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QP Digital Image Processing

QP Digital Image Processing

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Published by kalpanaa563
question paper
question paper

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Published by: kalpanaa563 on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Digital image processingDC-712 ASSIGNMENT 1
Explain various functional block of digital image processing2.
Briefly explain the elements of human visual system.3.
Describe image formation in the eye with brightness adaptation anddiscrimination.4.
Explain in detail the different separable transforms.5.
Discuss the DFT and FFT.6.Explain in detail about the KL and DW transform with examples.7.Discuss the properties and applications of 1)Hadamard transform2)Hotelling transform.8.Explain the Hadamard transform matrices Hn and also itsproperties?9.Define Haar Transform. Derive the same for n=8. What are itsproperties?10.What are Image Sharpening filters? Explain the various types of it?11.Discuss the image smoothing filter with its model in the spatialdomain.12.Discuss in detail about median filtering low pass filters and high passfilters.13.Explain Weiner smoothing filter and its relation with inversefiltering and diffracted limited systems.14.Explain Huffman coding algorithm giving a numerical example.
 15.Write short note on:(a) JPEG standard and MPEG standard(b)
blind image restoration(c)
Gray level interpolation
Digital image processingDC-712 ASSIGNMENT 2
1.Explain in detail about the color model and color enhancement.2.Explain the segmentation techniques that are based on findingthe regions directly?3.How is line detected? Explain through the operators?4.Explain the concept of Template Matching and AreaCorrelation?5.Explain the two techniques of region representation?6.Explain the Constrained Least Square filtering?7.What is the relation between Edge Linking and BoundaryDetection? Discuss the three approaches for Edge Linking?8.Discuss the Diagonalization of circulant and Block circulantmatrices.

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