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Lily of the Valley of Lilith by Barth Phillips

Lily of the Valley of Lilith by Barth Phillips

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Published by BarthPhillips

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Published by: BarthPhillips on Apr 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lily Of The Valley Of Lilith
byBarth Phillips
Lilith, Oh Lilith,whyfor art thou Lilith?Lilith,Ohio, a smallfarming communityofAnglo-GermanicPre-Revolutionarystock, with a bit of BlarneyandOldHaggisblended in.These werenotDevil-May-Carelibertines,butDevil-On-Your-Shoulder,nearestChurchtohome,Protestants.Theyreveledin theirGermanicsingle-mindednessandtheirsmattering of Biblicaland pseudo-Biblicalknowledge.Knowing they were the firstof their ilk in theMeander River Valley,that Lilith was
Adam’s first wife, and
thatfirst wives always worked hardest (thesecond being for play), they felt thename very apropos and a natural for their new homestead.By the Second World WarLilithsprawled over both sides of a crescent-like bend in the Meander Riverand up the Valley hills on both sides, studded as they were bywoodlands,struggling and abandoned familyfarmsandcoal strippinggouges. The Lilith folk did the best they could, or so they thought, fending off thedevilsoneach oftheir shoulders from ensnaringthem andtheircharges;attending the nearestopenProtestantChurch when they could(weatherand farming chores permitting);making surenotto sparetherod(for who had the time or patience for a spoiled child);and all whilekeeping food on thetable.Beingwho they were, and from whence they came, with theirOld Worldnon-demonstrativenessandintimidationdiscipline,shows of 
“touchy touchy”
physical affection werealien to them (except perhapsbetween husbands and second wives). Family members rarelykissed,touchedor hugged, even after longabsences;notmother and daughter, sister and brother, nor God forbade,father and son.Our Lilithians knew not of Lilith beyond herhaving pre-dated
Eve as Adam’s
wife,Eve whose dalliancewith the snake andherappletemptressways caused them to have to break their backswith heavy laboreach dayeven now.They knew not of the strifeLilithcaused Adam as wife, causing Adam to petition Godfor a more wifely wife.They knew not that some saw Lilith after theexpulsion from theGarden of Eden,firstas
asexual demonwho took on female attributes,and thenasademonicchild stealingseductresswho could not copulate in a normal way.They knew not of herdarkly fertilizing the hills and valleys of humankind with strife andgrief, ripping out theirhearts and souls as the coal strippersripped out the coalfromthe land.Outofthis compostwas born oursweetLily of the Valley,She who wasmeant to be a harbinger of areturnto happinessand love. As legend hasit thebeautifulLily of theValley, her namesake,was a sign of future grace from Heaven,springingfull flowerfromE
tearsupon her banishment fromofthe GardenofEden.The next to last,Lilywas born to an economicallyhard-pressedfarmingfamily, wherea wifewascheaper than a hired cook to keep thefarmhands fed.Exhibitions oflove being scarcethere, yet one must
assume shewas lovedasa youngster, ifin aless than overlydemonstrative way.Notsounusuala tale, andatale yetcontainingthe hope of anormal chance to love and be loved.Lilith surelythenintervened, leavingour Lilyalone at a tender pre-pubescentage with herstep-grandpawwho commencedpawing
her. One can imagine his ogre’s paw
sforcing her head down into his exposedgroin, perhaps attempting to stiffen her young nipples and takingother liberties.One can imagine theagony she suffered.But the agony of 
her child’s
internal debateas whether to tell her Mom or notmusthave beenevengreater
and the fear of her Mom’s r
eaction must have been the worstfearof all,assheremainedabsolutely andtotallymum.But would youbelieve theself same ogrelikewiseinflicted himselfon a similarly agedkin of hers, whowas not tooafraid to tell her Mom? Yet Lilith was not yet done, for the Mom to Mom telegraphsprung into
action and Lily’s Mom was soon the wiser.The wiser? Was Lily’s Mom
trulythe wiser? Did she turn theogre into the authorities?Did she rain sympathy and comfort on Lily?Did she assure Lily that she wasblameless? No on all counts!Instead Lilith, through the Devilonher
shoulder,tookmentalhold and Lily wasbrowbeaten intosubmission (it ishopedonly brow beaten) to the idea thatshe wasa bad,badgirlandit was all her fault.But it was even worse, it was instilled in her thatsex too was bad and thatafterit had accomplishedprocreationand the period of procreation had passed,sex was undesirable, unpleasant and to be avoided.Infuture yearsall ofthis seems to have caused the development of negative feedback loops giving her aserious aversion to having her head touch and togiftingfellatio, causing herto interpretthe pleasurederivablefrom her nipples as pain (though she didbravelysuckle two young), and even leading to a burstblood vessel in her eye theprofessedone and only time she experience organism.Thus, in addition toinstalling a timer onher sexuality, Lilith haddenied herand her partner ofthe pleasuresofkissing,cuddling and of herbosoms,as well as denying her and her partnerthe pleasureofherbestowingthe gift ofellatio.
Ah! Lilith sighed, “a good blights work.” A
Bit of 
had soured Lily’
s sweet life!Years passed.It was the Sixties!Lily wasnow calling herself Lilly,perhaps in recognition of the added
EL in her life.Shewasthenattending college locally.Suddenly, within sight of graduation, she relocates to Columbus;
the “big times” as far as Ohio goes. With graduation so close, one can only wonder
why:Rebellion?HeartStruck?Heart Broke?Impregnated?Miscarriage? Abortion? Closed Adoption?Perhapsfrom among thelatterfouras she later feared possible secondpregnancyconsequencesfromher first in wedlocpregnancy?Whateverthe reason, she moved to the Big City, developed relationships,as beforenoneapparentlylasting over three months,and moved in with a libertine
married couple, involved in the “
” movement
, whoat the leastphotographed her au natural.Yes, she wasthena charmer,at least in theeyes ofamarried Horndog, a friend of aSwain of hers and Brent.Brent,aFree Radicalfrom yet a bigger city and ofanother Europeanethnicityandreligiosity,thenentered her life.Well,not exactly freeas he was separated,butnotyetdivorced.He was experimentingwith an Encounter Group and she was there filling in.Several meetings had passed and they had hardlyinteracted
. She asked him if he needed a ride home, he accepted. Two other “groupies” who lived further

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