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Black Sam miniseries Part 2

Black Sam miniseries Part 2

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Published by Ran Cartwright
Part 2 of the Black Sam miniseries...see Part 1 for description.
Part 2 of the Black Sam miniseries...see Part 1 for description.

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Published by: Ran Cartwright on Apr 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BLACK SAMA Pirate’s TalePart IIa spec miniseries teleplay byRan CartwrightSecond Draft: 10/23/01
2FADE INEXT. CLIFFS ABOVE NAUSET BEACH - EVENINGA brisk wind picking up; clouds gather to the north, anapproaching storm.MARIA HALLET stands near the edge of the cliff, looking outto sea, her hair billowing. Nearby a small campfire burnsin front of her hut.EXT. ATLANTIC OCEAN - DAYThe
and the
sail north.SUPER:“Atlantic OceanEarly April 1717”EXT.
MAIN DECK - DAYA calm day under sail. Some pirates play cards at a hatchcover. Nearby others play checkers, while more loungearound the main deck.ELSEWHERE ON THE MAIN DECK an Irish pirate plays a pipewhile another dances an Irish jig.ELSEWHERE, ON THE QUARTER DECK, SAM BELLAMY, captain of the
, and RICHARD NOLAND, quartermaster, stand at thestarboard rail looking out to sea to the north.NOLANDThe wind’s shiftin. Northeast.SAMAye. A storm’s coming.(pauses)We’d better trim sails. Signalthe Marianne.
3Sam turns toward a ladder leading to the main deck.NOLANDAye.EXT.
MAIN DECK - DAYThe crew prepares for the coming storm. PALSGRAVE WILLIAMS,captain of the
, stands amidships, shouting orders.PALSGRAVEDouble reef the mainsail! We’reputting before the wind! There’sa storm comin, lads! Make haste!EXT. ATLANTIC OCEAN - DAYDark, heavy overcast, the storm tosses the
on the waves. Lightning and thunder flash andrumble.Wind whistles through the rigging; the small sails stillset flap on the wind. Rain pours down on the decks, thewaves pounding the ships.EXT.
MAIN AND QUARTER DECKS - DAYA work crew on the main deck tugs on a line to furthershorten sail. Richard Noland hurries past them on his wayto the quarter deck.NOLANDTighter on the line, lads! Or thewind’ll take her!He hurries on, crossing the main deck and up the ladder tothe quarter deck. He finds Sam standing next to JOHNFLETCHER who’s manning the ship’s wheel.NOLANDWe’re takin on water, captain! Onthe lee!

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