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All About 8

All About 8

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Published by Marina Moncada

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Published by: Marina Moncada on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
All About
All About Korean Society
Vocabulary2Grammar Points2
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
Vocabulary Sample Sentences
저는 서울에서 태어났어요.
"I was born in Seoul."
여기 부산이에요?
"Is it Busan here?"
Grammar Points
The Focus of This Lesson is the Top Five Things You Need to Know About Korean Society!
Society is a very broad topic, and cant be summarized in a single lesson. Thats why we’renarrowing it down to the top five most important aspects of Korean society!
1. Major Cities and How they Work서울(Seoul)
Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, with the largest population for a single city in Korea,and it is located in the northwestern part of South Korea, about one hour away from the eastcoast by car. About ten million people are living in Seoul, and there are many satellite citiesaround Seoul, and a lot of people commute to Seoul from there because Seoul is the centerof commerce, business and entertainment. The bus and subway systems are verywell-developed, so it is very convenient to move around within Seoul using publictransportation. The living expenses in Seoul are a bit higher than in other cities, but a lot ofpeople choose to live in Seoul for these benefits. While in Seoul, you can visit NamsanTower, Insadong, Myeongdong, and many other interesting venues.
Busan is the second largest city in Korea with a population of about 4 million people, and it is
LC: ALL_L8_022111 © www.KoreanClass101.com - All Rights Reserved 2011-02-21
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
located in the far southern eastern part of South Korea. Busan is famous among evenKorean people for the strong dialect, which is often considered to be cute and interesting,and also for its fresh seafood and beautiful beaches. Busan is about three hundred milesaway from Seoul, and it takes five hours by express bus or two-and-a-half hours by expresstrain to go from Seoul to Busan. The most popular travel destinations in Busan are theHae-undae Beach, the Jagalchi seafood market, and Yongdusan Park.With that said, one thing you should know about Korean society is that Seoul is the center ofcommerce in Korea, therefore you are likely to find Seoul the most convenient city of all inKorea, but different cities also have different characteristics and uniqueness includingdialects, so it is recommended you go visit as many different cities as possible while you arein Korea. And don't be surprised even if you don't understand much spoken Korean becauseof the heavy dialect of the region when you're in cities other than Seoul. Don't panic andkeep speaking Korean. People will start talking back to you in more standard Korean soon.
2. Family Life
Families in Korea are both traditional and liberal. Korean society used to be much moretraditional and conservative, but it has adopted many changes in the way of living and theway of thinking. Some common things you may hear about Korean families are that theparents are much more supportive of their children than in other countries. While in manyother countries children are expected to become financially and socially independent at afairly early age, in Korea, parents expect to support their children financially until they finishuniversity and get a job, and also when they get married. This trend can be explained bylooking at both the traditional aspects and also the fact that Korea has gone through a periodof rapid economic development. Everybody's hard work in the 1960s and 1970s resulted ingreat economic leaps years later, but this also meant that the main aim of the majority ofpeople who were in their twenties and thirties back then was to escape poverty and becomefinancially more stable. Therefore it is natural that a lot of parents place a huge importanceon their children's education.With that said, the number two thing you should know about Korean society is that even ifyou see people in their late twenties or early thirties still living with their parents, this is notbecause they are particularly dependent on their parents, but rather because it's naturallyexpected from the cultural background.Getting married at a not-too-old age used to be considered a must but nowadays, more andmore people choose to get married much later, so there are more people living with theirparents until much later, unless they get a job in a different city from the one their parentsare living in.
LC: ALL_L8_022111 © www.KoreanClass101.com - All Rights Reserved 2011-02-21

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