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HB 2012

HB 2012

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Published by KOMU News

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Published by: KOMU News on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To appropriate money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the ChieExecutive's Office andMansion, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary ofState, State Auditor,State Treasurer, Attorney General, Missouri Prosecuting Attorneys andCircuit AttorneysRetirement Systems, and the Judiciary and theOffice of the State Public Defender, andthe several divisions andprograms thereof, andfor the payment of salaries and mileageof members of the State Senate and the House of Representatives and contingentexpenses of the General Assembly, including salaries and expenses of elective andappointive officers andnecessary capital improvements expenditures; for salaries andexpenses of members and employees and other necessary operating expenses of theCommittee on Legislative Research, various joint committees, for the expenses of theinterim committees established by the General Assembly, and to transfer money amongcertain funds, to be expended only as provided in Article IV, Section 28 of theConstitution of Missouri, for the period beginning July 1,2012 and ending June 30,2013.
 Be itenacted by the General Assembly of the state ofMissouri, asfollows:
There is appropriated out of the State Treasury, to be expended only as provided in2 Article IV, Section 28 of the Constitution of Missouri, for the purpose of funding each3 department, division, agency, and program enumerated in each section for the item or items4 stated, and for no other purpose whatsoever chargeable to the fund designated, for the period5 beginning July 1,2012 and ending June 30, 2013 asfollows:Section 12.005. To the Governor2 Personal Service and/or Expense and Equipment $2,080,5483 Personal Service and/orExpense and Equipment for the Mansion... . . 143,0694 From General Revenue Fund (Not to exceed 31.00 F.T.E.) $2,223,617
S.C.S. H.C.S.
Section 12.010. To the Governor2 For expenses incident to emergency duties performed by the National3 Guard when ordered out by the Governor4 From General Revenue Fund $4,000,001ESection 12.015. To the Governor2 For conducting special audits3 From General Revenue Fund $30,000Section 12.020. To the Governmental Emergency Fund Committee2 For allocation by the committee to state agencies that qualify for3 emergency or supplemental funds under the provisions of Section4 33.720, RSMo5 From General Revenue Fund , .. $1Section 12.025. To the Lieutenant Governor2 Personal Service and/or Expense and Equipment3 From General Revenue Fund (Not to exceed 8.50 F.T.E.) $411,335Section 12.035. To the Secretary of State2 Personal Service and/or Expense and Equipment3 From General Revenue Fund , ' $9,153,1544 From Federal and Other Funds , 862,8495 From Secretary of State's Technology Trust Fund Account 3,494,1096 From Local Records Preservation Fund 1,577,4627 From Secretary of State- Wolfner StateLibrary Fund 14,5018 From Investor Education and Protection Fund 1,200,9649 From Election Administration Improvements Fund 265,21110 From National Endowment for the Humanities Save America'sII Treasures Grant ,................................ 157,94912 Total (Not to exceed 280.30 F.T.E.) , , $16,726,199Section 12.040. To the Secretary of State2 For the purpose of receiving and expending grants, donations, contracts,3 and payments from private, federal, or other governmental4 agencies provided that the General Assembly shall be notified o5 the source of any new funds and the purpose for which theywill be
S.C.S. H.C.S. H.B. 2012
6 expended, in writing, prior to the expenditure of said funds7 From Federal and Other Funds $200,000Section 12.045. To the Secretary of State2 For refunds of securities, corporations, uniform commercial code, and3 miscellaneous collections of the Secretary of State's Office4 From General Revenue Fund $50,000ESection 12.050. To the Secretary of State2 For reimbursement to victims of securities fraud and other violations3 pursuant to Section 409.407, RSMo4 From Investors Restitution Fund $55,000ESection 12.055. To the Secretary of State2 Forexpenses of initiative referendum and constitutional amendments3 From General Revenue Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. $1,300,000ESection 12.060. To the Secretary of State2 Forelection costs associated with absentee ballots3 From General Revenue Fund $80,000ESection 12.065. To the Secretary of State2 For election reform grants, transactions costs, election administration3 improvements withinMissouri, and supportof Help America Vote4 Act activities5 From Federal and Other Funds $9,362,680Section 12.070. There is transferred out of the StateTreasury, chargeable2 to the General Revenue Fund such amounts as may become3 necessary, to the State Elections Subsidy Fund4 From General Revenue Fund $4,284,000Section 12.075. To the Secretary of State2 Forthe state's share of special election costs as required by Chapter 115,3 RSMo4 From State Elections Subsidy Fund , $400,000E

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