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Chapter 24 - Sound Money

Chapter 24 - Sound Money

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Published by artforcongress
Chapter 24 from Art Robinson's book Common Sense in 2012
Chapter 24 from Art Robinson's book Common Sense in 2012

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Published by: artforcongress on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Liberty and Justice for All 
“Dr. Robinson is one of the mostgied scientists I have ever met.”
– Martin Kamen – Fermi Prizeand Discoverer of Carbon 14
“Dr. Robinson is known to me as a careful, competent, and well-informed scientist”
 – Edward Teller – Defense Scientist
“Arthur Robinson has the respect of a very signicant portion of thescientic community.”
– Frederic Seitz – Former President of theU.S. National Academy of Sciences
“I strongly endorse Art Robinson for election to the U.S. Congress. Inthe 15 years I have known Art, I have found him to be an outstandingscientist, a man of uncompromising integrity. Art’s depth of knowledgeof the economic, scientic, energy, and industrial challenges that faceour nation is unparalleled. Men of his ability are urgently needed inWashington.”
 – Steve Forbes – Publisher and Entrepreneur
“In my experience with space ight, I have come to know many menof excellence. Art Robinson is the best can-do guy I know. He’s whatwe need in Washington, and I think Oregon voters should elect ArtRobinson. He’s a treasure.”
 – Scott Carpenter – Mercury Astronaut
Art Robinsons philosophy is that the government is far too intrusive inour lives. He understands we have to stop the spending in Washington,the growth of the national debt, and allow the Constitution tofunction. I strongly recommend the 4th congressional district of Oregon put Art Robinson in the Congress of the United States.”
– Harrison Schmitt – Apollo Astronaut and former U.S. Senator
Robinson is a “pathological nut-job”.
– Peter DeFazio – Career Politician and Art’s Opponent
Our nation has a bright future, but the politicians inCongress are doing a poor job, endangering –
Jobs;the National Budget; Social Security; Education; theEnvironment; Medical Care; and Economic Prosperity.Let’s replace them by electing citizens with commonsense. Art Robinson has the abilities we need in Congress.
Te Congress shall have Power . . . o coin Money,regulate the Value thereo, and o oreign Coin, and  fx the Standard o Weights and Measures;
Article I, Section 8, Part 5
No State shall . . . make any Ting but gold and silver Coin a ender in Payment o Debts;
Article 1, Section 10, Part 1
he Constitution is clear that Congress has the authority to coin money. Te Constitution mentions only goldand silver coins. Te section in which the authorization to
While paper money is convenient, it has the dis-advantage that, unless it is secured by gold, silver, orsomething else o intrinsic value, it can be printed inunlimited amounts. Te Federal Reserve, authorizedby Congress, has printed too much o ours. One dol-lar buys today what 5 cents bought in 1940.Infation o money discourages saving and dis-rupts commercial activity, which reduces prosperity and jobs. Our country should have sound money.

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