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Published by Chris Baldwin

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Published by: Chris Baldwin on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do we thinklooking at the sea or ocean, "here is an obstacle to other lands" and "what now?"I sat there asking myself questions whilst waiting for Curly, Cheryl and Jojo.Do we think of new possibilities recently unveiled to us.Do we think of distress messages in bottles with no return address.Do we think of underwater volcanoes and quivering fault lines. Do we think of theamoebas there.Do we think of giant waves coming in and how to survive them. On the incomingtsunami do we see a woman surfing a rooftop holding her dog under arm, a newhero of our time or a hellish vision of someone else's life whilst reflecting on ourown.Do we think of erosion. Will the sea take us one day? Do we think of friction. Do wethink of the waves splashing on our backs while making love.Do we think of it rising up all at once, teetering over the door and gushing down onus as we enter the room.Do we think of the broken washer, the dripping tap.Do we think of the Moon not honouring a return and imagine our horror at findinghere only a dry basin of scorched weeds, plants, flaking dust and fish scalesglistening rebelliously. Moonlit.
Do we think of Cheryl's child's child's child's child's future, when our Sun expandsand our water boils off into the Universe. Does the child say about the fish, "If theycould only fly in air as they did in water" or does it scream for stick of rock.Do we think of the expanding Universe, Cheryl's belly, our population, the boombefore the crunch.Do we think of the gap between Jojo's eyes being larger than most, much like thegap between our own eyes and do we then think if we had children would their eyesbe even further apart, if not on the side of their head. Fish-like.Do we think how much closer Cheryl's eyes are than most, and not only howattractive this is but also how our child with Cheryl could have a gap between theireyes which would cause no one to consider the distance between them. Do we thinkof Jojo's bad temper and questionable decision making.Do we think of Curly, feet deep, trousers and sleeves rolled, hands on hips staringout, thinking what we are thinking and acting like he owns all this. Like this is hisrightful place.Do we think of his back being splashed as he makes love to Cheryl. How closetogether are his eyes? Do we think of fish people flipping their bodies to shore andmaking love and the splash on their backs and their eyes rolling in their sockets inecstasy before evolving them to not only a distance effective for perception of thedepth of the world on land, but also for ordering chips, without the snigger.Do we recall and choose to withhold from Curly our best information on survivingthe hazards of the beach. Such as to avoid death by quicksand do not struggle, carrya private plank and tie yourself to each passing tree stump or rock, with two ropesalternating, so as to always be connected to slow land. Do we think at the lastminute we would make ourselves a hero and pull Curly from the sandy maw.Do we think of sending bodies off to sea and how they will look floating, bobbing,bloated. Do we then think another coffee, more juice, more ham and cheese toasty.Do we think of destroying everything we have because we could do better.Do we think of walking in and never turning back. Nobly trudging along the sea bedwhilst coughing out bubbles before returning, a disappointment in wet trousers.Do we think of looking at Jojo's breasts before talking to her then maintainingearnest eye contact to disassociate ourselves from what is accepted by most as afaux pas but, unknown to most women, is actually complimentary.Do we consider telling Jojo, we must be allowed to use her body as a playground inorder to enjoy her kisses.

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