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A Light Being That is Human

A Light Being That is Human



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Published by M Reza

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Published by: M Reza on Dec 15, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Light Being That Is Human
 Written by: JIRI DOLEJSwww.crystalhealings.com Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Our MindChapter 3: The Electromagnetic BeingChapter 4: The Relationship Between Man and WomanChapter 5. Abuse and self abuseChapter 6.Spirituality
Chapter 7. Crystal healing
Chapter 8. Drugs and RemediesChapter 9. Conclusion
Chapter 1. Introduction In this book I would like to introduce the metaphysical principles of the universe, alsocalled the macrocosm and the microcosm. These two terms can be simplified byreferring to the macrocosm as the universe and the microcosm as our inner-self. Thereis more to these than the naked eye can seeIf we learn to understand our inner-selves, we will automatically gain a comprehensionof the universe. A logical understanding of our microcosm and its components is not aneasy task, although its presence is constant. Every thought, every feeling and every urgecomes from our microcosm and as we progress with it, understanding comes as well. Irealize we often read books and articles concerning the metaphysical world and in turncome to believe we understand it. However, true understanding comes from within.Each individual must come to their own understanding as it relates to them throughpersonal experiences and life lessons. Reading someone else’s interpretation of the“inner self” is generally not sufficient, although it may help.It has been said, that the microcosm is a true reflection of the macrocosm. Scientistshave discovered that the universe is full of colours and that all the planets in theUniverse are connected with energy in the form of bright white light, and so is the lightbeing – us.
Chapter 2. Our Mind Our purpose of being on this planet is to progress with our microcosm. In other words,to heal our inner-selves. Our mind is like a double edge sword. It can take us to thehighest heights or to the lowest lows. It all depends how we learn to use it.The problem with understanding our microcosm is that from birth we have been taughtto think logically and structurally. Subconsciously we know everything, but thesubconscious has no logic. Consciously we use our logic and structure whilesimultaneously trying to tap into our subconscious for information. Often we cannotaccess the information due to our own dysfunctions such as the simple desire to rely onour logic rather than trusting our subconscious. Small children are a good example.They use no logic but they are very much in touch with the inner universe. As they go toschool and are encouraged to think logically, they begin to lose touch with the inner-selves just as most adults have.The result of not being in touch with the inner self, can result in bad life decisions,which in time may lead to hardship, struggle and emotional stress. If our subconsciousholds all of the information we need for advancement, then one of the purposes of ourbeing must be to find ways of accessing that information. Accessing that information isonly the first step. We must be willing and able to accept the information. Many timesthe things we desire are not necessarily what we need and what we will get. As Imentioned earlier, our lives are about healing, not fulfilling materialistic values.Our subconscious mind is directly connected with our inner-self and it is in the inner-self that we hold emotional traumas. When we are faced with a certain situation ourmind triggers emotions from within. These emotional traumas shoot up in the form of apowerful energy into our mind. At that point our conscious mind evaluates whether it isappropriate to act upon it or not. For example, there are certain things you wouldn’t sayto your boss even though you may think them because your conscious mind reminds youon a logical level that you may be fired.We also need to realize that the emotional traumas which we have endured throughoutour lives have resulted in most of our thoughts and urges. It would be foolish to believethat we have not kept any of these trauma within. It is human nature and we all havethem. The more trauma we hold within, the harder it is to be in touch with all theinformation coming from the universe into our subconscious.The objective is to realize and deal with the negative traumas that we hold within. Asour mind calms down, we improve our concentration, and the ability to makeimportant life decisions.A good example of holding trauma within is seen in children with “attention deficit”.There is just too much going on in their minds for them to be able to concentrate. Evenresearch shows that there is a chemical imbalance in their brain but this only trivializesa physical outcome which is caused by certain trauma being held in a particular area of ones inner-self. “ADD” is a purported syndrome which is labeling many. The “ADD”sufferer can eliminate this condition completely. They no longer have to live with thismisunderstood “disorder”. Healing of “ADD” and all other disorders will be discussedin the upcoming chapters.
One may question how it is possible for children to have that many traumas within. Theanswer is simple. Each of us carries not only traumas from this lifetime, but those fromour previous lives as well. Your belief in past lives does not change the fact that thetraumas were present before birth. After all, even babies have personality.There is one important fact that I would like to stress. Many people and even scientistsrefer to us as animals. We are not animals. Some dysfunctions can make us behave assuch but animals have no higher self. Their metaphysical make up is very simple and alot less complex in comparison with humans. It means they have neither wisdom norunderstanding. Human beings are superior to animals. If we heal ourselves, the way weare supposed to our animal nature of eat, sleep and reproduce will be taken over by ourhigher consciousness. We will become awesome pure light beings and pursue higherthoughts. Animals cannot do that.
Chapter 3: The Electromagnetic Being I must stress that we are more than just a physical body. We are an electromagneticenergy that lives inside the physical body. For example, if you put on a knight’s armor,are you the armor or are you the person inside the armor? The correct answer is theperson inside the armor. Since we are an electromagnetic energy we need the physicalbody to be able to exist in our physical world.Nevertheless, the metaphysical being that we are is the key to successful healing on amental, emotional and physical level. If the metaphysical being functions well we willfeel great on all three levels.When we are experiencing a stressful situation, we tend to store negative emotions inour magnetic field. The emotions that we have vibrate which means they are energy.Different emotions vibrate on different frequencies. We even store certain traumas inparticular places.Just as the Universe is full of colours and constant changes – so are we. And since weare an electromagnetic energy we emanate a magnetic field called the aura. Our aurahas colours that are actually vibrations and these vibrations are emotions that we holdwithin. Our aura reveals how we feel and think. It is well known and scientificallyproven that we have an aura and that the colours in it change according to how we feeland think. There have been many tests and studies on this theme. Kirlian photographyprovides proof that auras are real. Aura photos may be viewed on my web site.To better explain the complexity of the inner-self, think of the aura as essentially apositive polarity and the physical body as a negative polarity. Another illustration of thisis the act of breathing. Every inhalation draws a positive charge into the body and everyexhalation sends a positive charge into the aura.For our minds to comprehend anything we need structure and logic. The microcosm hasneither structure nor logic. A long time ago someone mapped the microcosm and gave itstructure and logic. This is known as “Kabala’s Tree of life” The Kabala is not easy tounderstand but it holds the key to the universe. There are different ways to approach

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