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Kevin Abdulrahman Public Speaking Training, Public Speaking Skills

Kevin Abdulrahman Public Speaking Training, Public Speaking Skills

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Kevin Abdulrahman interviewed on CEO Magazine on the inmportance of professionals developing their Public Speaking Skills.

Public Speaking Training
Kevin Abdulrahman interviewed on CEO Magazine on the inmportance of professionals developing their Public Speaking Skills.

Public Speaking Training

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Fom the ey few things I amgood at, this would be it,” says
Kevin Abdulrahman, an author,
international speaker, and a
public speaking coach.
Born in the United Kingdom
to a Yemeni fathe and an Ianian mothe,Abdulahman’s backgound epesents animpessie aay of cultues.Back in 1990, he lied in the United Aab
Emirates, but as the Gulf War hit the region,his family decided to avoid the uncertainties
of the time and moe to New Zealand.
“They just wanted to go somewhere
peaceful and so fa away,” he says. “A lot of 
people at that point of time did not know
whee New Zealand was.”
Coming from a well-to-do Middle
Easten family, Abdulahman might haebeen expected to become a docto, lawye,accountant, o een an enginee.
Even though he did plant the seeds to
 Author Kevin AbdulrAhmAn explAins the secretsbehind the Art of public speAKingby sArA AnAbtAwi
Apil 2012
Apil 2012
kevin abdulrahman
kevin abdulrahman
Apil 2012
meeting his family’s expectations by getting a science degree at the University of Oaklandin the US, he ended up entering the businessfield, eventually moving back to the Middle
“I started by becoming successful innumerous businesses,” he says. “I was
coaching consulting clients, and next thing 
you know, just by word of mouth, I ended up
becoming a poweful speake.”
For over a decade now, Abdulrahmanhas been a top-rated speaker on varioustopics, including leadership, inspiration
and motiation.He adds: “I stated ceating high-pefo-mance teams, and eally just helped peoplebecome the best they can be.”
In a nutshell, Abdulrahman believes thatwhen people find the greatness rooted inside
themseles, they can apply it to whatee itis they do.“It could be thei spots, thei business,
whatever it is, I can make them become
bette at it,” he said.Abdulahman has had a lot of equests
for public speaking coaching over theyears, especially given the current
economic downtun.
“The reason for that is a lot of profes-
sionals ealise that ight now, it is a woldof noise,” he says. “It is a wold of compe-tition, and it is a competitie tait to be able
to stand out in how you present in public,
because that is how people will make a
decision about you.
“I always say this: your ability to speak
 Abdulrahman has been a powerful speaker on various topics, including leadership, inspiration and motivation.
with impact, to speak to inform, to speak
to influence, to speak to inspire, reflects
on how people will judge you. It eflects onyou image, you people, you goup, youband, you business and you alue. It will
even reflect on how people will perceive
you competence and cedibility,” he said.
“The saying goes that, within a few
seconds, people will make a judgment about
you, so within the moment you tun up to
speak in public, the question is, are you
winning those moments?”
Ninety percent of what Abdulrahmandoes is corporate coaching. In fact, hisclientele base is littered with top-grade
“[My clients] range from ambassadors,
athletes, royalty, presidents to vice presi-
Apil 2012INTErvIEW
kevin abdulrahman
a pesentation…” he says.
High-end one-on-one coaching is what
he titles it.
Abdulrahman’s clients are worldwide,
come fom fie continents, and do include
the United Arab Emirates. But, due tothe sensitivity of the matter, he refrains
from naming who he works with, as they
appoach him in confidence.“I choose my people,” he says. “I do not[accept eey client].”
 Abdulrahman has had many requests for public speaking coaching over the years.
 Abdulrahman’s big focus is the Middle East, Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
themoment youturn uP
tospeak in public,
the questionis,
 are you winning those moments? 
dents, delegates, managing diectos, sales
managers and sales account executives,”
he says.He adds: “It is petty much acoss eey
single sector, and the reason is, every group,
business, association, or individual as a
pofession, has some sot of band alue.
“Their ability to speak with impact will
reflect on that brand value. So, if they
were representing, for example, a Fortune
500 company, they have spent manymillions of dollars on flyers, websites,
showreels, products, services, knowledge,
skill and ability.
“It is all there. There is a huge value for it,but when you go up to a conference, or when
you’re giving a presentation to 50, 500 or
 Percentage of Kevin Abdulrahman’swork that is focused on corporatecoaching.
5,000 people, [the audience] is not looking 
at the brand, they are looking at you, and
unfortunately, I have seen this many times,
within two or three minutes, you ruin all
the millions of dollars that you have spent,”
he says.Abdulahman caies out a lot of public
workshops, where anyone is welcome to pay
a fee, tun up and be coached. On a deepeangle, he woks piately and closely withcompanies o associations.
“They say: ‘Hey Kevin, Can you come and
work with our board members? Can you
come and wok with ou sales team? O, we
have an IPO to launch; can you come and
help us with ou pesentation?’”
Just over a month ago, Abdulrahman
woked on a public addess with a membe
of a local royal family by structuring his
speech, teaching him how to own the stage,
and woking on his deliey.
“I flew with him, I shadowed him. I
[even] critiqued him while he was giving 
“Fo me, it is impotant my clients haethe desie to want to do it, and… the dedi-
cation to follow through because it is not justa one stop shop. I help you become great and
I can help anyone become geat.”
Not every ride is a smooth one; Abdul-
rahman has had his share of difficult clients— those that do not necessarily see the value
of his advice, and instead show a lack of 
commitment to the at of public speaking.“My most challenging client was a CEO.
Apil 2012
Apil 2012
kevin abdulrahman
kevin abdulrahman

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Imra74 added this note
Great speaker and nice person it's been a pleasure to know him
Kenny321 added this note
I've had the pleasure to work with Kevin Abdulrahman and it's been of great inspiration for my team, the only problem has been to find him, he is also very popular in Asia, Africa and America and so his schedule is quiet full

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