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Sustainable DC Vision Plan 2.2

Sustainable DC Vision Plan 2.2

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Published by Martin Austermuhle

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Published by: Martin Austermuhle on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    S   u    S   t   a   i   n   a   b   l   e   d    c
From mayor Vincent c. Gray 
This is a uniue time or ourcity. Ater decades o populationdecline, we have seen a soliddecade o population growthas people discover all that theDistrict o Columbia has to oer. In the 15 months aterthe 2010 Census, more than 16,000 new residentsmoved to the District, and all signs point to escalatinggrowth or years to come. As our population expands,we have an important decision to mae. We can taedecisive action now to ensure that our citiens—particularly the most vulnerable among us—beneftrom increasing innovation and amenities, a broadertax base, a growing and diversifed economy, anda wide range o new and accessible jobs. Or wecan ignore this opportunity, and allow historicgaps in education, income, housing and access totransportation to urther divide our city.The choice is clear. I believe we must plan or a citythat is sustainable—not just environmentally, buteconomically and socially as well. We must continueour investments to revitalie neighborhoods, expandtransportation choices, better our health, restorerivers and pars, and improve our schools. By settingambitious goals or our built environment, climate,energy, ood, nature, transportation, waste, water,and the green economy, we strengthen the District’scommitment to the core values o uality o lie,economic growth, and eual access to opportunity.With our vision or a sustainable city, and strategicaction to achieve our goals, we will be ready to attractemployers, investment, and job growth in existingfelds and emerging sectors o a green and competitiveeconomy. We also will ensure that the District is ahealthier, more livable place or our amilies to growand thrive or generations to come.With this in mind, I share my vision or a moresustainable uture—one that I hope you willembrace, and that we can all wor together toachieve:
In just one generation—20 years—theDistrict o Columbia will be the healthiest,greenest, and most livable city in the UnitedStates. An international destination or peopleand investment, the District will be a model oinnovative policies and practices that improvequality o lie and economic opportunity. Wewill demonstrate how enhancing our naturaland built environments, investing in a diverseclean economy, and reducing disparities amongresidents can create an educated, equitable andprosperous society.
It is critical that we start with a vision, but ourwor is ar rom over. Together, we must developan implementation plan that ensures we reach ourgoals. I as or your support and input as we wor with community volunteers, District agencies, andstaeholders citywide to crat detailed goals, actions,timelines, and measures o progress. Help us reachout to amily, riends, neighbors, and colleagues orinput and ideas. We need to now what you thin othis vision and how we all can help turn it into reality. Vincent C. GrayMayor, District o Columbia
In just one generation—20 years—the District o Columbia will bethe healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States. An international destination or people and investment, the Districtwill be a model o innovative policies and practices that improveuality o lie and economic opportunity. We will demonstrate howenhancing our natural and built environments, investing in a diverseclean economy, and reducing disparities among residents cancreate an educated, euitable and prosperous society.

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