and
in the mid of 80s there have been several fields tests of this weapons and maybe you heard this Armenian city Spitak
was totally destroyed. 
Good lord, dont tell me
that was a Soviet test? L:
It was
an accidental explosion
That was an
artificialy induced earthquake? L:
It was accidental explosion of earthquake which was generated by the test of seismic weapons. 
B: What about Russians production of chemical and biological weapons? 
If i understand rightly, they continue this production, but most important that they
accelerated research and development for the creation of new type of biological and chemical weapons and not only this weapons steps because they are workingvery hard for low frequency radio waves weapons, for laser weapons and for other types of future weapons systems. 
full text:
:scribd.com/doc/55599812/Stanislav-Lunev-on-Russian-earthquake-weapon-and-secr et-war -plans
Russia: Speaker of the House of Russian PARLIMENT Threatens to Destroy the World withSecret "Tsunami-WMD" - page down;
original in russian in the botom of the page.
 Recently a tragedy happened in JAPAN. More then 20 000 people died after catastrophic tsunami.Lets go back to the
Summer of 2009 :1) Hurricane Bill2) big fire on La Palma Island3) at the same time, same area, Russian subs and surface vessels were operating
Meanwhile, Zhirinovsky has explanation for another, not less relevant problem at this time - naturaldisasters in Japan. Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party has found the answer to the question aboutthe reasons for earthquakes and tsunamis ..........in the Kuril issue! According to Zhirinovsky, the samefate befall on all who would enter into any dispute with Russia.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHf ZBQyr2Fs Russia: Speaker of the House Threatens to Destroy the World with Secret "Tsunami-WMD" This isan interview that Speaker Zhyrinovsky gave to TV station in Georgia. Not State of Georgia, USA, butGeorgia, a sovereign state in Europe on the Black Sea---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
In recent years, Russian authorities say that the problem of Russia's World Trade Organisationaccession are almost solved, keeping in mind the fact that Moscow has reached an agreementwith Washington, and now Moscow believes that to negotiate with Tbilisi have no difficulty. 
Firstly, it is the authorities of Russia, The President, who want Russia's World Trade Organisationaccession. We are the Liberal Democratic Party and as an opposition party, we have never advocatedRussia joining in the World Trade Organisation . We are against it, but it makes the decision is up tothe country's leadership, so we join the World Trade Organisation this year or next, with no regard toGeorgia's position. If Georgians took a negative position and try to block russia joining World TradeOrganisation , they will bring upon themselves a great misfortune. Because the world is facing greatfinancial crisis, and possibly a third world war. Events in North Africa show that it can begin. This isnot my conclusion. Generals are talking about it in Europe and in U.S.A., because if Libya would betaken any drastic measures, it can lead to very large aggravation. In any case, the objective of theUnited States and Israel is to destroy Iran.And IRAN is right on the border with Armenia, Azerbaijan andGeorgia Therefore, if Georgia would prevent Russia's entry into World Trade Organisation , all Georgianbusinesses in Russia will be destroyed, -all Georgian mafia would be forcibly relocated from Russia backto Georgia by aircraft, military transport, and all of state of Georgia will be blocked on all borders - at sea,land and air. And the death hand of hunger will be strangling and destroying Georgia then. In a case of nuclear attack on Iran, millions of refugees will rush into the Caucasus, we Russians will stop them in the Azerbaijan border, and direct the flows of refugees to Georgia. Georgia will be wiped out completely by it.10 million refugees, all of them there like the clouds of locusts will eat Georgia alive if Georgia woulddare to put any obstacles in the way of Russia joining the World Trade Organisation . 
How real are Russia's chances of joining the World Trade Organisation today ? 
Chances are at 100%. Russia will join the World Trade Organisation .And when the time will come -Russia will join the EU. Later Russia will create a second EU on the basis of the Eastern Europe - theBaltic States and our European neighbors. Pros - just more opportunities for trade, to export our goodsto all World Trade Organisation members. Cons - that we will have to let some goods from abroad,into Russia that will sell for less than domestic: it will be difficult to block the penetration of the foreignmade products into Russia. There are pros, there are downsides. Well, if the whole world is in the WorldTrade Organisation then, we will have to join also. I do not rule out the decay of the European Union,the disintegration of the euro area, and the disintegration of NATO, including the dissolution of the WorldTrade Organisation . Later, after the third world war, some new international organizations will emerge.The beginning of the the third world war is still in the future. Today Russia is forced to join the WorldTrade Organisation .But I and my party ,the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia,- we are against the World Trade Organisation 

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