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DISD Office of the Inspector General Proposal

DISD Office of the Inspector General Proposal

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Apr 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Charter Dallas Independent School District Office of the Inspector GeneralPreamble
The Dallas Independent School District shall establish an Office of the Inspector General that will report directly to the audit committee of the Board of the Trustees andwill be responsible for (1) ensuring district-wide compliance with Federal and State andgrant requirements, (2) managing all internal audit functions, and (3) overseeing aninvestigative Office of Professional Responsibility. Because the Dallas IndependentSchool District is required to abide by a broad array of federal, state and local laws, andis dependent on funding from various governmental sources, it is critical that the internalaudit, compliance and investigatory functions be centralized into an integrated,coordinated and robust function that will ensure accountability throughout theorganization.
I. Creation of the Office of the Inspector General
There is hereby created for the Dallas Independent School District (the “
”) an Office of the Inspector General (the “
II. Purpose
The purpose of the OIG is:1. to provide for an independent and objective reporting mechanismregarding accounting, compliance and ethical violations directly to theDallas ISD Board of Trustees (the “
”);2. to conduct and supervise audits, reviews and analyses relating to theinternal controls, programs, operations, and contracts of Dallas ISD;3. to detect, investigate, and prevent fraudulent, wasteful or unethicalbehavior by Dallas ISD employees or vendors doing business with theDallas ISD;4. to ensure compliance with applicable policies, procedures, Federal andState laws, and regulations and grants through ongoing and rigorousmonitoring;5. to conduct an annual enterprise-wide risk assessment;
6. to provide the Board and Dallas ISD management with independentanalyses, evaluations, and appraisals of performance effectiveness,accuracy of information systems, economic and efficient utilization of resources, and adequacy of internal controls; and7. to keep the Board and management informed of issues and deficienciesrelating to compliance with applicable policies, procedures, Federal andState laws, regulations and grants, and the need and status of anyappropriate corrective action.
III. Appointment and Removal of the Inspector General
 The Inspector General shall be recommended by the Board’s audit committee(the “
Audit Committee
”) and appointed by the Board to serve a three year term,which may be extended for only one additional two year period. No additionalextensions or renewals will be allowed. The terms of the Inspector General’semployment shall be described in an employment contract between the Inspector General and Dallas ISD. The Inspector General’s compensation shall bedetermined by the Audit Committee, and shall be reviewed annually.The Inspector General may be removed from his or her position prior to the endof their term only for cause, which term shall be defined in the Inspector General’s employment contract. The Board of Trustees may only consider thetermination of the Inspector General prior to the expiration of his or her term upona motion unanimously approved by the Audit Committee. Upon such motion, avote by a majority of the Board shall be required to terminate the Inspector General’s employment.
IV. Authority of the Inspector General
The Office of the Inspector General is authorized:1. to have full, free, and prompt unrestricted access to all Dallas ISD employees,records, reports, audits, reviews, plans, projections, documents, files,contracts, memoranda, correspondence, data, or information onaudio/video/computer tape/disk, or other materials of Dallas ISD;2. to administer oaths or affirmations, take testimony and compel the productionof such books, papers, records and documents as may be deemed relevantto any inquiry or investigation undertaken, including with respect to vendorsdoing business with the Dallas ISD;
3. to select, appoint, employ and terminate such officers and employees as maybe necessary to carry out the functions, powers, and duties of the OIG;4. to the extent and in such amounts as may be approved by the Board,pursuant to the rules, regulations, and applicable procurement policies, toenter into contracts and other arrangements for audits, investigations, studies,analyses, and other services with public agencies and with private persons tocarry out the duties and responsibilities of the OIG;5. to have direct and prompt access to any Dallas ISD Trustee, officer,employee, or contractor, as may be necessary to carry out the duties andresponsibilities of the OIG;6. to place employees of the Dallas ISD on unpaid leave, subject to approval bythe Audit Committee and compliance with any applicable Board policy, if suchemployee fails to comply with a request for information within five businessdays of such request made in writing by the Office of the Inspector General;and7. to make available to appropriate law enforcement officials information andevidence which relate to criminal acts that may be obtained in the course of OIG duties.
V. Structure of the Office of the Inspector General
The Inspector General shall supervise all personnel within the OIG. Allpersonnel employed in the OIG shall be non-contract employees and will serveon an at-will basis. The Inspector General shall have exclusive authority todetermine compensation for all employees within the OIG, subject to necessaryapprovals under relevant Board policy, and shall be responsible for establishment of appropriate employee review procedures.The Inspector General shall directly supervise three Assistant Inspectors General(each an “
”) and the Counsel for the Inspector General. The AIGs shall be:1. The AIG for Internal Audit;2. The AIG for Investigations; and3. The AIG for Compliance.The duties for each AIG and the Counsel for the Inspector General shall bedetailed in a job description approved by the Inspector General.
VI. Complaints by Employees and Reprisals

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