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Barnabas Aid May/June 2012

Barnabas Aid May/June 2012

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Published by BarnabasFund
Barnabas Fund's bi-monthly magazine for March/April 2012. See http://barnabasfund.org for more information. Hope and aid for the persecuted church.
Barnabas Fund's bi-monthly magazine for March/April 2012. See http://barnabasfund.org for more information. Hope and aid for the persecuted church.

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Published by: BarnabasFund on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Trinity:
 one God in threePersons
with the persecuted:lessons fromPhilippians
New threat
to Nigeria’s Christians:“eradication” fromthe North
To order these books, please visitwww.barnabasfund.org/shop.Alternatively, please contactyour nearest Barnabas Fund
ofce (addresses on back cover).
Cheques for the UK should bemade payable to “Barnabas Fund”.
In this issue, we promote a new devotional resource featuringthe moving stories of Christians who have been martyred for 
their faith, a new booklet about the Muslim “Isa” (Jesus), and acollection of essays that explores ideological conicts.
sthr”, th 16-yar-ld daughtr  a Christian pastr in Uzbkistan,was brutally batn by th plic
until sh was uncnscius bcaus sh tidt pvnt thm m haassing h ath.
Sh sud appalling injuis and is nw ina whlchai.
A small Brthrn assmbly in nrth-ast
Knya has sn tw  its mmbs mudd
in a th-mnth pid, nt lng at a
Bthn chuch-plant in Uganda had bnkilld.
Ugandan Past Uma Mulind, wh
sught t stand up  his aith, was butallyattackd with acid in th ac, and his y was badly damagd.
Ths cnt stis a but a w
ampls  th gwing catalgu  dath,injuy and sh butality that is bing mtdut t Chistians in many pats  th wld.Thy ais a qustin: why? Why ds Gdallw His ppl t su t such a dg?
Why ds H nt intrvn? Why is H silnt?
Th ppht Habakkuk in chapt 1  
his bk aiss a simila qustin. In vs1 h is dscibd as a psn wh “saw”a budn (NKJV). Th Hbw wd  
Gd’s “acls”, which was tn usd by th pphts, als mans “budns”. Th budnthat Gd causd Habakkuk t s was that  his ppl bing cushd by a butal invading
rc. Thir surings wuld b appalling. H
cis t Gd, but Gd sms t b silnt (1:2).
This is all the more difcult for Habakkuk to
cmphnd sinc h knws that Gd lvs
His ppl. S hw can a lving Gd bing  allw such butality  ths H lvs?Habakkuk’s qustin is natual,  hlvs his Gd and h lvs his ppl. Manyhav aisd th distubing issu  suing,
whth it b th ppht Jb  Jsus u 
Saviu dying n th css with th cy, “MyGd, My Gd, why hav Yu sakn M?”
(Matthw 27:46). Th apstl Paul and his
cmpanins wr “burdnd bynd masur,
abv stngth, s that w dspaid vn  
li” (2 Crinthians 1:8, NKJV). Burdn quals prssur, and th prssur can b s havy that
n’s vy li is squzd ut by it.
Chistians tday wh su pssus
that sm bynd thi ability t ba sldmqustin thi cicumstancs. It is ths  us
watching m th utsid wh ask why. It
wuld b asy t shut ur ys t what is taking plac simply bcaus w cannt bar t s thsuring  ur brthrs and sistrs. But i it isGd wh causs us t s ths vnts and i it
is H wh placs ths budns upn us, thncan w ightly vad thm? In 2 Cinthians1 Paul uss his pinc  immns, li-
crushing prssur t cmmunicat t thrs in
d t ncuag thi pay and suppt.
Is Gd ally silnt? In chapt 2Habakkuk dcids that h will watch t s
what Gd will say t him (2:1). B lngh is ady t spak  Gd bing in His hly
tmpl with all th arth in silnc br Him
(2:20). In chapt 3 Habakkuk dscibs Gdas a maching amy that will vanquish ths
wh hav prscutd and brutalisd His ppl
and dliv His ppl in th ultimat victy.
In chaptr 2 h had alrady sn th rmarkabl
vision of the day when the earth shall be “lled
with knwldg  th glry  th Lrd as th
wats cv th sa” (2:14).
But what  nw? Nw w must liv
with uncertainty and potential difculties: the barren g tree and vine, the empty cattle stall
(3:17-18). But thugh th Ld may sm
silnt, H is wking His pupss ut, bth
amng th pscutd chuchs and amng
us,  His wn gly, in which w shall shan day.
In th wds  th ancint Litugy  
St Jams:
Let all mortal esh keep silence,
and with a and tmbling stand;Pnd nthing athly-mindd, with blssing in his hand,Chist u Gd t ath dscndthu ull hmag t dmand.*D Patick SkhdIntnatinal Dict 
To guard the safety of Christians in hostile environments, names may have been changed or omitted. Thank you for your understanding.
Front cover:
These Afghan Christian refugees are assisted in another country by Barnabas FundUnless otherwise stated, Scripture quotations are taken from the New International Version
.Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and obtain permission for stories and images used in this publication. Barnabas Fundapologises for any errors or omissions and will be grateful for any further information regarding copyright.© Barnabas Fund 2012
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Genocidal anti-Christian violencein Nigeria; shadow of sharia inTunisia
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What does the Bible say about theTrinity?
PULL-OUT Equipping the Church
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11 Campaigns
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12 Analysis
Partnership in Philippi and withBarnabas
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16 In Touch
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18 Learning from the Persecuted Church
The paper used in thispublication comes fromsustainable forests andcan be 100% recycled
The Silence of God
* tanslatd by Gad Multi

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