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YouSendIt Case Study Epiphany Music

YouSendIt Case Study Epiphany Music

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Published by Hightail

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Published by: Hightail on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2012 YouSendIt. All rights reserved
Case Study
Epiphany Music, Inc.
Epiphany Music sends large audio files, syncs content, and electronically signs contracts with YouSendIt,accelerating time to delivery and increasing business productivity.
Epiphany Music produces songs for independent and major music artists, radio, digitaladvertising, and television shows. The company is currently working with artists fromWarner Brothers, Disney, Sony Music, and independent artists as well. Alex Newburghfounded the San Francisco-based company in 2001.
Epiphany Music, Inc.
Music and entertainment
Physical distance
Ease of use and costeffectiveness
Accessing, syncing anddigitally signing content
YouSendIt desktop andmobile apps
YouSendIt Express
Outlook plugin
YouSendIt dropboxA content-sharing platform thatmakes it easy to share audio files,sync content and digitally signdocuments anywhere in the world.
Accelerate post-production work
Improve client satisfaction
Save hundreds of hours andabout $5,000 a year
Overcoming distance as a business barrier
Proximity to business partners and customers is important for success. This is especiallytrue in the music industry, where delays in product submissions are often deal-breakers.Based in San Francisco, Epiphany Music faced a familiar challenge, as the major hubs ofthe music industry are in Los Angeles and New York City. The physical distance betweenEpiphany Music’s office location and their target customers was threatening thecompany’s growth. Not only was it time-consuming to mail or courier sessionsrecordings to major labels, it was expensive, too, with overnight shipping costs climbingabove $100 a day.One of Newburgh’s audio engineers recommended YouSendIt for file sharing andbusiness collaboration. Based on that recommendation—and positive reviews from otherprofessionals in the music and entertainment industry—Newburgh selected YouSendIt forhis company, and in the process turned a business barrier into an opportunity.
Sharing content with clients anywhere
Epiphany Music uses YouSendIt desktop and mobile apps to communicate directly withtheir writers and clients to make and send edits to recording sessions, provide suggestionsfor lyrics and fine-tune vocals. After adjustments are made, clients send the sessions backto Epiphany Music via YouSendIt dropbbox, which is the primary solution that EpiphanyMusic uses to receive large audio files from customers. One of the great advantages ofYouSendIt dropbox is that customers don’t have to sign in or even sign up for a YouSendItaccount. They simply click a link provided by Epiphany Music, quickly upload large mediafiles up to 2GB, and then email them to Epiphany Music—easy, fast and secure.
Accessing and syncing content improves efficiencies
YouSendIt is a critical component of the office workflow at Epiphany Music. OftenNewburgh will send up to 300 WAV files that have to be bundled together and sharedthrough multiple cycles of editing, mixing and mastering. When the post-production andediting work is completed on a sessions recording, Newburgh shares the content with hisaudio engineer who mixes them. Then the audio engineer updates the wave files whichare instantly synced to Newburgh’s computer for review and approval. Newburgh thenshares the audio files with the mastering engineer, who finishes the mix and sends it backto him immediately using YouSendIt.

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