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Final Proposal

Final Proposal

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Published by Caroline Jolley

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Published by: Caroline Jolley on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caroline JolleyMs. CarusoEnglish 11025 April 2012ProposalA Fight For Freedom is about how a family of slaves becomes separated when their owner auctions off the three children but decides to keep their mother, Justice. This cruel actleads to the rebellion of the slaves making this book a heart-felt suspense. Although, there aremany books and movies out there about slavery, none seem to be relatable. They all just statefacts and tell history from historian’s point of view. While A Fight For Freedom, is not told bysome storyteller, but by an individual who witnessed the tragedy. The family aspect immediatelyintrigues the reader because the situation of children being taken from their mother often arouses people’s emotions with anger and sorrow. This book will be popular among a variety of people, but more so with teachers and the education system. It will help them better educate studentswhen explaining the history of slavery with story students will love. It will not only be awrenching suspense of an escaping slave family but also an informative piece on how slaveswere treated and the specific time period.In addition, this book has meaning; it is derived from the mistreating of our own human beings. Even though the concept developed from a period in history that does no longer exist itstill should not go unrecognized. The inhumane acts of people should be forever known so wewill have a respect for what has happened. It is well known that in the late 1700’s slaves wereabused for petty acts. African Americans had it hard enough being owned and having to do the
white people’s dirty work all day long. On top of that they had to live in fear. No one ever knewif and when they could be sold from their loved ones, get beaten, or even be killed. If seeing thiskind of cruel act among our own people does not get one worked up, nothing should. This book will touch the hearts of many people because it is not just a story being told. Instead, it is a reallife event being retold. This issue is not one that is sugarcoated; it is blunt and somewhatdisturbing. This being said, it is just what readers want, a true story straight to the point.A Fight For Freedom will begin at a slave auction where a slave mother, Justice, has towatch her three children be auctioned away from her. While undergoing the traumatic experienceof watching her kids being taken away, Justice becomes raged and runs out, screaming, beggingfor her owner not to sale them without her. A whole lot of blood and tears will be shed duringthis part of the story. Having this at the very start of the book immediately grabs the reader allowing them to become lost in the story early off. After the auction Justice decides that shewill not bow down to the white people anymore and starts scheming a plan to be with her children once again. Justice acts immediately and tries to escape. Of course, she gets caughtand receives the usually punishment of thirty lashes to the back. During the time it takes her torecover from the punishment of trying to escape she has had enough time to develop a plan thatwill be successful. Slaves are not usually allowed to talk to one another from different plantations. Therefore, Justice had to learn how to communicate with her kids through quilts.She stitched different signs that other slaves were knowledgeable of to explain the escape to her kids. This is no easy task for anyone, much less a woman who has to work all day long. Thestruggle of communication shows just how smart slaves were and how much the white peopleunderestimated them. Now that Justice has explained the whole escape route to her childrenthrough quilts it is finally time to put the plan into action. This will be the scariest part for 
Justice and her children. They will have to escape and spend 3 nights and 4 days out on the runnot knowing if they will be caught or not. In order to do this they will need the help of others. Now the Underground Railroad comes into play. The Underground Railroad is a secret escaperoute developed to help runaway slaves just like Justice and her family. Justice and her childrenwill use this program to help them find their way to each other and even after they are together tostay in hiding for a while longer. Once they have made it to the end of their journey they will beliving together in a free state, Montana, where know one can ever separate them again.The story does not talk about many people, therefore, Justice and the children have to beabove and beyond the ordinary. Justice is the main character. Being a single mother of three,she will exemplify independence, strength, and courage. She has lived the life of a slave sincethe day she was born. She has a strong love for her family and is not willing to let anything or anyone get in the way of that. Isaiah is Justices’ oldest son. The thirteen-year-old boy plays therole of his mother’s sidekick and somewhat of the father figure in the family since his father diedafter his youngest sister was born due to trying to escape. Since Isaiah has grown up in this wayof life he has had to mature much faster than the other kids his age. Isaiah carries the sameambition that his mother does and is a great help when escaping. Isaiah has another brother andsister that are very active in the story but do not play an important role as far as doing particular activities. Mr. Wilson is the families slave owner. He is an extremely money hungry man that isoften cruel to Justice and her children. He knows he can make money off the three kids becausethey are young and have potential to be great workers and so that is exactly what he does. Mr.Wilson is a selfish man though he knows no other way. He was brought up in a family who hasalways mistreated slaves therefore he does the same.

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