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Final Draft for Ww2 Paper

Final Draft for Ww2 Paper

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Published by Cory Dennis

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Published by: Cory Dennis on Apr 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cory DennisMr. BorreroEnglish 11022/16/12D-DayWorld War Two was one of the most influential wars not only in AmericanHistory but all of world History. Kennedy Hickman said
, “The seeds of World War Two
were sown in the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War One. Crippledeconomically by the terms of the treaty and the Great Depression, Germany embraced thefascist Nazi Party
” (Hickman
, 4). Germany was in dire need of economic solutions;Hitler saw an opportunity and took it. He convinced Germany that the Jews wereresponsible for the economic downfall and his power and influence began to spreadacross Germany.
America got involved in World War Two after Pearl Harbor happenedon December 7
1941. Japanese forces bombed an American naval base, Pearl Harbor,due to economic issues. During the attack USS Arizona sank and more than 1,100 men
were lost. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “
December 7, 1941, a date which will live in
infamy," in reference to the attack” (Anderson).
 D-Day was a direct result of Peal Harbor. American forces decided to take actionand create a military plan of action to attack Normandy. D-Day was very influential inthe victory of the allies and played a huge part of the War.
In April of 1942 the preparation for D-Day had begun. U.S troops werebeginning to be assembled. According to Anthony Hall, an expert at the D-Day museumin Europe, in January of 1943 at the Casablanca Conference, the allies agreed that 1943
was too soon for D-day or Operation Overload to happen. In January of 1944 the plans tocarry out Operation Overload and D-Day began to get more and more urgent.
In Aprilof 1944 the plans for D-Day were complete and the tactics of the U.S Generals thatwould be storming the beaches during D-Day were being drawn up. In May the attack was delayed from May 31
until June 5
. On May 15
the final plans were discussed andthe troops that were will be involved in the attack were are in camps along the EnglishChannel. On June 2
the weather was poor and it looks like the new date that D-Day wascarried out will be on June 6
On June 6
1944 D-Day got underway, at approximately6:30 a.m. the soldiers from the water arrived on the beaches of Normandy (Hall). D-Dayis one of the most memorable battles in history.D-Day lasted from June 6
until August of 1944. During World War Two thebattle of Normandy lasted from June 6
until August of 1944. According to History.com,the invasion of Normandy began at 6:30 a.m. and the casualties quickly began to pile up.More than 4,000 allied troops lost their lives and many more were injured or missing.
Within a week the allied powers controlled the beaches and had supplies successfullydropped there. The fighting took a toll on many soldiers and one letter I came acrossreally opened my eyes;
France, July 22, 1944
 Darling:...Yesterday I had to visit all the units again, to get statements for my report. Theregiment is in contact with the enemy, so such trips always have their skin-pricklingmoments. I got back pretty tired about 7 o'clock, just in time to get a phone call from the
CO of one of Sirrine's battalions, also in the line, requesting me to come up to discusspersonal problems of his body-guard, a fine young fellow who had simultaneouslyreceived word that his sister, an army nurse, and a brother, a flyer, had both been killed inthe So. Pacific, and that his remaining brother had been critically wounded with anotherdivision here in France. While up there, I hit the favorite hours for Jerry's activities, and,frankly, pretty nearly had the pants scared off me, with samples of shelling, mortar-fire,and strafing. I got back at midnight, having driven the jeep myself all day (my driverbeing on guard) slipping and slewing through mud axle deep whenever I got off thesurfaced roads, which was frequently. I hate to admit it, but after a day like that, I feel myyears. Yeah, man! War is a young man's game!...News on 90th has been released. Maybeyou know something now of what the boys have gone through: constant contact with theenemy since D-Day. They've taken their losses, too. Somebody says "Old Bill got ittoday." "No!" you say. "Son-of-a-bitch!" And you go on about your business, with a littlemore emptiness inside, a little more tiredness, a little more hatred of everythingconcerning war. There is a certain cemetery where some of my closest friends in thedivision lie. I saw it grow -- shattered bodies lying there waiting for graves to be dug.Now it is filled. The graves are neat and trim, each with its cross. Occasionally I visit itwhen passing by. Always there are flowers on the graves: Sometimes a potted geraniumhas been newly brought in; sometimes there is a handful of daisies. The French people,especially the children, seem to have charged themselves with this little attention. Ourbombers are roaring overhead just now, in the hazy afterglow of sunset. In a few secondsI'll hear the crunch of bombs -- a good-night kiss for the Nazis. There they go!The war news is good; but we're fighting over optimism. I suppose people at home are

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