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Addendum 1 Farmers Market RFP

Addendum 1 Farmers Market RFP

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Published by: The Dallas Morning News on Apr 24, 2012
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Business Development & Procurement Services
1500 Marilla Street, Room 3FNDallas, Texas 75201-6390
Addendum No. 1
Date: April 23, 2012Bid Number: BDZ1223Bid Title:
Dallas Farmers Market Redevelopment
Bid Due Date and Time: May 16, 2012 @ 2:00 PMNEW ATTACHMENTS:
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS:Q: Is the City going to address foot traffic coming to the Farmers Market from The Bridge?
A: This is not part of this RFP.
Q: Are the developers required to purchase the buildings associated with the Dallas FarmersMarket?
A: The City is looking for creative solutions for the Dallas Farmers Market property. The RFPallows the bidder to recommend a solution that includes purchasing all, a portion or none of theFarmers Market property as long as other contingencies in the RFP are met, including the permanent reservation of a portion of the site for the public marketplace.
Q: Are there any restrictions to the sale of any of the land within the Dallas Farmers Marketsite?
A: There are outstanding bonds that financed improvements to Shed 2 and 3 at the Dallas FarmersMarket. Accordingly, there are restrictions limiting the use of those facilities for the public purposes and voted purposes of the bonds. It is possible to retire the outstanding bonds, as acomponent of the proposal, to void restrictions limiting the use of the bond funded facilities.
Q: Is there a survey of the property in the specifications?
A: It is included in the RFP (Exhibit D).
Q: Is the City looking for varied ideas related to the development of the Dallas Farmers
Rev. 1 - 3/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-115
A: The City is looking for a variety of options for maximizing taxable revenue from the site, whilemaintaining a public market operation. The City is interested in using the public market at theDallas Farmers Market as a catalyst for redevelopment of the entire site and will evaluate proposalson proposed future tenanting of the market and the rationale for the tenant mix, as well as overallredevelopment plans for the entire site.
Q: Will the City of Dallas be operating the Dallas Farmers Market?
A: The RFP allows for private operation or City operation of the Dallas Farmers Market.
Q: According to the specifications the City is wants to maintain ownership of 60,000 squarefeet of the Dallas Farmers Market. Where specifically is this space?
A: The RFP allows for flexibility on the use of the site. The desire is for the market component of the plan for the area creates a destination for Dallas residents, employees and visitors.
Q: Is the 60,000 square feet a flexible amount and is it negotiable?
A: The 60,000 square feet is a minimum.
Q: What is the current occupancy rate of the Dallas Farmers Market?
A: The stalls in the Dallas Farmers Market are licensed to vendors on a daily basis. Occupancyrates vary greatly.
Q: Does the Dallas Farmers Market track its annual visitors?
A: No.
Q: Why is the City putting out this RFP?
A: The City believes that the entire site can be better utilized and benefit from a master privatedeveloper for the site.
Q: Describe the amount of remaining General Obligation bond funds (2006) available foruse at the Dallas Farmers Market. Are there limits for the use of these funds?
A: $6.3 million in General Obligation Bond funds are available to be spent on the public marketcomponent of the project. Since these funds are public, all work, including design, must follow public bidding law and be related to public market and infrastructure improvements.
Q: Is the Dallas Farmers Market currently in compliance with TCEQ?
A: Yes, please see the new attachment TCEQ – Notice of Case Closure October 2011
Q: Discuss Revenue Procedure 97-13.
A: These rules apply if the market is to be operated publicly for the City under the currentownership arrangement. The City is willing to consider other management structures.
Q: Are there 3 acres deeded to the City with the stipulation that they be used for a FarmersMarket?
A: The City was unable to substantiate this statement and no such deed restriction was found.
Rev. 1 - 3/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-115
AddendumQ: What tax exempt bonds are included?
A: General obligation bond funds (2003) were used for improvements to Shed 2 and Shed 3. Asummary of these expenditures and related debt is shown below:
Farmer's Market Capital Improvements
April 13, 2012
2006 Bond
2003 Bond(shed #2)
CCT Capital(shed #3)
Proposition Amount
$6,635,000 $3,200,000 $9,835,000
$2,996,000 $3,200,000 $6,196,000
$3,170,498 $3,529,876 $388,334 $7,088,708
Actual Expenses (ITD)
Architectural Design $231,129 $472,947 $38,186 $742,262Building (construction, painting, lighting, testing)
$74,041 $2,675,023 $201,020 $2,950,084City Forces
$38,551 $71,091 $109,641Security Service
$16,948 $16,948Land Survey
$0 $17,400 $17,400Misc Expenses $10,079 $4,672 $14,751$370,748 $3,223,732 $256,606 $3,851,086Debt Service Transfer & Bond Expense
$175,682 $264,301 $0 $439,983
Total ITD
$546,430 $3,488,032 $256,606 $4,291,068
Q: Are all the reported losses for the Dallas Farmers Market related to the direct operationof the Dallas Farmers Market?
A: Yes
Q: Are there any payroll from the Convention Center included in the Dallas FarmersMarket operating budget?
A: Dallas Farmers Market is operated by the Convention Center. The budget only includesemployees that work directly on market operations. The City will provide a breakdown of payrolland operating budget.
Q: Are there any expenses adding to the reported Dallas Farmers Market losses that arecoming from other City departments?
A: No.
Q: What is the square footage of the management building?
A: The management building includes approximately 17,426 square feet. This information is inthe RFP packet (Exhibit D).
Q: What is the size of each rental stall space in the sheds?
A: 10 feet wide by 75 feet deep.
Q: When are the fees collected for stall rental?
A: Daily, in cash or by credit card.
Q: What is the square footage of the Shed 2?
A: 26,077, this information is in the RFP packet (Exhibit D).
Q: From direction do most of the visitors come to the Dallas Farmers Market?
A: The market draws customers from across Dallas. Primary access is from Harwood and Pearl.
Rev. 1 - 3/25/10Doc#BDPS-FRM-115

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