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Teen CDVS Brochure

Teen CDVS Brochure

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Published by bhcare

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Published by: bhcare on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love Shouldn’t Hurt!
but for many teens it does . . .
PO Box 148Ansonia CT 06401
(203) 789-8104or(203) 736-9944
We can help if you are in trouble.Love shouldn’t hurt.
When you’re in danger, trust your instincts, tryto get to a safe place and call for help.
Keep important phone numbers on hand tomake those calls. In an emergency, call 911 orthe local police immediately.
If you need to talk to someone, call one of the24 hour hotlines(203) 789-8104or(203) 736- 9944.
At school, contact your guidance counselor or atrusted teacher.
Select a code word to alert your family,teachers or friends. Use it when you need tocall for help.
If you know a classmate who is being abused,give that person this information
. Listen andhelp without judging or blaming them forbeing abused. Remember, it could happen toanyone.
If you know someone who is hurting another  person, ask yourself 
: do I want to be associatedwith an abuser? Is there a trusted adult I cantalk to?
IF YOU HAVE BEEN ABUSED,YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME.You are a worthwhile person.You deserve to be treated with respect.You do have power over your own life.You can decide what is best for you.You have the right to make mistakes.You have the right to change your mind.YOU ARE NOT ALONE.YOU CAN ASK OTHERS FOR HELP.
Adapted with permission from New York Anti-Violence Project, 2000.
: If you are intoxicated, you may not beable to say no or you may not understand whensomeone says no. Know your limits.
Rohypnol, aka Rooes, Rope, Rib, La Rocha,the Drop Pill
: When dissolved in a drink, it has notaste or smell. Twenty to thirty minutes after takingit, you get drowsy, fall asleep, lose inhibition andblack out.
GHB, aka GBH, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X
: A clear,odorless, liquid drug. Its salty taste is masked whenmixed with drinks. It decreases inhibitions, causesdrowsiness, a deep unresponsive sleep, and in manycases, exaggerated sexual feelings. It also can killwithout warning.
Ketamin, aka Special K, K
: A surgicalanesthetic that can be sniffed or injected. It cancause powerful hallucinations, out of bodyexperiences, vomiting, numbness andnear-death-like states.Phone a 24-hour hotline and talk to someone. Calls
Center for Domestic Violence Services:
(203) 789-8104or(203) 736-9944
Sexual Assault Crisis Service:
(888) 999-5545
Info hotline:

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