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Expository writing assessment - Should we take revenge on bullies?

Expository writing assessment - Should we take revenge on bullies?

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Published by Am Chunnananda

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Published by: Am Chunnananda on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Am (Rairat) 7D Green
Expository Writing ‘Should we take revenge
on bullies?’ ASSESSMENT
Should we take revenge on bullies?
Revenge is like a mirror; it reflects the pain back to you. Just because it makes you feel like you won,does not mean you did. 
I believe that wWe should not take revenge. You should not have the change yourself by taking in
order to feel like you have won. You do not have to take revenge, there are always better options.You should not become the bully instead.And I am here to explain these points. 
First of all, you should not have tobe shifting shiftyour personality to do something that is
unnecessary; and that is revenge. You should not have to change yourself by being mean and hurtful, just to feel like you have won. Taking revenge will also cause you to have negativity, and it will causestress which makes you into a completely different person. It causes you to feel overwhelmed, andpossibly lead you to possible consequences. Do you want to be someone else just to do somethingyou do not need to?I would not. NO!Fighting back is not your only option. Shifting your personality
is never good, because we are made the way we are. You are who you are, and do not let someonewho put you down change that. You always have better choices instead of revenge that will notcause stress. Revenge makes you become a different person.As mentioned before, fFighting back is never the only option; you should never have to fight back
 just to feel like you win. You have many positive alternatives other than taking revenge, and thesealternatives will benefit you and whoever you are thinking about taking revenge on. There arealways people who are there for you;whether if itscounselors, teachers, or most importantly
friends and family. People who support you and care for you will always help you find a solution.They will help you make it through correctly and positively, so than you do not hurt the bully andyourself again. You will hurt yourself because you are basically lighting another match and throwing
it into the bonfire, making it bigger. All revenge does is make the problem bigger and bigger because
you are making them take revenge after you do, which is not good. It is a lose-lose situation for bothyou and the bully, there is no point of it. There is no point of making the problem bigger. You alwayshave other ways to win, but also stop the problem at the same time. Taking revenge and fightingback is not necessary because it makes the problem bigger.In addition to choosing alternatives from taking revenge, do not become the bully. Bullying is hurtingother people, and by taking revenge you hurt someone whether if it is mentally or physically. You donot want to hurt someone just because you took revenge, do you? You do not want the bully to feelas bad as you did. Do you want them to go through the same pain as you did? Would you want themto take revenge on you after you took revenge on them? No,I am sure noone wants that. You donot want to become the bully because you did something unnecessary, do you? Becoming the bullyinstead will cause you to have revenge taken later, and it will not be YOU taking revenge onsomeone else. It is important that you do not become the bully instead because it is basicallychanging yourself. Do not become a bullyinsteadjust because you took revenge
Comment [JH1]:
Excellent hook, pleasereference it, even if you make it up!
Comment [JH2]:
Ok, but please do notuse I, you need to talk in third person. Youalso can add a few more point in yourintroduction about the topic!
Comment [JH3]:
Great first paragraph,your structure is good, and your points areclear.
Comment [JH4]:
Great figurativelanguage!
Comment [JH5]:
Clear points, andorganization of ideas Am! Just work on notrepeating your ideas!
Comment [JH6]:
Please avoid sayingthe same word more than once in asentence.

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