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Inquriy Paper Final Draft

Inquriy Paper Final Draft

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Published by csande34

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Published by: csande34 on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sanders 1
Michael SandersProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1102Date: April 4, 2012Self-assessmentI think that this paper was really well written compared to past papers. This has to bethe first time I feel like I did an actual research paper. After I had finished my first draft I reallydid not think it would need as much revision as I did. After I fully read through my paper Inoticed many errors that were so obvious. The peer workshop helped me find many of theseerrors and suggested many things that helped enhance my paper. Overall I find that my peerworkshops really helped and I was able to revise and edit many things. This has to most thoughtI have put into revising a paper but I have to say that it feels like it really paid off.
Sanders 2
Michael SandersProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1102Date: April 4, 2012Identity Theft: Why do they do it and what are its affects?In the past Identity Theft was not considered a major crime even though it washappening to thousands of people. Identity theft has grown a lot over the years and nowpeople are more aware than ever. Identity theft is a major crime that involves someone stealing
someone else’s identity. This crime can literally destroy the victim’s life. What would you do if 
all of you
hard work and hard earned money is taken away from you within a matter of seconds? That is a question you all should be thinking about because if your identity is taken
and you don’t do anything to get it back then it is gone for good
or until the thieves decide theyare done with it. It is always best to act as soon as you see any signs of identity theft happeningto you.Identity thieves are capable of getting to others personal information in many differentways. One of the easiest and fastest ways for the thieves to get your personal informationwould be through the internet. Identity thieves set out many traps on the internet that they useto trick people into giving them their personal information. One method they use is called
“phishing” and what they do is send out emails for different people t
hat look like emails fromtrustworthy sources and they try to trick the users into giving out their personal information. To
Sanders 3
defend yourself from this scam, it is best if you pay close attention to what emails you areopening and viewing. If you notice anything suspicious, like the senders email looks similar to apersonal email, then it is more than likely a person trying to trick you into giving them yourinformation.
Web. 4 April 2012.It can be real easy to fall into these traps that I talked about because sometimes it ishard to spot them. I myself have fell victim to one of these traps and one thing I have to say is,always be on the lookout for suspicious emails. What had happened was I was having aproblem with a product I bought online and I had contacted the company through an email andwas waiting for a response. I had done this before so I knew that I had to give them my creditcard information. Later on that day I had received an email from what I thought was thecompany saying that I was missing some information so they could not help me yet. I sent themanother email with my information on it, but guess what it was not them. I found out thisbecause minutes later the actual company had responded back. I was a little worried because Iknow what I had just did, I had given the thieves all of my cards information. I knew that thefirst thing to do was to call my bank and cancel my card. I was in a very serious situation and

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