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8 Packet Circle

8 Packet Circle

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Published by: Kelsey Chante' Bailey on Apr 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kelsey BaileyENG 1101Professor CocoApril 22, 2012
8 Packet Circle
That day had been cold and rainy. I got up like any other day school day. My motherpicked out my favorite purple and pink track suit and I watched her as she rubbed Pink Lotionand water together right before she did my hair. Four plats. My day was normal until late thatafternoon. I came home from the rec and removed my shoes. I ran across the slippery hardwoodfloor. I was especially excited to see my mother that day; then the unthinkable happened. I
slowly felt the ground leave from beneath me. My parents reached for me, but it was too late…
 Like that memory, I have plenty others that I remember so vividly; partly because they alltook place at my first address. According to my parents they moved into that house; my house;shortly after I was born. My father was in the Air Force, so we moved into a house on base; PopeAir Force Base to be exact. 8 Packet Circle was their new house, but technically for me it wasmy first house. I lived there from the ages of 0-7 years and I have enough memories to last alifetime.My house had 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, dining room, and aden. Since me and my sister shared a room, we only had two rooms. The third room was used as
the den. We had hardwood floors throughout except for the kitchen, dining room, and bathroomswhich of course were covered by tile. I loved this house because it was in the perfect location.My first school, Pope Elementary School, was just 5 minutes away from my house, and rightnext door to my daycare. As I got older, I stopped attending daycare and started going to PopeRecreational Center after school. There I would play with my friends until my sister got out of school, and we would walk home together. She was in high school at the time.My best friends at the time were Priya, Kevin Maye, K.J, and from time to time an Asian
girl who lived two doors down. Every now and then K.J’s mom would babysit me and I use to
love that because at the time I was so in love with K.J. If you were to ask me back then I
would’ve told you that K.J and I were going to get married and live in a big house with at least
five kids. Besides the memories of my first friends and my first school, I do remember otheractivities that took place in 8 Packet Circle.I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings just to help my father wash not only
his car, but my mother’s car as well. I was and still am such a daddy’s girl that I had to be up
under him all the time. If you were a bystander you would see me washing the bottom, and myfather the top. For obvious reasons I could only wash the bottom. Other than washing the cars Iremember things like: my sister running away, being forced to drink milk at the dining roomtable, and being scared to walk in the kitchen at night because of the porcelain cat we owned.At the age of seven, I left my house. It was a sad time for me because like I said my firstmemories began in that house. Even though I left that house, I still have all those memories withme and for that I am grateful. The amazing thing is that it seems like all these moments in mylife took place not too long ago. Time sure does fly.

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