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Published by: api-141398168 on Apr 24, 2012
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Justin Cross MidtermCharlie Sheen: Public Relations Genius?
In the dizzying, nothing is left private world of TMZ, social networks,
” journalism,
reality television and the D-list
“celebrities” they spawn
, it is no wonder an individual can act
strange (being polite) and make millions of dollars. If you are in the public eye and you don’thave a sex tape and you’re not trending on Twitter, then your public relations staff isn’t doing
their job. Ask Charlie Sheen.Sheen became the train wreck the world
couldn’t turn away from.
Sheen was the booger
peeking from your friend’
s nose and he/she
didn’t have that “booger friend.”
As fast as you canblink, it seemed like Sheen was creating fresh, yet outlandish terms and phrases. The worldwas waiting to see, hear and Tweet about what Charlie did and
said next. A few of Sheen’
smore memorable quotes from his various public interviews are:"I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-
winning.” "Look at me, duhhh." “Winn
” "I am on
a drug. It's calledCharlie Sheen. It's not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your
children will weep over your exploded body." “I got tiger blood, man.”
“Dying is for fools, dying
for amateurs." “I mean, what's not to love? Especially when you see how I party man, it's
epic. The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them, just look like droopy-eyed, armless children." "I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a 7-year-old. That'show I describe myself."
If those aren’t reassuring about the
mental stability of a human, not sure what is. Some of theabove quotes were marketed brilliantly into Sheen swag. What is the eventual outcome of mental instability in the glamour life of a Hollywood star? Money.Naturally, tee-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, even a Sheen-esque Halloween costumewere available for purchase. So, there is this high profile celebrity spouting the weirdest,strangest, dumbest, most ridiculous things, and subsequently backing the hypothetical Brinkstruck to his Beverly Hills mansion. Winning!Charlie was not only becoming richer and richer while obviously falling apart mentally, hisromantic life was worthy of a reality show and its very own Wikipedia page. Sheen hadgoddesses. Yes, plural. Some male celebrities are known for being a regular Casanova; see
George Clooney or Derek Jeter. But the “Cloon
dog” and “Jeets” do things the right way. They
date the most beautiful, successful women in the world, but neither drop to one knee and theystay away from bad publicity and the tabloids.
As for Sheen and his “Adonis DNA”, (wait, what?!) he has been married and divorced three
times with five children. Some of the antics in S
heen’s past relationships include restraining
orders, accidently shooting one of his fiancés in the arm, accused of participating in a well-known escort agency ran by Heidi Fleiss and dating numerous adult film stars. Salt of the earth.Charlie Sheen
sudden takeover of the world began February 14, 2011 on The Dan Patrickradio show. For purposes of this midterm I will begin the focus on a series of interviews Charlie
Sheen did with sports radio host Dan Patrick. Sheen’s distinctive in
terviews were strange,sporadic and must-listen radio.Sheen originally joined the radio show to talk about two things. First, he wanted to discuss hisrecent, unique pep talk to the UCLA college baseball team. The self-
proclaimed “Warlock”
eccentrically announced
stay away from crack, drink chocolate milk.
Truly words everyoneshould live by.Sheen continued with the crack talk. He went on to tell Dan Patrick and the assuminglyconfused and entertained radio audience to stay away from crack; unless of course you cancontrol it socially. Clearly a positive suggestion from a modern day prophet.The second topic of discussion between Dan and Sheen was his recent issues
and subsequentpublic battle and firing-- with his boss at CBS on the ratings bonanza television sitcom
Two and a Half Men.
Sheen was the highest paid actor on television, banking nearly two-million perepisode. After a few insults and jokes directed at Chuck Lorre, Sheen was left unemployed. Noteven the outrageous sum of money could sober Sheen.
The Valentine’
s Day interview was separated into two segments by a previously scheduledcommercial break; just as Mr. Patrick began to squirm
over Sheen’s comments. The first
question to Sheen post-commercial was if Sheen heard from his public relations team during
the break. Sheen is heard chuckling and responds with “My phone actually exploded, caughtfire…I guarantee you there is a firestorm
coming, Dan.”
Sheen goes on to reveal he was sober for nearly a dozen years but became bored. Sheendescribes his first drink during this particular relapse (one of many) as sublime as a first hugwith a great friend. Makes sense to do drugs and drink alcohol to escape boredom. Andeveryone enjoys a nice embrace with a friend.Sheen called in to speak with Patrick again two days later to clarify some of his controversialcomments. Sheen began the interview ironing out his relationship with
Two and a Half Men
creator and now former boss, Chuck Lorre. Sheen was amazingly coherent and believable; even
while hinting he doesn’t remember the interview from
only 48 hours ago. Suffers from short-term memory loss, I guess. At the time Sheen was confident he would fulfill his sitcom contractto CBS even though he regularly showed up to the set on very little sleep. He emphaticallyinsisted he never showed up to the set of 
under the influence of alcohol or any otherdrugs.Mr. Sheen decided to make one more phone appearance on The Dan Patrick Show three weekslater on March 9
. At this point, Sheen was let go from
Two and Half Men
and the media was
smitten with Sheen’
s antics. He was now filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against Lorre andWarner Brothers Studio. The suit was later settled and the two parted ways.Sheen told Dan Patrick 94 percent of the media blitz was because of his appearances on theradio show. This is where the infamous Charlie Sheen-Media infatuation began, Sheensuggested. Sheen claimed he was working out vigorously (goddesses, anyone?) while droppingclues at his own crack and marijuana consumption. Sheen interrupted the interview to relay tothe audience that the FedEx delivery person was at his door to deliver
“a lighter.”
Surely it wasa Bic. He quickly played it off as a joke.For the most part, t
he words exciting Sheen’s mouth
are, for a lack of a more intellectualphrase, oddly confused. He jumped from topic to unrelated topic and said things no normalperson even thinks of. Was it all a ploy? A public relations stunt? Or was Sheen really on a drugbinge that left his mind on another planet? Either way, the actor on the self-proclaimed
“Charlie Sheen drug” was a hot topic
of conversation and was the most coveted interview for allforms of mass media.
Before looking at whether Sheen’s
abnormal behavior was handled appropriately by his publicrelations team, who is Charlie Sheen? He is actually an established, accomplished movie star.

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