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JULY Special Issue - Bday Bash

JULY Special Issue - Bday Bash

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Published by Randell Aranza

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Published by: Randell Aranza on Dec 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Cugie Loarca With reports from NeslieFaith V. Sianson
 The Class ‘58 had atotal of 94 graduateswith 76 alumni fromgrade school and 32alumni from college.Class ’58 was the2nd batch to graduatefrom La Salle College-Bacolod since it startedin 1952. It was then anall boys school, and allthe Christian brothersthen were Americans. These were Br.Athanasius Francis,President and Director,Br. Nicet Joseph,Superior General of theBrothers of the ChristianSchools, Br. FrancisCody, Br. Dominic, Br.Fidelis, Br. Gratian, andBr. Benildus.Several of the Grade7 batches becamecommunity leaders inBacolod and Manila.Among them wereRoseller Ciocon of the L’Fisher Group;Dr.Hector Torre, presi-dent of Riverside hos-pital; Chick Garcia, arenowned architect of prestigious hotels andbuildings in the city anda former Bacolod vice-mayor as well as the firstpresident of the USLSAlumni Association;Elfren Cruz, a faculty of DLSU Graduate Schooland former MMDAhead during Pres. Cory Aquino’s administra-tion. Others becamebusiness and sugar leaders: Jimmy Golez,Alfonso Dacles, EddieBoy Ledesma, Tony Pastelero, Victo Cusi,and Spanky Torre. Flo-rentino Broce becamea star football player of DLSU-Taft, Philip-pine team captain andcoach. The high schoolClass ’58 also hadtheir own community leaders: Badong Lagudabecame a Congressmanof San Carlos districtand his son became aLa Salle Brother- Br.Ricky Laguda, president
The Lasallian Recipe
spectrum_usls@yahoo.com BIRTHDAY BASH SPECIAL
VOL. 52 NO. 2 • JULY 4, 2008
Lasallian Journey: 56 years and beyond
By Neslie Faith V. Sianson
 The University gives recognition to the service awardees who served La Salle for more than a decade. What drives these people to continue serving the University?
Lisa Dy: 20 years of Transforming Lives
Transorming lives or 20 years, it’s a ulillmentor her to see the graduates visiting the school andsharing their knowledge and accomplishments as well as acknowledging the contribution o theirproessors.Beore she was employed in La Salle, this ine-looking and accomplished Department Chair worked in the industry - conducting interviews,testing, recruiting, and a little o marketing.It’s always been a concept o the people tothink that La Salle is an elite school but the actis we have the social mix that is why we have thesocialized tuition ee. La Salle is oten presumedto be synonymous o being an elitist school.“As inculcated by our ounder, the University is committed to provide a human and Christianeducation, which is accessible to the poor. Onceyou belong to the middle class and your amily cannot aord, one can avail the recategorizationand socialized tuition ee,” she explains. As or Dy, Br.Roly Dizon FSC is one o thepeople who motivated her to continue serving theUniversity. La Salle serves as an avenue or her tolive the lie God has prepared or her.“We are bridging the gap and making itpossible or those who can’t aord to come and beeducated in a Lasallian way. I ind joy in seeingthe transormation.”For the highly-motivated proessor, La Salle islie in itsel. It is where one matures, learns andcommunes with other people despite being away rom home.“The inspiration comes rom within that’s why I’m still motivated to serve the University.My wish or La Salle is to continue in standingirm and believing that through education, we canmake a big dierence to constantly look up to theneeds o the people.”
Ernesto Suplido: Service Awardee for his10-year teaching profession
Teaching in La Salle or ten years now, thisull-blooded Lasallian inished his elementary andsecondary education at the University o St. LaSalle - Integrated School or 11 years and pursueda course in Mechanical Engineering at De La SalleTat which added his stay in La Salle or 16 yearsand took his Master’s degree in St. Mary’s Collegeo Caliornia (also a La Salle School) or two years which sums up to 19 years.For this Economics proessor, high school wasthe most unorgettable moment in his 29 years stay in La Salle. It was then a small college- exclusiveor boys with 300- 400 students where everybody knows everyone. An alumnus o Batch 1969 in grade school,Batch 1973 in high school, Batch 1978 in DeLa Salle Tat when he was in college and Batch1982 or his Master’s degree. What drives himto continue serving the University is to return what he had learned rom his Lasallian education.“I want to give it back to the University, to theLasallian community, to the province and to my country,” he shares. As the brother o the University Chancellor, heis antastically happy to work with his “manong.” Ater 30 years o not seeing one another, they  will inally be in the same community. He eveninormed his brother i the position or Presidency  will be oered to him, he would heartily acceptit.In his 29 years in the University, he considersthe Brothers as the most important people he cancertainly rely on. “They’re like my amily and Ican go to them just or anything” he quips witha smile. As or this committed service awardee, La Salleplays a very signiicant role in his lie because hisLasallian education brought him to where he istoday.“My wish or La Salle is another 100 years o success especially or the incoming Centennialcelebration. I’m also looking orward that thesocialized tuition ee will also be adopted by theother La Salle schools. Indeed, we are practicingthe virtue o our ounder, which is to providequality education to everyone.”
Noel Marañon: 15 years of Romancing the Mind 
Romancing the mind or 15 years in the institution,this brilliant, gited, and appreciative counselor was thenan academic scholar o the University. He graduated adouble major Liberal Arts and Commerce - Psychology and Business Management. Way back in college, he was an active BALAYANvolunteer, spirited CELAM member, consistent honorstudent, versatile leader in various organizations, andThe Spectrum Filipino editor, among others.Having all these dynamic activities, accomplish-ments and involvements, Marañon told himsel to takea rest ater an action-packed and vivacious college lie.“Since I was then an active volunteer o theBALAYAN, Mr. Cesar Villanueva, the ormer CEP-BALAYAN Director asked me to work in one o thecommittees. Subsequently I landed my irst job in LaSalle. Fortunately, there was no male counselor in theGuidance and Evaluation Center (GEC) and it was arequirement o PAASCU to have male guidance coun-selors. Also, due to the increasing number o Engineer-ing students, I was hired by the GEC,” he shares.In his 15 years o service in the institution, he couldnever orget his ormer boss, Dr. Evangeline Caper, whostrongly inluenced the GEC sta and members with herleadership skills.Marañon shares that one o his most unorgettableexperiences in his proessional lie was in 1997, when astudent turned out radically bizarre in his oice. Theschoolboy punched the walls, threw himsel in the loorand the sympathetic mentor even got bruised. Despite what happened, it was just a challenge or him.“I’m still very happy and motivated with my jobbecause or 15 years I’m still learning and I love the senseo community, my colleagues bring out the best in me,they love me and I as well totally love them. I’m stillpraying to God or all the blessings and opportunities Hehas given me or the past 15 years o my proession.”I there is one thing which people do not know aboutLa Salle, Marañon has this to say: “Lasallians are an amal-gamation o various people rom all walks o lie. It isa preconceived notion that once you are a Lasallian, youbelong to an aluent elite society. A survey conductedshows that only 7% o the population belongs to the well-o and well-heeled cluster. Majority are the middle working class and the typical workers and sta o the Uni-versity.”Furthermore Marañon wishes or La Salle to con-tinue maintain its excellent standards and outstandingaculty and sta.“All my successes were brought about by the actthat I’m a Lasallian. I’m proud to be a Lasallian.”
 JULY 4, 2008
Compiled By Epi Ma. Kassandra A. Dajao
What is your birthday wish for La Salle? 
“I wish for a cheaper tuition fee. I alsowish for more improvements such as thecentralization of the air-conditioningsystem in La Salle. I also hope that LaSalle can provide education which isaccesible to the poor.”
- Jan Patrick Gaudiel, BN4
“I hope we will all achieve the goalsof One La Salle.”
- Anna May Golez, USG Secretary of Budget and Finance
“To improve the lives of the Negrensesthrough quality education is my wishfor La Salle. Also, the University should also continue to be one of the pillars of the other schools inNegros.”
- Dr. Taffy Belleza, Agri Businessand Management Professor 
“I wish La Salle will remain strongand will fulfill its mission of givingquality education.”
- Dr. Gloria Fuentes, Assistant ViceChancellor for Academic Affairs
“I hope this would be a prosperousyear for La Salle and likewise to theother Lasallian schools.”
- Roy Roque Rivera, Jr. , ENCh2A
“My birthday wish for the University is to promote unity among our fellowLasallians especially the freshmenstudents. I hope they will be actively involved in different organizations andencourage them to share their talentsand skills. We should also developthe true spirit of being a Lasallian.”
- Urania Fleur Lingaya, COHM4B
“I want La Salle to improve itsColiseum and put air-conditionedunits in Solomon and Cody Halls.”
- Katrina Eniego, BSPS2A
“More success is what I wish for LaSalle. I hope that comfort roomswill all be air-conditioned andrepainted. I also want it to developits standards.”
- Jonna Montillan, BE1C
“I wish La Salle to improve itsstrong foundation and improvethe teaching quality of theUniversity professors.”
- Joanne Cagampang, EN1E
“La Salle has improved a lot.
Nami naman ang La Salle.
It hasimplemented new programs andconstructed new buildings.”
- Liza Besonaya, Security Guard
“I hope La Salle will have moreachievements this year. Moregreat years for La Salle!”
- Christina Ballados, BE1D
“As La Salle celebrates its 56thyear, I hope the University willreach whatever dream it has. I alsowish that Lasallians will know thatthey belong in this community.” 
- Dr. Robeeh Ramos, GuidanceEvaluation Center Director 
“I hope we will see the change wewant to see.”
- Pacita Caroline Tan, School
“I hope the University willcontinue to produce quality students and retain morequalified and competentfaculties.”
- Ma. Ligaya Castor, HRD
“I want more developments for the students. Development of students’ moral values shouldnot be taken for granted. For the faculty, I wish they will gainmore prestige for the university and should not stop to what weare now. I also wish for a morecommitted Lasallian community.”
- Josephine Seva, Records Accountant 
“May the University continue toteach young minds so that they willlive the true values of a Lasallian.”
- Jennifer Yulo, Center for 
 JULY 4, 2008

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