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01 G324 June 2010 Trailer - Assessor Commentary

01 G324 June 2010 Trailer - Assessor Commentary

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Published by zannetran

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Published by: zannetran on Apr 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advanced Portfolio Exemplar 1
Set brief 2 – Main task: Teaser trailer; ancillary tasks: poster for the film and a filmmagazine front cover, featuring the film.This submission demonstrates how well the electronic presentation of theartefacts, research, planning and evaluation can work. All the candidate’s work ison the blog (http://enorfmcmanusb.blogspot.com/ ), including the artefacts, whichare clearly labelled and tagged for ease of navigation. Earlier drafts are includedand clearly labelled. Both moving image and print skills have clearly been taughtand it is evident from the blog that an appropriate amount of time has beenallocated to a unit worth 50% of the A2 marks. The centre’s coversheetassessment comments were detailed and focused and greatly aided moderation.The marking of the main construction was harsh by the Centre but this wasbalanced by the generosity of the marking of the Evaluation and their slightly highPlanning marks. The two ancillaries were accurately marked. The Centre markwas 82; overall the moderated mark would be 81
Main task - teasertrailerLow Level 4 –34/40
The work shows Excellence in the creative use of many (if notmost) of the technical skills set out on p 75 of SpecificationCentre has been harsh in awarding a high level 3 (30/40). Theircoversheet says:
Uses a fair range ofwell-framed shotdistances and angles(included canted anglesas needed). Cameraonly unsteady whereneeded for narrativepurposes. This iscontrolled and effective.Uses pulled focus effecton light to show subjectgaining consciousness
Pace increasesthroughout to build uptension/excitement;appropriate non-linearapproach to narrativebut sets up genre andenigma . Effective useof dissolves andsuperimposition onlywhen needed. Alsouses cuts to createpace.Uses intertitlesappropriately(especially as thistrailer also uses voiceover and dialogue fromfilm)Effective and controlleduse of visual effectsThoughtful choice oftitle font
Mise en scene
Careful selection of/construction ofmise en scène, including setting,props, costume, makeup, lighting andfigure/performanceUses Institutional conventions egproduction company details – but lackssome expected details at the end
Multilayered soundtrack. Effective useof well-recorded voiceover and soundeffects. Musical soundtrack createsmood and controls the changes ofmood and pace throughout.

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