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Published by ciampi_Francesca

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Published by: ciampi_Francesca on Apr 25, 2012
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Francesca E. CiampiEnglish 1102Ms. Caruso14 February 2012Amanda Knox: International Crime Story of the DecadeIn Perugia, Italy on November 2
, 2007, Meredith Kercher was found lying beneath her duvet cover with her throat slit, with a limp and lifeless body. The following material reports onall theories, media reports, evidence, investigations, accusations, and trial procedures in relationwith the murder of Meredith Kercher.It seemed to all begin with a love connection between a 19-year-old American girl namedAmanda Knox from Seattle, Washington and a 23-year-old Italian graduate student namedRaffaele Sollecito. They had met one week prior to the murder and had begun sexual relationsrather quickly. Nonetheless, they were allegedly together the night of the murder, smoking pot,watching a movie and having sexual relations.When Ms. Knox returned the following morning at 10:30 A.M., she first noticed the frontdoor to the cottage was ajar.
She was suspicious, but after recalling that her roommate wasdrinking the night before, she thought it was just due to carelessness and she proceeded with her shower as planned. After Ms. Knox finished her shower she noticed there was drips of blood inthe sink.
Here is an email she sent to her family two to three days after the murder to explainwhy she didn’t worry more about the blood:“There were drops of blood in the sink. At first I thought the blood might have comefrom my ears, which I had pierced extensively not too long ago, but then immediately Iknew it wasn't mine … when I touched the blood in
file sink, it was caked on already…. I
Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:28 PM
Comment [1]:
Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:29 PM
Comment [2]:
thought it was strange, because my roommates and I… wouldn't leave blood in the bathroom, but I assumed that perhaps Meredith was having menstrual issues and hadn'tcleaned up yet. Ew, but nothing to worry about.” (Rich par.16)
 The third clue tied it all together. Ms. Knox went into the cottages second bathroom and noticedfeces in the toilet and instantly knew her roommates wouldn’t forget to flush.
Ms. Knox quicklygrabbed her things and ran back to Sollecito’s to let him know she suspected there had been anintruder in her cottage.Knox returned with Sollecito and they decided to call the police. “Sollecito called thecarabinieri - the Italian military police - and the couple went outside to waft. Two officers soonarrived.
They weren't carabinieri, however - they were postal police, a sleepy, junior-varsity unitof the state police responsible for investigating crimes like Internet fraud and stolen phones.”(Rich par.19) The postal police stomped through the house, leaving more then their share of fingerprints,
and busted down Meredith Kerchers’s door diving head first into a worldwidecontroversy.Many wonder why this murder trial kept making news, after all, Meredith Kercher was just a college student. This was such a major controversy because it involved global politics andmany global judicial systems and every country wanted their say in it. Italy had the other countries at begging at their feet because it occurred on their land, therefore Italy had the right toinvestigate, interrogate, and hold the trial; all points of major dispute. “There is still no clear motive, no precise time of death, and no definitive murder weapon... details have emerged in a wild series of leaks, contradictions and reversals.” (Donadio par.4) Donadio is writer for the New York Times in the USA. She
does not sound pleased withhow Italy was handling the murder investigation. This is a precise example of how this murder 
Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:30 PM
Comment [3]:
Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:32 PM
Comment [4]:
expressed the global climate at the time. There was low growth for the world economy in 2007,and this global conflict added to the tension.The following quote is written by Ian Fisher, another newspaper article writer, further 
 proving how this case had begun a global clash: “There seemed to be a popular rush to suspecthim, because he is an immigrant, and to defend him because he is an immigrant.” (Fisher par.12)This quote is directed towards Diya Lumumba
, Amanda Knox’s boss at the time of the murder.When Ms. Knox was being interrogated a few days after the murder, she falsely accused Mr.
Lumumba. This was clearly a turning point in the investigation because not only did they ruleout another suspect they now had a main suspect, Ms. Knox. It also didn’t help Ms. Knox’s casethat she was acting particularly cheerful the next few days after the murder. She was caughtmultiple times by police doing cartwheels in the police station, and kissing Sollecito more then just a peck on the lips.
 The next stage of controversy usually circles around what occurred in those next fewcrucial days after the murder was committed. Did the Postal Police ruin the only true evidence?Why was Amanda Knox acting normal, and slightly cheerful, as if a traumatic incident hadn’t just occurred? What was the motive for killing an innocent British exchange student? Thesequestions were all raised at press conferences but nobody knew the answers and the prosecutor inthe Amanda Knox trial, Giuliano Mignini, sure
didn’t.Briefly, Mr. Mignini is a native of Perugia, Italy and is notorious for making outlandishremarks in the courtroom during theMonster of Florence serial-killer case in which he was alsothe prosecutor. Giuliano Mignini was Amanda Knox’s worst nightmare during the four years shewas incarcerated in an Italian jail. Mr. Mignini knew his reputation was riding on that of theoutcome of the Amanda Knox trial. If he were to be wrong again, his name would be ruined
Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:33 PM
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Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:34 PM
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Beth Caruso
2/29/12 4:35 PM
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