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11D DT Influence INV 14mauritss

11D DT Influence INV 14mauritss

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Published by Maurits Schulze

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Published by: Maurits Schulze on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maurits Schulze 11D
Design Brief 
Many people in today‟s world carry around countless valuables with them every day; from
cell phones to coins, from iPods to cufflinks. Often, when these people come home fromwork or from school, they just randomly place these valuable objects where it is mostconvenient for them, and in some cases forget where that was. This causes unnecessary stress,and is simply annoying. My design will be influenced by Philippe Starck. Even though none
of Starck‟s products really deal with this problem, I find his slee
k, elegant and modernsdesigns very aesthetically pleasing, and will look to incorporate them into the final product.The target audience for this task will be basically anybody who carries around manyvaluables with them every day; students, people working in offices, teachers etc.
 AOI Statement:
My problem relates to Human Ingenuity, because I am planning on creating a product thatwill solve an everyday problem. Many people, including myself, often misplace theirvaluables, or store them in places where they cannot find them the next day. This can be verystressful and annoying, and can even cause bigger issues (if an object such as the passport ismisplaced). My product will solve this problem by organizing the different valuables
Designer Research:
The designer I selected
to influence me is Philippe Starck. Starck makes industrial designproducts ranging from chairs to dumbbells, perfumes, showers and motorcycles. I choseStarck, because I am fond of the way he designs his products
i.e. the design is very sleek,simple, elegant and modern. The shapes and colors arevery clean and Starck uses a variety of materials, fromplastics/acrylics to high-end woods and metals. I alsolike the way Starck combines different materials (suchas wood and metal) in some of his designs, and managesto still make it look aesthetically pleasing. Starck is stillalive today, so most of his designs are quite modern,and some even focus on rising technologies. An
example of this is the „FREEBOX REVOLUTION V6‟
which is a device that contains a freebox player and aserver.
Maurits Schulze 11D
As it can be observed in the image pasted above and in the
image below, Starck‟s designs usually are not too extravagant
but still very popular. They also serve a purpose, and deal withproblems that not many designers have dealt with (such as thepressing of a lemon).
Initial Specifications
be in the shape of a square
be made out of at least two different materials
One of these materials
be one type of wood
make use of at least one type of joint
be made out of acrylic and one type of wood
be able to hold 3 of the 4 valuable items
wallet, coins, cell phone, passport
look modern, sleek, simple and elegant
I.e. incorporate some of Philippe Starck‟s styles
not have too many extravagant colors
show the different nails and screws as this matches the industrial design
Guiding Questions
Will my product be made of wood?Will my product be made of acrylic?Will my product be made of more than one material?
Will my product be able to hold more than 2 valuable items?Will the product function properly?
Maurits Schulze 11D
Will the product solve the problem or make it even more complicated?Will the function hinder aesthetics?
Will my product look aesthetically pleasing?Will the product have a paint job/will it be polished/varnished?
Will my product incorporate certain aspects of Starck‟s designs?
 Will the aesthetics hinder function?
Target Audience:
Who is my target audience?Will the target audience appreciate my product?Does my target audience need my product?Is my target audience composed of mostly males or mostly females?
Research Plan
# Type Primary/secondary Quantitative/Qualitative Description1 Materials Both Both Internetresearch, look around inworkshop2 Ergonomics Both Qualitative Internetresearch,existingproductsresearch3 ExistingProductsSecondary Both Internetresearch,magazines,products inown home4 TargetAudiencePrimary Qualitative Survey

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