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The Mystery of the Spiral Galaxies Explained

The Mystery of the Spiral Galaxies Explained

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Published by DTYarbrough
The Universe has Astrophysicists going around in circles.
The Universe has Astrophysicists going around in circles.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: DTYarbrough on Apr 21, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Mystery of the Spiral Galaxies Explained 
© Copyright 2011 All rights reserved 
 D T Yarbrough
The Mystery of the Spiral Galaxies Explained 
Recent observations of stellar motion within galaxies indicate that most of the starsmove at the same velocities, with the exception of those very near the center. This isunexpected since the laws of gravity predict the speeds will fall off with distance fromthe center, similar to planetary speeds within solar systems. Dark matter and all sorts of things have been suggested to solve this puzzle. A recent study showed a complete lack of dark matter within a million light years of earth.In my opinion, an even greater mystery exists. No relative motion between randomlyspaced objects in elliptical orbits around a central point can create a spiral. I have runnumerous computer graphic simulations and all you end up with are concentric circles.The only explanation for a spiral shape is if all the stars are in decaying orbits. But eventhat isn't enough. The galaxy has to recycle the stars. Recent observations show that thisis indeed what is happening. I refer to the galactic halo, but it isn't dark matter, it's star dust.Since all of the stars are in decaying orbits, they travel at similar speeds, like cars in atraffic jam. No passing on curves. But here is where another mystery crops up. Gravitystates that objects closer to the center of gravity of the galaxy should be acceleratedfaster than the ones farther out. The same holds true for gas molecules being pulled intoa black hole, yet scientists claim they bunch up and create friction and heat beforeentering the black hole. What's the answer? Gravity doesn't suck. Objects are pushedtoward a more massive object. Read
.Due to this recycling, the stars we see haven't always been here throughout the life of the Milky Way Galaxy. Assuming the speeds of the stars have remained constant, our sun has only been around for 100 million years at best. But wait. Scientists claim our star, unlike most of the other 250 billion stars, is orbiting the center of the Milky Way inthe opposite direction. Aren't we special? Let's hope they're right.I had previously speculated the universe was not expanding. Read
. I assumed that solar wind was polluting space and making it moreopaque to light, causing it to only appear that distant galaxies were getting dimmer.Recent failure to detect dark matter( a major requirement for an expanding universe)strengthened my resolve, but I was still bothered by the fact that the same didn't appear to be happening to the stars within our galaxy. Why didn't they appear farther away? Asit turns out, they're getting closer together as they approach the galatic center, at thesame rate as all the particles in space are getting closer together. The two effects cancel.I had also speculated that stars do not perform fusion at their cores. ReadSTARS.Here on earth it requires temperatures of 100 million degrees to create fusion in the

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The Universe has Astrophysicists going around in circles.
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