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White Pine Press 10.13.11

White Pine Press 10.13.11

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Published by mccpa2012

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Published by: mccpa2012 on Apr 21, 2012
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We hew to the line; let the chips fall where they may 
October 13, 2011
Vol. XXVIII No. 3
one copy
White Pine
Wallet-friendly style using candy wrappers 
who knew? Simple steps to create a handbag that’s sure to be the envy of all your friends.
Facebook vs. Googe+
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p.8p.11Warning: youwi be ungryafter seeingtis...
We take you behind the scenes of NMC’s culinary program.Also on the menu: an up-close (and delicious) look at what’s served at Lobdell’s: A Teaching Restaurant.
p. 7
AlEx WAlSh
Press Staff Writer
saute to teman wo tooke bite out of teec appe
Tom Auch recaps the career of 
Steve Jobs.
It’s like Facebook vs. Myspace all over again. This time,however, Facebook is Myspace (the standing leader) and GooglePlus is Facebook (the up-and-coming new service). Google Plusis a unique social network whose setup functions somewhat likea mélange of Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.Few students atNMC believe Google Plus (G+) is going to have a big impact onFacebook because Facebook is already so prevalent. However, thesame was said a few years ago about Facebook when the socialnetwork was relatively unknown tomost of the population.Recent changes to Facebook’slook and operating system havefrustrated users, some of whomare starting to find a new homeon Google Plus and other socialnetworks. Adin Harmon, freshmanfilm major at NMC, said thathe would be willing to switchover completely from Facebook to Google Plus simply because“Google gets shit done.”Ian Connick, mechanical engineering major, on the other hand,does not see the need to make the change since he already has aFacebook account. “Switching over completely would mean I nolonger have access to friends who I don’t posses the email of anddon’t also have a Google Plus account.” Joey Janik, management information systems major, believesthat although Google Plus has some neat features, they missed their window of opportunity—that Facebook is too far along for GooglePlus to do any real damage.“Facebook is a network all of its own, as everyone and theirgrandma uses it. The [social network] bandwagon left many yearsago,” Janik said.Dr. Diane Emling, NMC sociology professor, believes thatGoogle Plus can actually have a big impact on Facebook, but it will taketime for that migration to occur.“There are people who are nothappy with the privacy settings anddesign of Facebook, so if a socialnetwork out there solves thoseproblems, it will draw more peopleaway from it,” said Emling. “Migrationoccurs over time and depends on thesite’s user friendliness.”Facebook’s privacy settings havebeen a topic of discussion on many technology news websites and blogs. Users should be cautious of  what they post online because loopholes do exist, no matter what website they use, and personal information might be less securethan they think. Facebook allows users to edit their privacy settings(as does Google Plus), but even that does not fully protect their
Google Plus: Facebook’s Killer?
“Tere are peope wo are not appy wit te privacy settings and design of Facebook,so if a socia network out tere soves toseprobems, it wi draw more peopeaway from it.”
Dr. Diane EmlingNMC sociology professor

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