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Time Machine Essay

Time Machine Essay

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Published by Joey Ku

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Published by: Joey Ku on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joey Ku1
The Time Machine Essay:
Investigating Romanticism, Escapism, War of Manmade machines versus Natural
Resources and The Cold War behind the scenes of James Cameron’s
(2009)By Joey KuCg Arts and Animation- Year 1Monday 23
April 20122021 wordsTime Machine: Chris Hunt and Phil Gomm
Joey Ku2
Introduction 3Main Body 4Conclusion 7List of Illustrations 8Bibliography
Joey Ku3
This assignment seeks to investigate how Romanticism is linked to James Cameron’s
(2009). This also includes investigating Escapism and how this is used in the film, along withideas of wars between nature versus man and how the war in
is heavily referenced tothe Cold war.
Research sources includes Jesse Bryant Wilder’s
Defining Romanticism in the Arts
which helps
define what Romanticism means, Christopher and Mark Rothko’s
The Artist’s Reality:
Philosophies of Art 
which helps gives an understanding of Escapism, Michael Marien’s
FutureSurvey Annual 1991: Volume 10
which gives an insight of the fight between manmade machinesversus Natural resources. Other books that are helpful towards this assignment would beWil
liam Woodsworth’s poem,
Ode: Intimations of Immortality 
which is a poem describing the
war between man and nature, and lastly Robert Genter’s
Modernism: Art, Culture, and Politics inCold War America
which describes how the Cold war is quite similar to the war between manversus nature.The essay will begin by defining what Romanticism is before explaining how it is depicted in
, later the film will look at Escapism and how it too is seen in the film before going toexplain the wars between man versus
nature, then how this is interpreted by Woodsworth’s
poem before lastly explains how the wars mentioned are reflected to the Cold War.

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