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Bus Ticket to York

Bus Ticket to York

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Published by jason_aa

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Published by: jason_aa on Apr 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 5
a. Where are these people?b. Who are these people?c. What are they doing?
Form In your language.
bus ticket nice place
how about…?fully booked
four hours
one way ticket 
In your language.
I want to buy a bus ticket please
Where do you want to go?What time do you want to leave?What time will the bus arrive?When do you want to come back?Can you take this credit card?
Name:_____Number:______ Date: ______ 
Chapter 5
1)Where’s the man going?
A: New YorkB: LondonC: BrightonD: York
2) How will he get there?
A: BusB: TrainC: TaxiD: Ferry
3) Why can he not take the 3 O’clock bus?
A: Because its to earlyB: Because there are no seats on the busC: Because it is not fast enoughD: Because he has no time
4) At what time will
the man take a bus?
A: 3pmB: 3.30pmC: 4pmD: 4.30pm
5) What mistake does the ticket man make?
A: The ticket has the wrong time.B: The ticket has the wrong number.C: The ticket has the wrong date.D: The ticket has the wrong city.Please circle the correct answer
True or False
T/F The man makes a mistake about the arrival timeT/F The ticket man does a good jobT/F It is a single ticket returning next weekT/F The man will come back after 10 daysT/F The ticket cost is 22 pounds 50
At the bus stationStudent 1— passengerStudent 2— ticket seller
1– S1 You need a ticket to London, leaving today at 3pm and coming backnext Sunday at 3pm2– S2 There are no seats for London at 3pm today or next Sunday.
Chapter 4C
hapter 5
1)Where’s the man going?
A: New YorkB: LondonC: BrightonD: York
2) When does the man want to leave?
A: TodayB: TomorrowC: YesterdayD: Next Monday
3) What time can the man leave?
A: 3 o’clockB: 4 o’clockC: 5 o’clockD: 6 o’clock
4) What kind of ticket does the man want?
A: A child’s ticketB: A one way ticketC: A return ticketD: A train ticket
5) How much is the ticket?
A: 12 pounds 50B: 220 pounds 50C: 2 pounds 50D: 22 pounds 50Please circle the correct answer
True or False
T/F The ticket man makes a big mistake with the ticket.
At the police station.
What time do you want to leave?
When do you want to come back?Hi. I want to go to...
At about 4 o’clock.Tomorrow, please. Can you take this credit card?Sure. The ticket cost 22 pounds.
    T   i  c    k  e   t    m  a   n
 p  a  s  s  e  n   g  e  r   
Okay.Hello. Where do you want to go?

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