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Lit and Tech Learning Log

Lit and Tech Learning Log

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Published by cutiecarafos1

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Published by: cutiecarafos1 on Dec 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: Danielle Carafos
Class Activities/Primary Work 
Work Submitted/Due 
Next Steps (on my own, in professional development, to extend work done in and for class) 
8/25Introduction to the classRegistered for a delicious accountExplore delicious Look over syllabus(9/8)Register for wikiTake Alan November quizRssAdd additional RSSS to delicious(9/15)
We reviewed and revised the syllabus andwrote down important dates.We reviewed the learning log and all of itscomponents.Became familiar with RSS feeds andsubscribed what we found was interesting.
Learned how to use “easy edit” on our class
Turned in Ticket number 2(Alan November quiz)Look up my own RSS feeds and look at anything that may be interestingbout education.Ticket number 3 due next class(9/22)Anchor DI quizHomebase groupsAuto summary on word
Watched a video about a classroom wherethe teacher used Differentiated Instructionand my particular homebase group took noteson how the teacher assessed her studentswith Differentiated Instruction. Otherhomebase groups took notes on other aspectsof the video.
Turned in Ticket 3 (postedon the Wiki)DifferentiatedInstruction Homework RSS commentary.Subscribe to more RSS feeds.
Check the RSS feeds I havesubscribed to, and see if there isany new and interestinginformation.
(9/29)Left our home base groups and became expertson what we learned and then taught it to our newformed group.Gave blackout datesWent over homework Ticket 4 (DI quiz)Finish last
 Homework Web review drop boxPick one tough vocabularyword to teach
Read my chapter in thebook and become anexpert on it so I can makea good page on our classwiki.
 Catch up on all homework on angeland our wiki.
Start working on ideas for projecton wiki.
 (10/6)Went over project.Met with others who are becoming experts on thesame chapters as us, and divided up who wasgoing to take what slice of each chapter.I ended up selecting the section on readingcomprehension guides.All back work was dueincluding all tickets.Start to think about how we are going
to teach our “slice”. Make a planner 
,next week is drop in time orindependent time.
Continue to work on my “slice” of 
the chapter for our class wiki.
We didn’t meet as an entire class. However, if 
wehad any questions about our assigned project, wecould go and see her at the time of our class.
“Drop in time/ Independent time”
 Prepare for the project.(10/20)
Paired off in two’s and taught
my partner thevocabulary we chose.Organized strategy, by which we learned the termin a graphic organizer on the board.
Watched Marzano’s Six step video on how to
learn new vocabulary.
Each group had to focuson one of the six aspects of the video.
 Answered homework (secession 8 on wiki)Reviewed information on secession 8 in the labto complete the quiz for our next class.No work was dueFor next class do 2 ticketsincluding a post to the wikiand a quiz on surveymonkey.Complete ticketsBecome familiar with new sites Isigned up for in the lab.
(10/27)We got together with safety nets to talk about LL.Went over how the learning logs should look like.Talk at internet postings
We looked over graded tickets as a class. We
went over the rubric for ticket # 5.
First group of people presenting on the wikiwent today, their focus was phonemicawareness.
Redo tickets that have theopportunity to be handedin again.
Make sure to complete classmate’s
quizzes before Sunday at midnight!Revise Alan November quiz by nexttime if needed.Learn the basics about the big 6research model.(11/3)
We met in the distance learning lab for class.
 Talked about projects for next class.Went over quiz submission deadlines.Filled out a flash card if you were presentingyour wiki project next class.Showed the literacy instructional resource guidedrop box.
We went over the Differentiated Instructionquiz and talked about the opportunity to redothe quiz.
 Went over the Big 6 Model
We became familiar with the smartboard
using “Walk in the Woods” virtual field trip.
 Quizzes were due fromprevious class.Alan November ticketdeadline.Review Blooms Taxonomyinformation.Revise WebQuest ticket #1,if needed.
Play with Big 6information on the wiki.
 Re-submit D.I Quiz
Make sure to take classmatesquizzes by Sunday at midnight.
 (11/10)Students that were presenting gave a brief overview of their wiki.We got into groups so we would work out of ourcomfort zones.We watched a video review guide on a web questand wrote down answers to the questions thatwere written on the board.Ticket number 10- Completea comparison table on excelon a literacy concept. Do ascreenshot on all of youronline postings to the wiki.Deadline for re-doingWebQuest 1.Explore a virtual field tripsite and post it for extracredit.Complete ticket # 11 to replace anentire ticket grade.Complete quizzes for chapters 12 and13. (7 total)Set up your wiki page for portfolioand invite Professor Gradel.Read the chapters for the studentswho are presenting their wiki nextclass.

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