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DBA110 Review for Final

DBA110 Review for Final



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Published by Laura Brusseau
relational database concepts final review
relational database concepts final review

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Published by: Laura Brusseau on Apr 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DBA110 Review Exercises
 Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
 ____ 1. Tables are called relations.
____ 2. Each column in a table of a relational database should have a distinct name.
____ 3. In a relation, all values in a column are values of the same attribute.
____ 4. A(n) relation is a characteristic or property of an entity.
____ 5. Columns are sometimes called tuples.
____ 6. You usually indicate a table’s primary key by underlining the column or collection of columns that comprisesthe primary key for each table in the database.
____ 7. The process of determining the particular tables and columns that will comprise a database is known asnormalization.
____ 8. A tabular database is a collection of tables.
____ 9. Because there is a one-to-many relationship between sales reps and customers in the Premiere Productsdatabase, one sales rep can be associated with zero, one, or more customers.
____ 10. In a relational database, each entity has its own table.
____ 11. In a relational database, relationships are implemented by having common columns in two or more tables.
____ 12. In a relational database, two columns can be identical.
____ 13. The concept of functional dependence is trivial to understanding database concepts.
____ 14. The same column name can appear in two different tables in a relational database.
____ 15. You can determine functional dependence by viewing sample data.
____ 16. The statement “A sales rep’s pay class functionally determines his or her pay rate” means that if you know thepay class, you also know the pay rate.
____ 17. A secondary key is the unique identifier for a table.
____ 18. Many organizations and institutions are moving toward using Social Security numbers as primary keysbecause of privacy issues.
____ 19. If a table contained both employee numbers and Social Security numbers, both columns would be referred toas candidate keys.
____ 20. It is possible for the computer to generate values that are used as the primary key column.
____ 21. Normalization is done before creating the database design.
____ 22. When you convert an unnormalized table to a table in first normal form, the primary key of the table in firstnormal form is usually the concatenation of at least two columns.
____ 23. Qualification is an update anomaly.
____ 24. A table is in third normal form if it is in second normal form and no nonkey column is dependent on only aportion of the primary key.
____ 25. You cannot use the INSERT command to update table data.
____ 26. In some cases, when you update the data in a table, you can reverse (cancel) them at any time during yourcurrent work session.
____ 27. The command for changing a value to null is the same for changing any other value.
____ 28. The NULL value should be enclosed in single quotation marks.
____ 29. The DROP TABLE command creates an empty table.
____ 30. In some cases, you might need to change a table’s structure in ways that are beyond the capabilities of yourDBMS. When that happens, use the RESTRUCTURE command to redesign the table.
____ 31. You cannot change the characteristics of existing columns.
____ 32. If you decrease the size of a column, it is possible to lose some data currently in the column.
____ 33. If you specify NOT NULL for a column when you create a table, you are prohibited from changing a value inthe column to null.
____ 34. You can use REMOVE ROW to remove a row from a table.
____ 35. You cannot use a compound condition to update a row.
____ 36. Updates become permanent automatically when you exit from MySQL.
____ 37. To add a new column, use the ADD COLUMN clause of the ALTER TABLE command.
____ 38. When you use the CREATE TABLE command with the word LIKE to create a new table from an existingtable, the new table has the same data as the original table.
____ 39. The data stored in tables is subject to constant change.
____ 40. It is possible to use calculations to update a value in a column.
____ 41. To permanently remove both a table and its data, you must issue both a DROP TABLE command and aDELETE command.
____ 42. You can increase the length of a column but you cannot decrease the length of a column.
____ 43. Most database management systems support the creation of views.
____ 44. MySQL version 4.1 supports views.
____ 45. A view can join two or more tables.
____ 46. A view is a derived table.
____ 47. When you create a query that involves a view, SQL changes the query to one that selects data from thetable(s) in the database that created the view.
____ 48. The defining query can be any transaction.
____ 49. Views provide data validation.
____ 50. When you create a view, you cannot assign column names that are different from those in the base table .
____ 51. If two base tables have the same primary key and the primary key is used as the join column, updating thedatabase is a problem.
____ 52. You cannot delete a row from a view.
____ 53. The DROP VIEW command removes the tables and data on which the view is based.
____ 54. The clause WITH GRANT OPTION is meaningful as part of a REVOKE command.
____ 55. An index makes certain types of retrieval more efficient.
____ 56. The existing, permanent tables in a relational database are called stable tables.
____ 57. To create a view definition, use the DEFINE VIEW command.
____ 58. The defining query for a view can be any valid SQL query.
____ 59. Columns that are not included in the view are not accessible to the view’s user.
____ 60. The DROP VIEW command removes only a view definition.
____ 61. You can create and maintain an index for any row in any table.
____ 62. An auxiliary key is a column in one table whose values match the primary key in another table.
____ 63. When you specify a foreign key, the table containing the foreign key is the parent.
____ 64. MySQL version 5.0 provides support for views.
____ 65. When you specify a foreign key, the table referenced by the foreign key is the parent table.
____ 66. You can only specify a primary key when you first create a table.
____ 67. A text file might contain line breaks, commas, or tabs to distinguish one piece of data from another.
____ 68. The filename in a LOAD DATA INFILE is case sensitive.
____ 69. To export all columns in a table use an asterisk after the word SELECT.
____ 70. Hardware constraints do not impose physical constraints on database performance.
____ 71. The REPAIR TABLE command recovers unused space caused by fragmented files.
____ 72. The values in the Msg_type and Msg_txt columns are the same for both the ANALYZE TABLE andOPTIMIZE TABLE commands.
____ 73. Database administrators perform many of the tasks associated with query optimization.
____ 74. To display query output vertically, include the \V command in the query.
____ 75. The EXPLAIN command examines a query statement after the query is executed.
____ 76. The EXPLAIN command generates one row of output for each table involved in a query.
____ 77. The PROCEDURE ANALYSE() function is placed at the beginning of a SELECT statement.
____ 78. The MySQL Query Browser is a built-in MySQL program.
____ 79. You can use the Query Browser to edit tables and create and run scripts.
____ 80. The only way to get help in the MySQL Query Browser is to use the Information Browser.
____ 81. In the MySQL Query Browser, the database currently in use is referred to as the active database.
____ 82. The commands in the Syntax Browser are organized into five categories: Data Manipulation, Data Definition,MySQL Utility, Transaction and Locking, and Data Privileges.
____ 83. When you use the Query Browser to create a query, you must enter a semi-colon at the end of the command.

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