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Dirty Bomb Scenario Excerpt April 23

Dirty Bomb Scenario Excerpt April 23

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Published by Kathleen Miles

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Published by: Kathleen Miles on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Dirty Bomb Rocks Financial District of Los Angeles!
180 Dead and Hundreds Potentially Exposed to Radiation asMayor Requests Downtown to Seek Shelter for Hours
Yesterday at 12:17 pm
a “dirty” bomb exploded in the downtown section of Los Angeles
spewing radiological debris for several blocks. Officials are reporting 180 bystandersdead and several hundred injured.Police and firefighters rushed to the scene afterreceiving a flood of 911 calls from those in the vicinity of the blast. HAZMAT teamsdetected radiation several blocks from the explosion and quickly barricaded off the area.By 12:30 pm the Mayor announced that people in the downtown area should shelter inplace to avoid contamination and to clear the city streets for rescue workers. Hundreds of cars and frantic pedestrians jammed nearby intersections trying to escape the mayhem.By 12:45 pm the Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement confirmedt
he city’s worst fears;
terrorists were behind this explosion. Police are now searching fortwo suspects caught on a surveillance camera fleeing a van only minutes before the blast.
What we know to this point is that terrorists exploded an improvised bombcontaining radioactive material. The blast killed 180 people who were out onthe street near the explosion during lunch. The FBI and LAPD are workingaround the clock to find out who did this. We are naturally very concerned about possible contamination. Radiation levels are being carefully monitored through out the city. Health officials are being cautious telling me that in a fewdays they will know much more about any long-term health risks. A good part of the downtown area has been blocked off so the police can complete their investigation and debris can be safely removed. Within a week or two we hopeto have many areas open to traffic again. The goal now is to make sure our citizens are safe and to get the city back to normal as quickly as possible
Mayor-Day 2
As for details of what happened. The explosion occurred outside a high-rise officebuilding near the 110 freeway several blocks north of the Staples Center during lunchtime when hundreds of people are normally outside. The first few floors of the high-risewere damaged and windows were blown out of several buildings nearby. Experts haveconfirmed that the bomb contained Cesium
a radioactive isotope often used in certainmedical procedures. A thirty-six square block area has been cordoned off as fire crewscontinue to assess the damage and Police and FBI comb for evidence. Radiation levelsare being monitored on a block-by-block basis fanning out from the blast site. Healthofficials are carefully assessing whether there will be additional long-term cancer deathsfor those who were initially exposed to debris or for those who might want to returnhome or to work or shop.

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