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Pitch for English 1102-3

Pitch for English 1102-3

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Published by Cory Dennis

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Published by: Cory Dennis on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cory DennisMr. BorreroEnglish 11028 April 2012PitchDear Executive Board,World War 2 is one of the most influential wars of modern history. I have
created a script for a movie idea I think would be huge. The movie is titled “A Day toremember”. It is a movie based on the experiences two friends had during World
War 2. The movie will begin with President Franklin D. Roosevelt giving his PearlHarbor Address. This will give the audience a sense of patriotism. This will catch theaudience and keep them on the edge of their seats right away. I then showbackground information on two child hood friends (Robert Booker and JamesEmerson). They were born and raised in Bloomington Indiana where they havelived all 18 years of their lives. Robert and his family are a lower middle class family,and James and his mother are a low class family that does what they can to get by.Robert Booker is a smart kid who has never excelled athletically or academically.His father, (Bobby Booker) who was in the army when he was younger; has neverbeen proud of Robert for anything. James on the other hand was an All-statebasketball player, All-state baseball player, and scholar athlete at their high school
(Bloomington High School in 1941). Robert and James hang out together everydayafter school, and one day James tells Robert he is joining the army in order to pay hisway through college. Robert was skeptical at first but then decides this is hisopportunity to make his father proud. They both enlist and leave for basic trainingafter they graduate.They get shipped to the same training camp in Maryland (Fort Meade). Theyare stationed here or a month to complete basic training. They make it through andare sent to Istres Air Base in France where they are stationed for several months(April 3 1944-June 6 1944). They make friends with the other 6 privates in theircompany (Alan Smith, Jack Keating, Thomas Allen, Oscar Ramos, Pablo Alva,Nicholas Dease) and spend most of their time together. On June 1
the General tellsthe troops that they will be going to battle the very next day so get their suppliesready. The next day the weather is poor so they move the date back until the 6
of June 1944. Over the next few days soldiers emotions are up and down nerves are allover the place. Robert tells James that he is nervous and he has a bad feeling about the up
coming battle. James reassures him that he is prepared for it that’s what basic
training was for and that he would stay with him to watch his back. Robert thenreveals that the only reason he joined the army was to make his dad proud if him.James then tells him that his father will be proud of him and is proud to say his onlyson is serving his country.Its 5:30am on the morning of June 6
1944. The soldiers all pile on to boatsand ship off towards the beaches of Normandy France. When they arrive they areimmediately welcomed with a rain of gunfire. The soldiers hop off the boats and

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