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Revised His Essay

Revised His Essay

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Published by Libby Back

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Published by: Libby Back on Apr 25, 2012
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Libby Back Mr. BorreroENGL 1102April 23, 2012
AIDS: America’s Epidemic
AIDS has been an important issue in America for two decades. There are many ways thatAIDS are viewed such as; medically, politically, socially, and ethically. While the news is full of people in America in wars, politics, and in disease,
many are unaware about how their lives’
could be affected by this disease. According to the researchers at cdc.gov (Center of DiseaseControl and Prevention),
Approximately 40,000 new HIV infections occur each year in theUnited States, about 70 percent among men and 30 percent among women. Of these newly
infected people, half are younger than 25 years of age”
.(CDC) This paper is to inform you aboutAIDS, the political involvement in treating it, the effects of HIV on a pregnant woman, thepsychological events that occur, and the social stigmas involved.
(CDC, cdc.gov)HIV and AIDS
are two different things. AIDS is a disease is that is caused by the humanimmunodeficiency virus (HIV). The virus is so dangerous because it attacks the immune system,making it virtually impossible for it to fight off any infections. It especially attacks T-helpercells: a white blood cell that is imperative in keeping the immune system resistant against foreignanti-bodies. Another terrible detail about this disease is that
progressive. It can worsen andbecome more severe over time. The end result this progressive disease being AcquiredImmunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS. AIDS is caused by the HIV disease being untreated, for aprolonged amount of time. This process can be quickened from malnourishment or excessiveillegal drug abuse
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AIDS is one of the epidemics most associated with social stigmas and rumors. Forexample, people were afraid that kissing, touching, or hugging someone infected could transferthe virus. Another is that only gay men can get the disease, or that they are the cause of it. This isentirely untrue. It was first discovered in Africa in the year 1884, which is when the virus wastransferred from apes to humans. It was then passed around from sexual intercourse in Africa andarrived in the United States about forty years ago.The most common way of being infected with HIV is through sexual intercourse(homosexual, heterosexual, oral, vaginal, or anal). Other ways are injecting drugs, mother tochild transmission, blood transfusions, and unsterilized needles in tattoos/piercings. ProfessorCantwell from Stanford University presented this in an online journal
In the first years of AIDS,the epidemic was largely ignored by the government and the disease was blamed on gay analsex, drugs, and promiscuity. Gays were immediately labeled "high risk.
(Cantwell) This causeda negative social stigma that is still associated with gay HIV/AIDS victims. (AIDS in America,uts.cc.utexas.edu)When AIDS was first documented it was often referred to as GRID (gay-related immunedeficiency.) This is because the first cases were found in gay men, or injecting drug users. Thepeople in America were not empathetic at all towards the gay community or the drug abusers.The news stories, however objective they tried to be seemed to intentionally give a slant on thedisease (HIV/AIDS). Many were stressing that it was only found in homosexuals and that theywere dying from it. Other stories about how you could contract AIDS by simply huggingsomeone infected went around.
While the government assured that the general public wouldn’t
be at risk for contradicting HIV, they did nothing to help those who suffered.
It wasn’t until 1983
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that AIDS spread to the middle-class women and children of America.
It also wasn’t until 1983
that the government took it upon themselves to federally take care of the affected.
 From the 1980s until 2003, hundreds of thousands of dollars were given to researchgroups and hospitals to help find a cure or treatments for AIDS. Now there are dozens of different medications available to treat AIDS. The most popular would be highly activeantiretroviral therapy (HAART). However, there are many of the different medications that needto be taken at once, usually referred to as a drug cocktail. For all of the different medicationsmost of not covered by Medicare, and are extremely expensive (ranging from $300-to about$10500) to pay out of pocket. This makes it difficult for low-income families to afford treatment.
Like any other medications, there are side effects; nausea, vomiting, headaches,Lipodystrophy (fat loss or gain), and/ or rashes. The medication available today is still relativelynew. It took many years to receive government involvement.Now after decades of the AIDS epidemic it is now women and children that face theblunt of this disease. This is caused by mother to child transmission (MTCT). HIV can be passedon through pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor, and delivery. The chance of passing the virus to thefetus can be dropped from 25% to less than 2% by treatment and intervention. Unfortunately,
mother is poor areas won’t always have access to medical treatment
and facilities. If they do,they will then be given an option of getting the HIV test. Many mothers surprisingly opt-out of this test because they are afraid they will lose support of her family, spouse, and community if she were to test positive. This is usually the circumstances that put women into the difficultdecision of abortion or giving birth to a high-risk baby.
 The government finally stepped up and created The
President’s Emergency Plan for 
AIDS Relief (PEPfAR)
was created 2003 by President Bush and initially started small. But as

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