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On Campus Smoking.. Reflection_d1

On Campus Smoking.. Reflection_d1

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Published by Sid Saboo

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Sid Saboo on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sid SabooEngl 106On Campus smoking- Solution or Problem?Coming here as a freshman last semester, this seemed a very student friendly campus.
Personally I don’t smoke, but I did appreciate the university understanding smoking as an
addiction andin few extreme casesa need for some people to get through the day. To think about it,providing students an area to smokewasanidealsolution that  wherestudents could go about enjoyinga cigarette between classes andgo carryalong theirideal dailyactivities. Each smoking area also had trashcans, benches and signposts that made it convenient forstudents to smoke without really littering the campus or also hiding and smoking in othervarious parts of the campus.DSA, short for Designated Smoking Area is Purdue
’s solution to tackle on
-campussmoking. The university in its vast campus has installed twenty-one smoking sites, which arecalculatedly spread out and provide areas for smokers to go out and enjoy a cigarette.What made me realize that this ideal solution was not really ideal was a comment from a
classmate, a freshman student Olivia Harderback. “It’s seven
thirty in the morning, and I’m
heading out to my chemistry lecture and as I walk through Matthew Hall, right as I am walking Iam enveloped in fr
ont of a cloud of smoke”. Well she’s right that her path to chemistry lecture
in Wetherill building is right in the way of Matthew DSA, and to avoid that she would have todeviate a block which is very uncomfortable on an early cold morning. Further what is moreupsetting is that Olivia is an asthmatic
, and even a little puff of smoke inhaled by her isextremely harmful for her body
. This incident got me thinking, are DSA’s a great idea after all?
 Forty-thousand is the class strength of Purdue University, and one can expect a decent 
amount of students to be smoking, but still there is a large percentage of students who don’t smoke which have to be accounted for. DSA’s though being a good measure have not been the
most well planned feature in the university. And to illustrate this, I want to take into
consideration two DSA’s in particular the one outside union and the one at Matthew Hall.
Web MD (2011*).
Smoking and Asthma
. Retrieved from: http://www.webmd.com/asthma/guide/ Smoking-and-asthma. 
CDC-Fact Sheet-Secondhand Smoke Facts-Smoking & Tobacco Use (March 21
, 2011).
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
. Retrieved from: http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics /fact_sheets/secondhand_smoke/general_facts/index.htm
Sid SabooEngl 106DSA at the union DSA at Matthew.
These DSA’s in particular a
re positioned in such an area, where maximum body of studentspass through at any hour of the day. The Union, which isthe heart of activities around campus,
and also alongside the largest library on campus (Hicks’s) is one of the paths walked by
hundreds every hour, and as can be seen in the picture these hundreds of walkers have to passthrough the DSAat every time they walk to that side of campus. Similarly at Matthews which is a building located around many other buildings like University, Math, Bearing and recitationlies in the path of many students, and is extremely inconvenient to walk through with manysmokers makingthat  theenvironment along the path, unpleasant. These two particular examples are to me a bad case of planning by the university.So why make these smoking zones. To fullybeable to understand this question it would bebetter to first answer why make smoking zones at all. Smoking in general has a stigma andtaboo against it and especially in relating to a body imparting education. Most of the studentsare young adults who want to live a healthy lifestyle and definitely that does not go withsmoking cigarettes. A research university like Purdue on one hand has spent millions of dollarson health research and significant amount would have definitely been on tobacco and relatedproducts. But why on the other hand are they encouraging smoking by making it legal to smoke
on campus. Was it the same half a century ago? The answer is no. Smoking then didn’t have so
much of a stigma as it has now, and educators used to many a times smoke while givinglectures. But with the increased knowledge of how smoking is related to Cancer and otherdiseases people have taken precautions to limit smoking and especially not encourage it. But the fact is people smoke. And increasing tax and more articles about the ill effects of smokingwill do little to deter smokers who crave cigarettes. That is why smoking zones are made to
allow those addicts a convenient location close to classes and around other university area’s to
be able to grab a cigarette.
Sid SabooEngl 106But should this come at a cost of inconvenience to non-smokers. In my opinion is no. Peoplelike Olivia should not bear consequences of people wanting to satisfy their craving for nicotineand tobacco. Mohammad Kayed another freshman at Purdue University challenges my opinion.
According to him “If the university did not provide smokers like me a smoking zones, we would
probably smoke anyways all around campus. These smoking zone are extremely convenient asthey are in close proximity to anywhere on campus. Imagine people littering and throwing their
cigarettes everywhere on campus, now that wouldn’t do the university any good, would it?”.
Coming back to these two smoking area’s at Matthew and Union, though badly placed we
realize we cannot just get rid of it as some people like Mohammad need a smoking zone, but thebest alternative one can offer is to shift the smoking zone to another site.
 The requirements of this other site has to be that it is close by to the previous two smokingzones, or else the purpose of investing in a new smoking zone will totally destroyed as peoplewould go and smoke anywhere around the campus because they do not want to walk a largedistance to smoke a cigarette. Also this smoking zone has to be located in a secluded area orelse another large group of non-smokers will be affected and this whole idea will be a problem.
As seen in the picture, Smith is an ideal location for our new smoking zone. It’s located just 
across the street from both these smoking zones
. And it’s a secluded place with few people
Purdue University (2010). Map of Designated Smoking Areas. Retrieved from: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/smokefree/map.htm 

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