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JANUARY Newspaper

JANUARY Newspaper

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Published by Randell Aranza

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Published by: Randell Aranza on Dec 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FEBRUARY 6, 2008
Ofcial Student Publication o the University o St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 * Volume 51 Number 13
VOL. 51 NO. 13 • February 6, 2008
Thieves victimize 4 students in 1 day
 Admin combats “abnormal” rise in the number of theft cases in the campus
Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso
With Reports from
Epi Dajao
Thieves thrive.
Four Lasallians lost four walletsand two cell phones inside theUniversity last Jan. 29 in relationto what Asst. VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Gloria Fuentesdescribed as “abnormal rise inthe number of theft cases” in thecampus this semester.The four victims who lost atotal of 22,000-peso worth of valuables were identified as firstyear Nursing students and weresuspecting three 2nd year studentsfrom another college as the onesresponsible.The victims narrated that it was 4:30 pm when they left theirbags on the tennis table of theCollege Covered Court, for they  would be rehearsing for their P.E.dance practicum.Few minutes later, one of thevictims went back on the saidarea to check her valuable and it was then when she found out thather cellphone was not on her baganymore.She informed her classmatesabout it and three of themeventually discovered that theirvaluables were also stolen.They remembered that thepersons who came closer to theirbags were the three CBA students.The case is now beinginvestigated by the DisciplineOffice.
Major Institutional Concern
 What happened last Jan. 22 wasamong the many reported cases of theft for this semester alone.“In the recent weeks, almostevery other day we receive reportsabout loss of valuable possessions of the students,” Assistant DisciplineOfficer Hillry Vocales said.The Discipline Office alsorevealed that during the Sportsfest Week alone, there were fourreported cases of cellphone losses.Because of the situation, the Administration is taking thematter seriously.“The Administration hasconsidered this problem as amajor institutional concernalready. We’re very alarmed. Itis something that is no longerrandom cases. There must besomething going on. We’ve beentalking about this for a monthalready,” Fuentes said. Among the other victims of theft were Nursing Governor JohnMikkel Balodio and some USGOfficers who used to leave theirbelongings in their offices.
The Administrator stressedthat there were already plans tocombat the “abnormal” rise in thenumber of reported theft cases thissemester.Fuentes said some of the initialplans include setting up a storagearea for all the valuables of students with padlocks in the CoveredCourt where majority of reportedcases happened, installing security cameras in sensitive areas, anddeploying security men wearingplain clothes in strategic areas.The University is alsocooperating with Police Authoritiesand Barangay Villamonte officialsto solve the problem.The Office for Student Affairsemphasized the importance of these cases to be in police blotterso that they will stand in courts.
Organized Crime
The Administration, Disci-pline Office and Office for Stu-dent Affairs are all considering aperspective that this could be anorganized activity.
By Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso
The Annual Tuition Fee IncreaseForum held last Jan. 31 at the St.La Salle Coliseum failed to getthe attention of Lasallian studentsgathering only around 20 participantsout of the more than 8000 studentpopulation, according to USGPresident Amy Grace Gargar.“We were counting on theUniversity Student Government(USG) to do their part in informingthe students about the tuition feeincrease forum, aside from placing anannouncement in the Daily Bulletin.But we don’t blame the USG,” Asst.VP for Academic Affairs Dr. GloriaFuentes said.Fuentes added that “timing”might be the possible reason why theattendance in the forum was dismaland even considered the 4% increaseto be too small to get students’attention.“You know, the Sportsfest has justended and everybody was still busy,or it could be that students were not worried about the 4%. Maybe if it is20% then everybody would be in theColiseum,” she said.The increase for the next schoolyear is only 4%, of which 70% will goto teachers’ salaries.“We conducted the forum out of our concern. We are autonomous and we are not required by law to conducta dialogue since the increase is only 4%. We are only required to conducttuition fee increase consultation if theincrease is more than 10%,” Fuentesclarified.The next tuition fee increase forumis tentatively scheduled this week. As of press time, The Spectrumtried its best and failed to get thecomment of USG President Gargarabout the matter. The publication isfollowing it up as the story progresses.
Tuition Fee Increase Forum draws fewer Lasallians
Dr. Gloria Fuentes, Asst. VP for Academic Affairs
. The Jan. 31 Tuition Fee Increase Forum held at the Coliseum did not attract audience. USG President Amy Grace Gargar said spectators were more or less 20, out of the more than 8000 student population.January 31 Tuition Fee Increase Dialogue
   P   h  o   t  o  s   b  y
   A   l  e  x  a  n   d  e  r   C  u  y  o  c  a   T   h  e   L  a   S  a   l   l  e   Y  e  a  r   b  o  o   k
ENVIRONMENT/P15Earth HourSPORTSFEST/PP 7-14One La Salle through SportsNEWS/P2NOPSSCEA Awards Lasallians
FEBRUARY 6, 2008
Ofcial Student Publication o the University o St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 * Volume 51 Number 13
il lii ii L ll L li l, L ll , l i, il l
3 females top NOPSSCEA awards
Randell T. Aranza
Epi Ma. Kassandra A. Dajao
Three women from the University  were cited as outstanding student,tertiary teacher and non-teachingpersonnel in the Negros Occiden-tal Private Schools Sports CulturalEducational Association (NOPSS-CEA) Awarding Ceremony at St.Scholasticas Academy Gym last Jan. 25.Nea Cecille Quiachon, Steph-anie Calamba and Rowena Japi-tanan were recognized as MostOutstanding Student, Most Out-standing Tertiary Teacher andMost Outstanding Non TeachingPersonnel, respectively.
Quiachon, a senior BS Biology student and currently the Pre-MedSociety President, led her list withoutstanding academic records and anactive involvement both in curricularand extra-curricular activities.“During the interview, I wasthe only one not wearing execu-tive attire and worse, I was late,”Quiachon disclosed.But that did not become ahindrance for her, she said that:In fact, the interview was a bitheartwarming for me because oneof the judges said that I was worth waiting for.Quiachon was also the MostOutstanding Student of NOPSC-CEA secondary level back in highschool at the USLS-IntegratedSchool.“Excellence is not aboutaccumulating medals, awardsor achievements. It’s just aboutdoing your best in everything eventhough no one is looking,” stressedQuiachon.
 Japitana humbled herself asshe said that she is very gratefulto NOPSSCEA for giving the rec-ognition to her as the outstandingnon-teaching personnel.“It is not everyday that we areplaced in the limelight for oureveryday role is to be the silentforce behind the desk,” said Japi-tana. Japitana said she was terrified when she delivered her speechduring the awarding ceremony because she had to deliver it infront of educators whom she havepaid respect.“This recognition inspires meto work harder for excellence sothat I will be worthy of the honor,” Japitana said. Japitana owed her achievementmost to her family as she statedthat she grew up with six siblingsand parents working hard to sup-port the needs of the family.“I am very thankful that ourdear Lord chose to put me in a bigfamily with little means becausethis has taught me the values of frugality, which is very importantespecially nowadays that we areamidst rising prices of everything,” Japitana said. With all her heart, Japitanaoffered her profound gratitudeto the people who supported herand made the person she is today,a proud Lasallian and a NOPSS-CEA awardee.
LYC presents 5-point agenda
Epi Ma. Kassandra A. Dajao
 John Alexander M. Cuyoca
 A five-point agenda on educa-tion, governance, environment,Lasallian youth formation andyouth involvement were presentedby the Lasallian Youth Commis-sion (LYC) to 122 USLS studentsduring the Lasallian Youth Agenda(LAYA) Caravan last Jan. 29 at theUniversity Auditorium.The presentation called for thestrengthening of quality educationgeared towards nation-buildingand accessibility of Lasallian edu-cation, encouraging of the youthin governance and politics, ini-tiation of sustainable programs forthe environment, empowermentof Lasallian leadership and mobi-lization of youth in addressingsocietal issues.The five-point agenda wereformulated by the Lasallian leaders who participated in the NationalSymposium of Young Lasallians(NSYL) last Oct. 21-27 at Tagay-tay City with the theme “One inMission: Possible”.LYC Chairman Keane Pala-tino said that the students fromUniversity of St. La Salle are justa few of the Lasallian studentsnationwide but the greater chal-lenge is on embodying the Lasal-lian five-point agenda.“Youth can make a substantialchange in the society for they havethe same mission such as respond-ing to the needs of their fellows,”Palatino said. With Palatino were other LYCCoordinators Dindin San Diego,Executive Director, Vanessa Abella, National LYC Coordina-tor and Jelo Honrado.“As Lasallians, you are thepeople who are in the best positionto create a difference and makehistory,” said Brother Arianwen Androu Dagmar Tapang Lopez,FSC during that caravan.LYC also challenged the Lasal-lians to mobilize the student coun-cil, student organizations, studentpublication and volunteer groupsto work as one unit for society-oriented projects.LYC divulged that the “Bahay Pag-asa Project” of USLS hadbeen replicated by the other Lasal-lian schools in Luzon.
Spectrum editors join UNYAP
Science Playfest slated Feb. 19
servant-leaders of the country.BILIB an acronym for Believe,Innovate, Lead, Inspire, and Buildcalled for the youth (1) to believein the knowledge of a vision andbelieving in one’s dream, (2) toinnovate which implies that theyouth of today can create or finda solution to every encounter, (3)to lead which is leading oneself towards that vision, and wouldtake initial steps, (4) to inspirefor the young leaders to enthuse,energize and influence otheryoung potential youth towardsthe achievement of the goalsand vision and (5) to build by raising a patriotic community fornation building and sustainabledevelopment.The summit also cited an8-point MDGs to be achievedin seven years time which are to(1) eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, (2) achieve universalprimary education, (3) promotegender equality and empower women, (4) reduce child mortality,(5) improve maternal health,(6) combat HIV/AIDS, malariaand other diseases, (7) ensureenvironmental sustainability and(8) develop a global partnershipfor development.“Failure maybe of a possibility but it could only be a reality whenpeople who are knowledgeableabout the problem do not doanything at all,” said Bertch IanRanis, the National ExecutiveVice President of the UNYAP.Ranis also shared that therole of youth in nation buildingis through combining theirsmall efforts to create sustainabledevelopment. Among the speakers wereSen. Panfilo Lacson, Presidentof Fun Works Inc. Dr. FrancisKong, marked environmentalSillimanian youth activist Razcel Jan Luiz Salvarita, IndividualConsultant on Public Sector Accounting Prof.Leonor MagtolisBriones, Radio Host of RadyoEskwela Lea Janice Remata Sicat,and Senior Programme Officer of United Nations Children’s Fund(UNICEF) Philippines Alex Jr.Punzalan, among others.
Neslie Faith V. Sianson
Four editors of The Spectrumrepresented the City of Bacolodduring the 2008 NationalMillennium Development Goal(MDG) Summit for YoungFilipino Leaders held at SillimanUniversity, Dumaguete City last Jan. 10 – 13.The Summit was participatedby more than one hundreddelegates nationwide includingeditors Arjay Solitario, Timothy Escopete, Neslie Faith Siansonand Jamie Bentinganan. With the theme, B.I.L.I.B Young Leaders: Stand Up, Move,Lead, the four-day congressaimed to expose the youngleaders as well as the youth tovarious activities related to thetopic on MDG’S or MillenniumDevelopment Goals, which would provide knowledge on what these goals are for, createan attitude of making changes inthe community, and enrich theskills of leaders to become modelsof the youth and transformed“We are considering aperspective that this could bean organized activity since thereseems to be a pattern,” Dean of Student Affairs Roger Maraposaid.Marapo also said that “radicalactions” are being planned by the University authorities tocombat the “worsening” theftcases adding that the currentsituation is serving as an eye-opener for La Salle.“One of the plans is toconduct an entrapment operationbut without violating studentrights,” the Dean revealed.The Discipline Office on theother hand said that they will bevery careful in investigating thematter since the rights of thosevictims and the suspects mustboth be protected.“We are very careful since it isvery difficult to accuse students.The rights of both parties mustbe protected,” Vocales said.The Administrators arecalling for students’ cooperationregarding this matter.“Students must be extracareful with their belongings.They must not flaunt theirvaluables and must really bevigilant themselves,” DeanMarapo stressed. While AVP Fuentesbelieves that La Salle is still“generally safe,” the USLSSecurity Office refused tocomment on the matter as of press time.
from page 1
Thieves victimize 4 students in 1 day
Randell T. Aranza
The Natural SciencesDepartment and the Pre-MedSociety are all set for this year’sScience Playfest on Feb. 19 at theGallaga Theatre.The annual activity willshowcase the ability of studentsto incorporate scientific conceptslearned inside the classroom in atheatrical play.The contending classes willbe given a chance to explore allpossibilities and widen their rangeof creativity since the play will notbe limited to any theme.Big changes will also beexpected in the playfest becausethe department decided to revisethe criteria for judging.“We want to put an end to thecommon notion of students aboutscience as boring and for them torealize that learning the subject isfun,” Pre-Med Society presidentNea Cecille Quiachon said.For almost 30 years on track,the science playfest is already considered a University tradition.
CalambaJapitanaONE LA SALLE.
Volunteers from the Lasallian Youth Commission in Manila recently went to Bacolod to promoteLasallian leadership ideals in connection with the One La Salla Movement.(From L-R) Asst. Layout Editor Timothy Escopete, Asst. Magazine Editor Neslie Sianson, Literary Editor JamieBentinganan, and Managing Editor Arjay Solitario during the MDG Summit.
   P   h  o   t  o    b  y
   K  r  a  z  e   l   l  e   E  s  c  a  r   i   l   l  a
il lii ii L ll L li l, L ll , l i, il l
FEBRUARY 6, 2008
Ofcial Student Publication o the University o St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 * Volume 51 Number 13
Dean’s poem entry garners int’l praise
Institute for NegrosDev’t sponsors Forumon Marketing Strategy
The University of St. La Salle –Institute for Negros Developmentsponsored a forum on StrategicMarketing last January 18 at theSantuario de La Salle.Mr. Josiah Go, a much-sought-after Guru on Strategic Marketingtalked about the “Blue OceanStrategy” while his spouse Ms.Carolina Go discussed emergingtrends in Service InnovationStrategy. Josiah Go has already conductedover 450 in-house and publicseminars to diverse clientele. Anauthor of 10 bestselling marketingbooks, he won the AGORA  Award for excellence in Markett\ing Education in 1994. (Source: www.usls.edu.ph)
Canadian Agency,USLS signs MOA forpartnership
The University of St. La Salle(USLS) was designated as thepartner Academic Institutionof the Canadian InternationalDevelopment Agency (CIDA)through its PRIVATEENTERPRISE ACCELERATEDRESOURCE LINKAGES(PEARL 2) Project which aimsto provide support to small andmedium enterprises (SMEs) inthe region through trainings fortrustees of organizations, executivedirectors for non – governmentorganizations, professionalassociations, business supportgroups, and investment promotioncenters.CIDA Country Director Mr.Ed Sutherland and USLS PresidentBr. Ray Suplido, signed a MOA last January 18 at the Santuario dela Salle.The Ceremonies for theMOA Signing included a videopresentation of the “Value Chain Analysis of Industries” and theturnover of various knowledgeproducts and training modules tothe University.Interested parties may call theUSLS Graduate School at Tel.No. 433-1278 or 432-1189 local120. (Source: www.usls.edu.ph)
 American Student Volunteers visit La Salle
Two staff and six students of LewisUniversity, Romeoville, Illinoisvisited the University of St. LaSalle last January 3 – 12.The volunteers were led by team leader Ms. Natalie Bayci,representing the Diocese of Joliet,Illinois. Also with the group was theirchaplain Rev. Greg Skowron, Associate Pastor at St. Mary  West Chicago. The volunteersfrom Lewis University included-- Nursing Program Head Dr.Nan Yancey, Assistant CampusMinister Sabrina Ortman, andstudents Richard Brown, RaquelCaban, Isabel Garcia, MichelleHoffman, Colleen MacGrude,and Daina Norusis.The group’s activities includedparticipation in the a GawadKalinga build project from thefunds donated through LewisUniversity President Br. JamesGaffney FSC.From Jan. 9 and 10, theiractivities at University of St. LaSalle included a Campus Tour andVisit to Museum, meetings withCELAM and Balayan, a visit toBahay Pag-asa, dinner fellowship with the Brother President, anda visit to the Community HealthNursing program at Pontevedra. A meeting between NursingDean Dr. Nan Yancey and USLSCollege of Nursing administrators was also held last Jan.9. (Source: www.usls.edu.ph)
USLS gets 98%Passing Rate forElem. Ed. TeachersLicensure Exam
Graduates of the Bachelor of Elementary Education underthe College of Education passedthe August 2007 LicensureExaminations For Teachers witha passing rate of 98% comparedto the national passing percentageof 27.55 %, while the 2007graduates in Bachelor in Secondary Education had a passing rateof 79 % in comparison to thenational passing percentage of 29.12%.The successful passers of the August 2007 LET from Class 2007 were honored through TestimonialRites held last January 31, 2008 atthe Santuario de La Salle. (Source: www.usls.edu.ph)
MassComm papercontinues to bagCOPRE Awards
The Mass CommunicationsDepartment official departmentalpublication The Lead continuedto bag major awards in theNovember 2007 College PressConference and Awards sponsoredby the Philippine Information Agency.COPRE revised its rule to giveThe Lead a Graciano Lopez Jaena Award for winning Best Magazinetwice in a row since normally it isgiven to publications that win theBest Magazine, Best Newspaper orBest Departmental Paper thrice ina row. Aside from those majortitles, The Lead also won BestDepartmental Paper, BestMagazine Layout, Best in SportsPage, Best in Feature Page, BestEditorial Page and Best NewsPage.Giving the MassCommDepartment more citations wereindividual writers Ann MargaretEcharri (3rd English Editorial Writing and Ms. COPRE 2007),The Spectrum Newspaper Editor Aries Cariño (1st in Copy readingFilipino and 3rd in News WritingEnglish), and The Spectrum News Writer Alexander Cuyoca (3rdEditorial Cartooning). (Source: www.usls.edu.ph)
PIA’s inconsistentrules draw negativereaction from USLSofficial student paper
Meanwhile, The Spectrum wasnot qualified to join in the regionaltilt since they do not attendconferences sponsored by the saidgovernment agency.“Ever since, the competition’sinconsistencies with its rules whichcan favor select participatingpublications have caused the pastSpectrum participants to doubtand be skeptical about event’scredibility,” the top editors of TheSpectrum said.The top editors added thatthey themselves are organizingeven bigger events like a nationalcampus journalism conferenceand its failure to attend in agovernment-sponsored event was not a loss for the wholeUniversity.“We will not join any COPREand PIA-sponsored event again inthe future. We felt that this is adream come true for the pasteditors who were dismayed by the results of the past awardingand competitions. We’re onfor the next level. Even biggerUniversities like the University of San Agustin in Iloilo don’t join COPRE maybe for the samereason,” Managing Editor Arjay Solitario said.The Spectrum, the 51 year-old official student publication of the University releases monthly newspapers, magazine issues,among others and its editors saidthat as a media organization, TheSpectrum has already made a mark in campus journalism as it entersits 6th decade of existence.“We don’t do our newspapersand magazines for awards. Wedon’t organize national conferencesfor recognitions. We do those tasksto serve our purpose as watchdogsof students and as instruments of press freedom in the campus level.In our 51 years of existence, we’vebeen recognized even by nationalorganizations and our awards don’tdefine us anyway,” The SpectrumEditor-in-Chief and The Lead’sformer Opinion Editor Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso said.
2 Lasallians get nationalscouting award at PICC
Kathreen Joyce I. Tubid andRandell Aranza
Two Lasallians were awardedas Chief Girl Scout Medalistduring the Chief Girl ScoutMedal Scheme held Jan. 27 atthe Philippine InternationalConvention Center.Mass Communica-tions freshman Lianne Fernan-dez and Nursing studentLara Hepper werethe only Lasallianrepresentativesfrom Bacolod who were ableto receivethe National Award.“I amproud not becauseof the award ordistinction I received.But I am proud because Ihad been an instrument inimproving the lives of the kidsI helped,” said Fernandez.The recognition wasparticipated by all schools in thePhilippines but only a few who were able to perform a one-yearcommunity services on theirrespective fields were given theaward.“I felt very muchhonored because among all theawardees, I was one of the only two representatives from LaSalle-Bacolod,” Hepper said.National President of Girl Scout Theresa Chua andInternational HeadGirl Scout Mary McPhyll wereimpressed by Fernandezand Hepper’sHealth CareProject onchildrenduring theirHigh Schoolyears at theUSLS-IS.“It was very fulfilling becauseI knew that all my hard worksreally paid off, having helped alot of people. Being a Lasallianmeans being a servant leader,”said Hepper.
Monde Nissin hires student
Epi Ma. Kassandra A. Dajao
Qualifying to the two-day nationwide training of MondeNissin Step-up 2007, a Lasallian was offered a job before his collegegraduation.Management Accounting and Applied Economics student KeiBryan Dusaban was among thetop 20 qualifiers of the Step-uptwo-day training held last Dec.19-20 at Mandaluyong City.The training gave theparticipants an exposure to thecompany’s scheme which will benecessary if they will be chosen to work for the company.The 20 participantsunderwent leadership trainings,skills development, jobtraining, physical and mentaltraining and exposure to thesocial concerns.The screening of the top 20nationwide qualifiers includedvarious testing, personalinterviews and step-up as theculmination.Dusaban said that the trainingtaught him to be independent andlikewise learn to work with otherpeople.”I also developed my awarenessin the current Philippine socialstatus,” Dusaban said.Dusaban divulged that hisnumerous co-curricular activitiesbecame his edge among the otherparticipants and likewise beingholistic.“One should love what he orshe does because when one loves what he or she does it will be agreater fulfillment,” Dusabanadded.
Arthur Jason Javellana
 Atty. Raymond Pandan, Deanof the College of Law, recently gained honorable mention forhis poem entry entitled “AnExplanation” at the 2007 MeritagePress Holiday Poetry contest.Pandan’s poem was basedon a previous work by William Yeats, entitled The Wild Swans atCoole.The poem is composed of three stanzas with three lines, asit reads:“He counted fifty-nine swans At Coole Park, and convincedHimself each was half of apair.I don’t believe Yeats erred When he claimed they flew Lover by lover. No doubt,He likewise found the oddmaleSkimming the surface of thepond, Wooing its own madreflection.”The poem according to Pandanis an explanation that there areactually 59 swans in the pond which William Yeats first believedthat there were 60.The swans were paired up aslovers yet one was gazing into the water and only saw himself.Pandan a law school dean forten years has been writing poetry since his younger days.He has won the Palanca Awards for poetry and his firstbook of poetry was short-listed forthe 2005 National Book AwardsThe dean claimed though hemay be involved in legal studies, writing has been something hetook part in. According to Pandan, he hadtaken a sabbatical from writingliterary due to his work in the fieldof law so this holiday season he willallow himself to reconnect with hispassion for writing poetry. According to contest judgeEric Gamalinda, a renownedNew York-based novelist andpoet, at Philstar.com said that“’An Explanation’ is a quiet,elegant little poem that feels likean iceberg: beautiful, mysterious,larger than it seems.” According to contest judge,renowned New York-basednovelist and poet, Eric Gamalinda,"An Explanation" is a "quiet,elegant little poem that feels likean iceberg: beautiful, mysterious,larger than it seems."
Kei Bryan Dusaban (center) was hired by Monde Nissin Corporation after passing the Step UpChallenge.

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