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Shelter Shorts April 2012

Shelter Shorts April 2012

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Published by: Riversandbluffs Animalshelter on Apr 27, 2012
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March 2012
is a monthly newsletter intended to keep Rivers and Bluffs Animal Sheltevolunteers and supporters connected. With everyone’s hectic schedules, we know it is often difficult, if notimpossible to attend monthly meetings or to work at all of our fundraisers.Everyone is invited to submit articles for the newsletter. To do so, please call Bev at 608-326-2914 or email her atlilnicki@live.com.
Monthly meetings are held on the 3
Thursday of every month at the Prairie du Chien City Hall.
Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. Please use the back door. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 17.
Please continue to save your old cell phones and ink jet cartridges. Drop them off at Tender Care AnimalHospital, or bring them to the monthly meeting. Thanks to Donna for sending them in.
Dog Obedience Classes
I still want to start classes, but time is an issue at this point. My gardens are in dire need of work and I willtry to schedule classes for June.
U.S. Bones
Please continue ordering cat and dog treats from USBones.com. They donate 25% of each order placed toRABAS.
Dr. Donna Higgins’ Wildlife Photo Gallery
Dr. Donna Higgins continues to support RABAS through her beautiful wildlife prints on display at her office downtown PdC. The framed and matted prints, sell for $85, of which Donna donates $50 to RABAS.If you are looking for an attractive addition to your home or office, or a unique gift idea, please consider a print from Donna Higgins. Donna’s wildlife prints range from humming birds to bald eagles, deer, egretsand pelicans. The prints can be viewed on line at our website (www.riversandbluffsanimalshelter.org) or ather office..
Kwik Trip Gas Cards – 
Once again, thank you to those who have purchased the Kwik Trip Cards andhave made the commitment to purchase cards from us before purchasing gasoline or any Kwik Trip products. Thanks also to those who are establishing a regular customer base for these cards. This remainsour most profitable and steady source of income. From March 27 through April 19, we made just over $600!!! Other than the $8.60 shipping fee per order, there is no expense involved such as advertising.Cards are available for sale at Merle Norman Cosmetics (downtown PdC) and also at River City Roller Rink on Friday nights and on Saturdays and Sundays. Cards will be delivered to you with a day’s notice bycalling Bev at 326-2914 or Jill at 326-4870 or by replying to this email. If you live out of town and wouldlike to purchase the cards, we will mail them to you upon receipt of your check made payable to RABAS.Volunteers can be issued up to $300 worth of cards at one time for selling. Money for the cards should bereturned to Jill or Bev in a timely manner (2 weeks) for depositing in the checking account. Unsold cardsshould also be returned within that time frame. Remember, we make 10% on each card sold. Cards comein increments of $25, $50 and $100.
Please, help RABAS reach our goal through the purchase of thesecards.Please take the time to check out our website – riversandbluffsanimalshelter.org.
Information on itchanges sometimes daily. This website is awesome!!! Thanks, Randy for constantly updating our website.
Therapy Dogs International
teams remain active in the community. On Tuesdays Kathy and Digger are atBluff Haven. Deb and her dogs Jasmine and Sami go to Walter Schmitt Home and Paula and Maggie visitBluff Haven. Deb, Sami and Jasmine visit Bluff View twice a week for the reading program. Deb and Bevhave ended the Wyalusing visits for now and will resume in November. Deb’s last week at school is thiscoming week I believe..
Volunteer hours will
be collected by Randy P at monthly meetings or you can email your hours to Randyatrepaske@gmail.com.
Mississippi River Cruise to benefit RABAS
is in the works for 2012. Randi K. will head up thecommittee for this event. Cost of the cruise will be $25 per person. RABAS will supply snacks; participants will provide their own beverage. Date will be a week night in late August I believe. Moreinformation to follow at the May meeting.
True Value Mother’s Day Bake Sale and Food Stand
 – will be held on Friday, May 11. We will only beat True Value one day, instead of two as we did last year. Donna will be in charge of this fund raiser. Bevwill help her. Volunteers to help at True Value to date are: Donna, Deb, and Bev. If someone would like
to help that day, please let me know. We can always use extra help with set up and take down.
We willneed volunteers to bake.
If you can help or bake, please reply to this email or call Bev at 326-2914.
Cruizin’ Fur Critters
will be held on Saturday, June 9. We may have at least one sponsor who willfinancially help us with advertising, prizes, etc. Last week Deb and Bev drove the new route for 2012.Some of the route is the same as last year as I wanted to use Waukon HD as a stop and also incorporate theLansing Bridge. The work on this has barely started. Posters need to be done, letters written and mailed tosolicit donations from businesses in the towns the poker run will pass through, poker run stops need to becontacted. I am hoping to have the HD dealer in Waukon, Carols in Wauzeka, Sawmill (as the final stop),Great River Road House near DeSoto I think that participants will have their card validated at theregistration location (Prairie Motor Sports). It would save time trying to figure out which other business touse as well as save an extra stop on the route as this year’s route is about 20 miles or so longer than lastyear’s, I believe.
Princess for the Evening
is set for Saturday, May 5. Everything is set for Princess. Basically, we have alittle bit of shopping to do, need to pick up cheese trays (which will be donated by Eunices and QualityBeverage), pick the Princess Cake up at Ma’s Bakery in Bloomington, and decorate the hall. We had anumber of obstacles with this event: Jill and I both knew that we had tiaras and corsages left from lastyear. I had gone to the shed weeks ago to look for them. I found table cloths and tiaras, but could not findthe corsages. After 2 more trips to the shed without finding the corsages from last year, Jill and Brianlooked. In the far back corner, underneath the “Pooches” (which have been in the same corner for years)the corsages were found. Thanks to Jill and Brian for all of their help with this event and for not giving upon looking for the corsages. Kembles also donated an additional 2 dozen corsages for this year. Aftelearning that finding helium would be difficult or maybe impossible, I contacted Badger Welding who toldme they would save a tank of helium for us (donated) so if they were unable to get it in May we would stillhave it. Jill called Badger Welding earlier this week and the person she talked to said helium was almostimpossible to get and that he did not know anything about having a tank for us. But Jill followed throughand found out that they do have a tank for us and it will be delivered on Monday. Bethany made a cute hot pink banner which we had intended to put up at Huckleberry’s, but the city has been revising the ordinanceon banners and now banners need to be 16 feet off the highway. There is not enough grassy area atHuckleberrys to be 16 feet from the highway, so Jill, Brian and I put it up at River City Roller Rink.Thanks to Bethany for the banner and to Sue for letting up put up the banner.If anyone would like to help with set up for Princess, we will meet at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 5 atHuckleberry’s. We will have 200 balloons to fill with helium as well as decorate and set up the photo andrefreshment area. Remember, the more the merrier. The event starts at 6:30 so we will return that eveningaround 5:30
Pasta for Pets
was held on Wednesday, April 18
at Huckleberry’s. This event was once again a success.Advertising bills are not yet in, but according to Jill, we made approximately $1,100.00. Thanks toeveryone who came out to eat, helped with the event that evening, baked a dessert or donated something tothe silent auction. We had an excellent variety of silent auction items. We heard many favorablecomments about the food – a nice selection and how delicious it was. Thanks to Dave, Roxanne, Bird andAndy Skemp and their staff for making Pasta for Pets possible. Again, thanks to everyone – this wascertainly a team effort.
A Chicken “Q” by Rooster Andy’s
of LaCrosse
will be held on Thursday, May 31. It will be held in the parking lot of Rickleff Plumbing/Amerprise Financial Services/Great River Community Medical Clinic onthe corner of Marquette Road and Blackhawk Ave. We will need to sell 300 grilled chicken dinners at $8each. Our cost is $5 each. Chicken dinners include ½ grilled chicken, potato salad, baked beans and adinner roll. Please promote this fund raiser to your friends, relatives and co-workers. Donna had someexcellent news to share at the March meeting. Design Homes will commit to buying 150-170 chickendinners for their employees. So we are half way to selling the minimum order of 300. Tickets will be printed within the next week. Please contact Bev or Jill about getting tickets to sell to coworkers, businesses, family and friends. Again, this will be another easy fund raiser – just show up and work . Butwe do need to sell a minimum of 300 tickets. We are halfway there with Design Homes order. We willstill need volunteers to help – hours are from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. If you can help, even for a couple of hours, please reply to this email or call Bev at 326-2914 or Jill at 326-4870.
Villa Louis Carriage Classic Wine and Cheese Event – 
Mike and Shelly Rider will donate $500 toRABAS for our help at this event on Friday, September 7. They have already paid us $200 as a down payment for our commitment to do this event. Volunteers are already in place for this fund raiser.
Pounds Off People and Pooches (Community Dog Walk)
has started for the 2012 walking season. Wewill meet every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. on the east side of the Villa Louis (just north of the Sculpture Park).The route is just over a mile and takes less than an hour. In addition to the physical activity, the walk  provides socialization for dogs as well as their handlers. It is an enjoyable evening. Please bring poop bagsand water for your dogs.
Tee Shirts
 – Our supply of RABAS tee shirts is down to about 3 or 4 shirts. If any one would like toorder tee shirts, sweatshirts (hooded, crew, or zip up), please let me know. I believe we need to order aminimum of 12 items, but they can be in any color. There is no minimum regarding type of shirt orcolor. I believe the only thing is that all 12 shirts would need to have the same ink color for the logo(black or white). Cost of the tee shirts is $9. Crew sweatshirts are $18 and hoodies are $24. I do nothave a cost on zip ups, but if any one would like to order one, let me know and I will get a price.Childrens and toddler sizes are also available. The tee shirts come in over 30 colors sweatshirts areavailable in 20 colors. Larger sizes would be an extra dollar I believe.We are not ordering shirts at this time to sell, but just for our members and volunteers who may likeone. The cost is what Sports World is charging us. So if you would like to order one, just call me andwe can discuss color and size 326-2914 or email me.At the April meeting, we were treated to a presentation by Trina Skimes’ Brownie Troop.
In additionto the presentation about animals- both domestic and wild – and the things they need to survive- BrownieTroop 1074 became “sponsor” members. They also told us that they would like to help us with any eventsthat they can, especially Wake Up Santa.Donna Heilmann presented a check from Seth Sanders, a 5
grader at Bluff View Elementary. Seth and his parents had a garage sale and Seth’s parents told him that if he sold some of his toys he no longer playedwith, he could use the money to buy some new toys. Seth is an animal lover and wants to work in theveterinary animal field when he is older. Instead of keeping the $50 he made for himself, he donated it toRABAS.Earlier this week I received an email from Beth Saddler. Beth and I had met a few years ago when sheadopted a Morki-Poo in need of a home. Her daughter Mya is also an animal lover and went door to door collecting money from her neighbors for an animal shelter. I believe she collected about $35. She did getin a bit of trouble with her parents for soliciting funds from strangers, but her heart was certainly in a good place, so I hope all is well on the home front.Thanks to Seth, Mya and the Brownie Troop. Press releases and pictures of Seth and the Brownie’sdonations were submitted to the Courier Press this week. I have contacted Beth about a photo opportunityfor Mya and a corresponding press release.I feel that these 3 donations are very important to this organization and hopefully will encourage other young adults to help us in our mission. They are the future of RABAS!
Treasurer’s Report – 
Treasurer Jill reports that as of April 19, RABAS now has $96,899.14 including$6,873.27 in our checking account and $90,025.87 in 4 different CDs.
Membership Renewals -
Memberships are good for one year from the month the member joined. Jill willsend out renewal applications to those whose membership has expired. Please consider renewing your membership as memberships are an important part of our income. There are 5 different levels of membership:$5.00 student; $15 Individual; $25 Family; $50 Sponsor; $100 Patron; $500 Benefactor. Some memberschoose to donate a fixed amount every month. Thanks to everyone for your financial support. Watch usgrow!!
RABAS Wish List
Wish List Items include:LandGift certificates to either the Courier Press or WPRE Radio Station to pay for ads for upcoming fund raisers postage stamps, paper, envelopes, labels, napkins, paper towels, hand sanitizer, ketchup, mustard. ContactBev at 326-2914 or reply to this email if you have any kitchen or paper supplies. If you have informationon land, please contact Randy at 262-388-2654 or Bev at the above number.

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