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Observation 5

Observation 5

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Published by Lisa Myers

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Published by: Lisa Myers on Apr 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lisa Myers
DATE: 4/5/12 TIME: 10:55-11:25MENTOR TEACHER: Annie Orsini BUILDING: Westridge ElementaryLesson Objectives (as provided by the student teacher):Practice writing friendly letters. Use parts of a letter correctly (shared writing)
Large Group
, Small Group,
Independent Study
 Teaching Model:
Teaching presentation
, Discussion,
Independent Study
, Learning CentersTeaching Act: I
, I
Comprehension check 
, Guided practice,
Independent Practice, Review/Preview
 Efficient Use of Class Time/Task-Oriented Behavior: All students appeared to very task-oriented throughout most of the observationClarity of Presentation:
Very clear
, Clear, Unclear to some, Unclear to many
ANECDOTAL RECORD:10:58 Students re-entered the classroom from a rest room break. “Thanks, students, for comingto the carpet so quietly.” Miss Myers shared with students regarding a revision she had madeconcerning mailing their letters. Cooper was allowed to share her letter regarding losing a tooth.The student teacher pointed out that this was, indeed, a friendly letter. She stated, “Excellent.Thank you.”Using the chart tablet (students were seated on the carpet, and the student teacher was in thechair by the tablet), she visited with students about the heading, date, body, and closing. She puteach on the example she had written on the tablet. She indicated they would take a look back atour letter (it had been read previously and was in a booklet, which she shared again). Sheallowed students to identify various parts of a letter, including p.s. Miss Myers informedstudents that this stood for post script, meaning they were adding something after their originalwriting.She then stated, “Together, as a whole class, we are going to write a letter to first graders. Turnto your partners and visit about what you might like to include.” After a few moments, she puther finger to her lips and said, “Eyes up here.” As students were sharing, she reminded them,“Remember, we want to make it a friendly letter.” She directed, “Gavin, would you please sit onyour bottom?” She also directed a couple of students to move forward, closer to the group, andnot under the chalk tray. As she listened to their ideas, Miss Myers wrote various student ideason the chart tablet. {I noticed her eyes were checking on all students, as well as quickly glancingat the classroom clock}.The student teacher read their letter aloud. She asked, “Is this a friendly letter? Does it have anopening, a body, and a closing?” She quickly directed two boys to return to sit at their desks.She asked students, “When should we mail our letters?” “How should we start our letters? Endour letters? Remember, when you finish your letter, you may be writing another letter or other writing, but NOT coloring.”11:10 Students were dismissed to their desks to begin their writing. Miss Myers visited brieflywith various individuals. She commented, “Excuse me, this is a quiet activity. I shouldn’t behearing voices.” She then thanked various individuals, by name, for getting started quietly.After a short amount of time, the student teacher stated, “Okay, this sounds much better.”As students were doing their work quietly, the student teacher checked in a cabinet and retrieveda notebook, which she carried with her. She rotated throughout the classroom, kneeling by

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