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Stanford Law Catalog 2012

Stanford Law Catalog 2012

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New and forthcoming books in Law
New and forthcoming books in Law

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Stanford University Press on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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University Press
New and Forthcoming Titles from Stanford University Press
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u.s. Law a cr
Copyraud andOther Abuseso IntellectualProperty Law 
Jason Mazzone
Intellectual property law in theUnited States does not work welland it needs to be reormed—butnot or the reasons given by mostcritics. Rather, the primary prob-lem is overreaching by thosewho abuse intellectual property law by claiming stronger rightsthan the law actually gives them.Tis is the rst book to examineoverreaching as a distinct prob-lem and to show how to solve it.
“Makes a crucial contributionto a ramework or shoring upthe governance o bits in thedigital age. The ormidablepowers o intellectual propertyshould be matched by properpolicing o its boundaries.
—Jonathan Zittrain,Harvard University 
“Masterully shows the aston-ishing ways in which contentindustries misuse their intel-lectual property rights—andhow to rein them in. A mustread or anyone who caresabout the uture o creativity.
—Jimmy Wales,Founder of Wikipedia
312 pp., 20119780804760065 Cloth $27.95
$22.36 sale
Table of Contents
U.S. Law and Courts ........2-3Law and Society ................4-7International andComparative Law............8-10Jurisprudence andLegal History ...................10-11
Exam Copy Policy .........................6Ordering .............................................7
Felony Murder
Guyora Binder
Felony Murder 
is the rstbook on this controversiallegal doctrine. It shows thatelony murder liability restson a simple and powerul idea:that the guilt incurred in at-tacking or endangering oth-ers depends on one’s reasonsor doing so. Inicting harmis wrong, and doing so or abad motive—such as robbery,rape, or arson—aggravatesthat wrong. In presenting thisidea, Guyora Binder criticizesprevailing academic theorieso criminal intent or trying topurge criminal law o moral judgment. Ultimately, Bindershows that elony murder lawhas been and should remainlimited by its justiying aims.
“Dismantles a mythologicalhistory that has long shapedcriminal law teaching andanchored modern criminallaw theory, opening a pathto a undamentally new wayo understanding the role o criminal law in contempo-rary society. Truly one o theoutstanding contributions tocriminal law theory in our time.”
—Jonathan Simon,University of California, Berkeley 
Critical Perspectives on Crime and Law
368 pp., 20129780804755368 Paper $29.95
$23.96 sale
9780804755351 Cloth $90.00
$72.00 sale
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u.s. Law a cr
Te Failed Promiseo Originalism
Frank Cross
Te primary point o the book isan examination o the degree towhich originalism inuences theCourt’s decisions. Frank B. Crosstests this by examining whetheroriginalism appears to constrainthe ideological preerences o the justices, which are a demon-strable predictor o their decisions.Ultimately, he nds that howevertheoretically appealing origi-nalism may seem, the changedcircumstances over time andlack o reliable evidence meansthat its use is indeterminate andmeaningless. Originalism can beselectively deployed or manipu-lated to support and legitimizeany decision desired by a justice.
232 pp., 20129780804783828 Cloth $40.00
$32.00 sale
Te Teory andPractice o Statutory Interpretation
Frank B. Cross
248 pp., 16 tables, 15 fgures, 20099780804785235 Paper $24.95
$19.96 sale
9780804759120 Cloth $50.00
$40.00 sale
Without Fearor Favor
Judicial Independenceand JudicialAccountability inthe States
G. Alan arr
Te impartial administrationo justice and the account-ability o government ocialsare two o the most strongly held American values. Yetthese values are oen in directconict with one another.At the national level, the U.S.Constitution resolves the ten-sion between these two valuesin avor o judicial indepen-dence. But at the state level,debate has continued as to theproper balance between judi-cial independence and judicialaccountability. In this volume,arr ocuses squarely on thatdebate. In part, the analysis ishistorical: how have the reign-ing conceptions o judicial in-dependence and accountability emerged. In part, the analysis istheoretical: what is the properunderstanding o judicial inde-pendence and accountability?
Law, Politics, and the Media
320 pp., 20129780804760409 Paper $27.95
$22.36 sale
9780804760393 Cloth $85.00
$68.00 sale
What’s Law Gotto Do With It?
What Judges Do,Why Tey Do It,and What’s at Stake
Edited by Charles Gardner Geyh
“Tat political scientists andlaw proessors bring distinctapproaches to the study o  judging is inevitable. Tat thetwo are mutually inorma-tive—not mutually exclu-sive—is just as undeniable,as this volume admirably demonstrates. A great read.”
—Lee Epstein,Northwestern University 
Law, Politics, and the Media
376 pp., 4 tables, 13 fgures, 20119780804775335 Paper $27.95
$22.36 sale
9780804775328 Cloth $85.00
$68.00 sale
All Judges ArePolitical—ExceptWhen Tey Are Not
AcceptableHypocrisies andthe Rule o Law 
Keith J. Bybee
The Cultural Lives of Law
192 pp., 20109780804753128 Paper $19.95
$15.96 sale
9780804753111 Cloth $55.00
$44.00 sale

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