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Min Past Continuous Lesson Plan

Min Past Continuous Lesson Plan

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Published by Vanessa Armand

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Published by: Vanessa Armand on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vanessa Armand
20 minute recorded mini lesson-individInternship for TESOL
Grammar LessonStudents description:
Mixed origin/L1 adults in an ESL course in the US; most likely a night class.
: lower intermediate;
way thru course.
: Grammar and Beyond 1. Reppen, R. 2012
Previous lesson
s: Students have learned and mastered simple past and past progressive tenses. The previouslesson focused on introducing and practicing the past progressive. Ss are familiar with [vocab], and have beenexposed to [some of] the conjunctions revisited in this lesson.
This lesson: Review of past continuous tense and use of past simple vs progressive tenses instorytelling.Objectives:
Students will be able to tell a story using a combination of the simple past to expressactions begun and finished at a point in time [and as an interrupting action], and past continuous to expressongoing action [scene-setting action]. They will be able to introduce the appropriate use of these tensesthrough their use of the target conjunctions and/or indicator phrases.----------------
FOCUS FORMS: Use of past perfect vs. past continuous
Part of lesson
Time Description of Activity Skill Inter-actionMaterialsneededPotential problems/solution
Lead in
Intro1minVideo2m30Brain-Storm30 secFlash mob video:www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwMj3PJDxuo -We will be reviewing Past Contin.& talking about how it works withthe simple past.-Watch a video. Take notes: what ppl do.-Brainstorm as class about someactions—write it on board
talking on cell phone,running to train, sitting on ground,talking, walking, staring,wondering, looking around,eating,taking pics, pointing, tying[shoe],trying [to drive]
stopped, pushed, dropped [papers], froze, moved, clapped,cheered, started [walking again]
 LWT-SsT-SsComputer,internetaccess,soundoutputSs paper/pensP: Video inputmight not work  S: backup activityP:Ss might notcome up withenough variancein vocab
30 sec30 sec30 sec30 sec1 min4 min-Draw 3 columns on board. In leftcolumn, write “past progressive”-Elicit review of Past Progressiverules; T writes rules in column.
 SUBJ +“be” in the past + MAIN verb+ -ing 
 S + MV inthe past+...
-T elicits simple past & rules;write in 3
columnT draws PP continuum on boardw/SP interruption, explains ”(p300 Grammar & Beyond 1)-T gives 1 example.-In pairs, Ss create 2 sentencesw/Train Station vocab. per column-Ss come to board to writesentences; review all together- Ssread their sentencesL, R S, R WL, R,S, WR, L,ST-SsT-Ss/S-SWhite board/Markers
2 min1 min3 minGive Ss Eclipse story (has thesimple past and past continuoustense conjugations next to eachother) Ss have to choose whichform is appropriate in the context.Pay attn to “when”
Who needs more time?
Correct as class;
?R,WST-SsCopies for Ss of Eclipsestory or similar story
FreerPractice II/Follow upOral storytelling build:Late for Work, Again!
T and Ss sit in circle; class jointlytells a story; S1 begins and next person continues around circle.Each S chooses 2 slips. Cards havesentence structures on them that Smust use in his/her turn.
Prompt: John is famous at theoffice for missing work. His bosstold him last time that if hemissed work again without agood excuse, he would be fired.Now, he has to convince his bossthat it was impossible to get towork yesterday.
-tell the story that he told his bossS, L,S-S Indicationslips of  paper 

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