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Sem Proposal - Gamification of Student Support

Sem Proposal - Gamification of Student Support

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Published by Rtoes

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Published by: Rtoes on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Using Game Dynamics to Support Peer Tutors and Advisors at SPSCCA Proposal for Student Achievement Initiative FundsR. McKinnon, B. Chapman, & A. Molenda
: $15,000 for consulting services to assess current practice and create a plan toimplement an integrated tutoring/advising/achievement system at SPSCC.
: This proposal explores a holistic approach to a number of strategies that have beenidentified by the college in the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
: Tutoring, advising, and achievement are three critical features of academicsupport that are currently unconnected on our campus. The college has identified a number ofstrategies that are targeted at increasing student engagement and retention by developing amore integrated experience for students that includes peer interaction, community learning,virtual communication, compelling visuals, and incentives for achievement. The presentproposal addresses the following strategies:
Expand tutoring:
Establish peer assisted study sessions.
Develop certificates of achievement or proficiency within existing programs:
Promote the availability and advantage of pursuing certificate completions.
Create opportunities for students to participate in integrative learning experiences:
Offer a learning community experience connected to college-level math courses 
Provide students with multiple tools and venues to move toward degree completion:
Expand online and hybrid offerings.
Provide students with multiple tools and venues to move toward degree completion:
Re- design program planning guides to create a consistent, graphic, student-oriented look.
Provide “success incentives” for students to continue to graduation:
Develop certificates of achievement or proficiency within existing programs where appropriate.
Provide “success incentives” for students to continue to graduation:
Promote the advantage of pursuing certificate and degree completions.
: The approach that we’d like to explore implements the above strategies in a
coordinated fashion through the development of a system for acknowledging studentachievement with the use of game dynamics such as badges, levels of mastery, peerrecognition, and increased responsibility. For example, students who had completed logicalunits
of the curriculum (e.g., algebra I, II, & III) would be awarded a “Green Belt” in “Math
 (viz. Kung-Fu). The affects of such an award would be manifold: it would strengthen theintrinsic motivation that students have with a small extrinsic reward, thereby incentivisingproficiency and achievement; it would provide an opportunity for service within the learningcommunity by creating a pool of students that could be drawn upon as peer tutors and advisors;students would gain experience in leadership that they would be able to demonstrate on aresume or application to a 4-yr. college; and, perhaps most importantly, it would unify thecolleges approach to supporting and advising students on their academic pathways. Thefollowing is an example of how this system might be used (note: this example focuses on math,but would include other disciplines as well):
 Scene #1
: Carol is a student in Math 100; she notices on a flyer that there are peer tutoringopportunities for students that have reached the Green Belt level in Math-
Fu (viz. “Kung

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