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Published by leechster
Vengeance, the continuation of The Future of Warfare. Kayla Miller Mossad Agent Avrim Heinz and the surviving members of the Geauga County Volunteers attempt to reach safety so as to get out the drone plans but the entire game is about to change...
Vengeance, the continuation of The Future of Warfare. Kayla Miller Mossad Agent Avrim Heinz and the surviving members of the Geauga County Volunteers attempt to reach safety so as to get out the drone plans but the entire game is about to change...

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Published by: leechster on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The continuation of “The Future of Warfare”
The sleepy Ohio town by the Lake Pymatunig reservoir has been under lockdown; a Stryker armoredvehicle and a platoon of Ohio National Guard have been ensuring order since two Air Force F-22Raptors, a Reaper drone and two close-in drones were effortlessly shot down by insurgents... not thatthat particularity has been shared for the obvious reason that it would undermine the authority theUnited States Government has to wield in these difficult times; world war in the Middle East and thePacific has shattered the strands of global free trade built up over the past century with such effort andsacrifice on the part of the American People. Nuclear terrorism in the Homeland itself: Columbus,Denver, and Atlanta devastated, essentially gone.Someone has to hold the line.Of course gratitude has been in short supply of late from the American People for their government ingeneral and the sol
diers bravely deployed in “Indian Country” to restore order
-why, several terroristshave risen out of the proverbial woodwork to shoot at American Heroes or try and lob a firebomb. Restassured, all of them now decorate the town square from a gallows. Hung and left to swing in the windso as to let others who have hostile intents that they will not have their way! The government will.Kyle Durling was on the town square; he has seen a lot over the past 66 years of his life
 Three tours in Vietnam as a Ranger, battling the Viet Cong and NVA, the Purple Heart for an AK burst he
took. Come back home to… nothing. No hero’s welcome. Sure he got patched up by the VA but he just
went back to what he was destined to do, working in a machine shop just down the road, do some horsetrading at the flea market down another road.
He’d made a respectable living for these parts, and being a country boy he knew how to live well cheap.
Times though just kept getting worse-since he got home from his war. Friends and family losing their jobs, then their cars and homes, people turning to alcohol and meth to cope with the lives robbed fromthem by forces they could scarcely think about. Kyle though kept grinding metal during the week andmake deals on the weekends.
 Kyle always was a go alo
ng to get along type. Got along fine during the 70’s Oil Crisis, Reaganomics and
the mass exporting of American industry, the Clinton years-always had work out here grinding andwelding and machining and making trades on the weekends. Kyle always knew a deal to be had, who to
give a little to maintain good rapport and who he could skin good when they had something they didn’t
know about or just were begging to be ripped off. Better Kyle Durling get the deal than someone else.Kyle also made a good buck helping his government fight crime. See, Kyle knew a lot of people, and a lotof those people were those that turned to drugs to get by or cope, or they were just weak. Drugs areexpensive so most of those turned to crime or well, they would sooner or later so Kyle considered it apublic service to help law enforcement set them up and get the reward for snitching on them.
Guns: Kyle had a lot of guns over the years. He’s also seen a lot of people who he felt shouldn’t have
guns get them so when he was referred to the ATF for employment as a confidential informant well,that was doing good and getting paid good. Kyle has that easy, go along to get along air, could go up toa stranger and in a single conversation become his best friend. Friends: they come and go just like cars,
guns, women or anything else he’s horse traded. Just that those friends he’s traded off to the
overnment for reward and the very time worked to get those marks paid well. Very well. Kyle’s sent a
lot of people to prison-
maybe most of them would be characterized as “good” but what’s that?
 Thing is, America has been like a tub full of water being drained-Kyle Durling could be characterized as
one of the bubbles at the surface… far from the drain… and he’s ridden the downward tide of thiscountry as well as anyone. Tub’s still draining though. Tub’s about empty.
Kyle Durling’s going to stay
in the tub. With the rest of the scum.Kyle sits on a bench on the town square, looking at the bodies of people who resisted having troops onthe streets and paid for being on the losing side. He knew them all:Al Goetz worked with him at the machine shop. Always talking about how things were getting worse-well no shit. Kyle kept him close cuz he was always a good source to find people to snitch on.
Snitching’s been good since martial law was declared a year back, and it had better been or Kylemight’ve wound up like a lot of his fellow townsfolk and that’s assed out. Probably just as well that Algot himself offed sniping at soldiers, Kyle hadn’t gotten anyone to tattle to his primary employer about
for a couple months.Pete Kimmel-some zit faced kid who worked for that kiddie rapist Ron Paul before he finally found theself-
respect to shoot himself, kept whining he was murdered. Also whined that it wasn’t sandniggers
who brought down the World Trade Center-
wow he could remember that still…
 Jessie Norbert well, knew him from the flea market who sold guns. Had a DUI and a gun possession
charge… yeah Kyle dropped the dime on that loser.
Adrianne… can’t remember her last name but she worked at the diner; two soldiers died from nicotine
poison. Judging by the ill fitted clothes looks like someone had some fun at her expense before she gotwhat was coming to her.Blanche Fox. Now seeing her swinging from a noose hurt. Kyle had always had a thing for the onetime
video store owner. Why’d she have to pic
k up a gun against her own government?! Sure things are bad
but you don’t go stupid.
A government car pulls up and a man in a suit gets out, joins Kyle sitting, watching the corpses swing-patriot and traitor were terms interchangeable with who was talking about whom. Kyle was alwayssmart enough to say the right things to whoever was in front of him. Fundamental to being a snitch.
“In a few hours you’re going to have a massive push of refugees and enemy insurrectionists. A few
minutes at most after that NATO forces are going to be rolling through pushing them-towards Cleveland.
We’ll be herding all of you past I
271 into the east suburbs. You’
re to find your best friends thePymatunig Militia: if you can kill them, do it. If you can steal the plans they developed, get it. If you
can’t but you can still confirm she’s there then sneak out.”
 The G-
Man hands Kyle a uniquely styled Christian cross necklace, “contains a microchip. You give your
code to our forces and detailing what you managed to find
out or do, then you’ll be out of there andwe’ll handle the rest. We can’t proceed until this mission is concluded successfully.”
“This have anything to do with why the TV and radio don’t work?”
 The G-
Man nods, “this isn’t a bunch of malcontents with r
ifles, this is something that could lose us thewar if it got out. Now, get your gear, put on your best militia persona and go with the flow, literally.
You still have good relations with the Pymatunig Militia?”
“Did til they lit out of here a few days
back. This have something to do with those planes getting shot
down over the reservoir?”
“Think you understand the situation just fine, sir. Do this and this will be your last assignment. We’re
sweeping the entire region clear and remaking it. You can
be a part of that; land, wealth, even youth.”
 The G-
Man smiles “Mr. Durling, if we can jam the entire electromagnetic spectrum we can reverseaging. I’ve already have treatments
it’s all stem cells and such, don’t ask me how I don’t know.”
nd I have to ride a wave of refugees and militia types into nigger Cleveland, find the Pymatunig Militia
and kill them, steal the plan or if that fail at least let you know they’re there.”
“You know I know how things can go in these affairs.”

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