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Pitch for English 1102

Pitch for English 1102

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Published by Cory Dennis

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Published by: Cory Dennis on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cory DennisMr. BorreroEnglish 11028 April 2012PitchDear Executive Board,My name is Cory Dennis and I am the creator of the film
 A Day to Remember.
Idecided to make a movie about World War 2 and D-Day because I wanted to give theaudience a sense of what soldiers had to go through during the war times as well asthe hard times all Americans were facing after the
Great Depression in the 1930’s,
especially for middle and lower class families. I have always been fascinated with
the 1930’s and 1940’s between the war and all the economic ups and downs
America was going through. I also feel a strong sense of pride in my country when Isee how they managed to prosper after such a devastating time period that impacted so many lives. Another reason I chose to make this movie during thisparticular time was because it hits home with me. I have heard stories about mygreat grandparents and how after the Great Dep
ression they didn’t trust the banksever again. After they lost all of their money to the banks they wouldn’t use a bank 
anymore; instead they would hide their money in the house. When they passedaway my family remembers having to be very careful and very thorough while
cleaning out the house because money was hidden everywhere. After hearing thisstory I could better relate to how many families must have felt towards banks afterthe Great Depression. The reason I made the primary focus the war is because mygrandfather joined the war and the reason was to pay his way through college at Indiana University. I want to get a better sense of what him as well as so manyothers like him went through.World War 2 is one of the most influential wars of modern history. I havecreated a script for a movie idea I think would be huge. The movie is titled
 A Day toremember 
. It is a movie based on the experiences two friends had during World War2. The movie will begin with President Franklin D. Roosevelt giving his Pearl HarborAddress. This will give the audience a sense of patriotism. This will catch theaudience and keep them on the edge of their seats right away. I will also addressmultiple social issues during this time such as the Great Depression during the
s, which was when the stock market crashed and the banks failed. They tried
to give the peoples’ money back but didn’t 
have enough for everyone. I also addresshow the film impacted the decision of FDR to join the war as well as the maincharacter Robert to enlist in the military. FDR saw an opportunity to createAmerican jobs after the Great Depression impacted so many lives. Joining the warallowed for Americans to produce guns and other essential resources for the war.America also produced weaponry for Russia, which brought in a lot of revenuedomestically. I then show background information on two child hood friends Robert Booker and James Emerson. They were born and raised in Bloomington Indianawhere they have lived all 18 years of their lives. Robert and his family are a lower
middle class family that is farmers, and James and his mother are a low class familythat does what they can to get by. Robert Booker is a smart kid who has neverexcelled athletically or academically. His father, Bobby Booker, who was in the armywhen he was younger; has never been proud of Robert for anything. James on theother hand was an All-state basketball player, All-state baseball player, and scholarathlete at their high school Bloomington High School in 1941. Robert and Jameshang out together everyday after school, and one day James tells Robert he is joiningthe army in order to pay his way through college. Robert was skeptical at first but then decides this is his opportunity to get employed and make his father proud.After all the talks at dinner between Robert and his father he realized how hard it isto get a job in the economic times
. Coming out of the 1930’s where the Great Depression impacted all of America, jobs were scarce and George’s father was a first 
hand example of how scarcity in the job force during these times can impact a family
greatly. George’s father was a tenant farmer that got financially crippled after FDR’s
AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act). This act was a plan to give incentives to farmersto cut back on production (University of Virginia). The motive behind this was, if 
farmers don’t produce as many crops the price of these crops can increase. The plan
was very effective but the large farms prospered while the smaller tenant farmerscrumbled. These tenant farmers only harvested the food so they saw no money the
landowners saw the profit. After George’s family had to adapt to the situation theywere in after the AAA passed it really opened George’s eyes and impacted his
decision to join the military. George and James both enlist and leave for basictraining after they graduate.

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