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Social Media Business Singapore

Social Media Business Singapore

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Published by Laurel Papworth
Social Media Intensive Bootcamp 4th - 6th June 2012, Singapore
Social Media Intensive Bootcamp 4th - 6th June 2012, Singapore

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Laurel Papworth on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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4th - 6th JUNE 2012, SINGAPORE
TEL: +65 6376 3129 FAX: +65 6271 9029 EMAIL: JASMINE@TUN.SG ONLINE: WWW.TUN.SG
Morning:The 7 steps of social media Engagement - understanding social media from an organisational evolutionary perspec-tive. The steps include: developing Social Media Policies and Guidelines for Staff, Building Viral Engagement for pro-motion in social media sites, Collaborating with Customers in building Social Products and Services. This segmenttakes you through all seven steps that most organisation evolve through and prepare for the next session on NineSteps of a Social Media Strategy. Students will gain an understanding of the 7 Steps of Social Media Engagement. Afternoon:Nine Steps of a Social Media Strategy. Before you build a social media campaign, you need a strategy. This sectiontakes the student through all nine steps of building a Strategy including: Purpose and Values and determining why
and what customers will follow on social media sites, Inuencer and Blogger Relationship strategies - how to deter
-mine who will help promote your products online and how to encourage Twitter users, and bloggers and Facebook users to connect with you and the other 7 steps. Two steps (campaign and diary) will be covered tomorrow indepth). Students will have enough information to work on their own 9 Step Social Media Strategy.Morning:Today, we work in depth on two aspects of the nine step social media strategy covered in Day One - 5 step SocialMedia campaigns including building a hub and spoke practical demonstration session and Creating a ConversationDiary to facilitate in-depth, community building conversations. The Five Steps of a social media campaign will coverfrom how to Monitor social media through the campaign lifecycle to brief introduction to Social Media Measurement
(covered in more depth on Day THREE). No matter whether your campaign is to promote a product or service, to
recruit new staff or to offer online customer service, these 5 steps are the way to effectively engage in social mediaStudents will be able to build a 5 Step Social Media Campaign. Afternoon:Creating a Conversation Diary - the importance of a calendar for working with staff, creating social objects for con-versations, FBO (Facebook Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation). Understanding Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn optimisation Students will gain a thorough understanding on how to create a Conversation Diary for bet-ter SEO, FBO and SMO rankingsMorning:
22 Revenue streams in Social Media - by building a community, it’s possible to monetise the relationships with the
customer through paid for services. We look at transactional based APIs (selling on Facebook) to Freemium (freeand plus premium tiers) and marketing intelligence. What are social networks making money from and where is themoney going? The Social Economy is the economy of the future and will change the way we do business forever.Students will develop strategies on how to monetize their customer communities. Afternoon:
Six Key Performance Indicators in social media - The Return on Investment (ROI) and the Cost of Inaction (COI)gures. Six points of measurement from Circulation (number of followers) to Reach ( number of Shares) to Veloc
ity, Sentiment and so on. We look in depth at tools and analyse statistics and bottom line gures in social media.Students will know how to read or create a Social Media Measurement Report.

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